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My limousine was waiting for me outside AD Records building. I trudged towards my precious automobile and my chauffeur hurriedly opened the back door for me. I got into the car and heaved a huge sigh of relief once I rested my head on the comfy imported leather seat.

"Sir where to?" Timothy asked as he ignited the car.

"Let's go to the manor first, I've got to change." I removed the tie that had hung loosely on the collar of my shirt. This few hours that passed had been really tough. Firstly my spoilt brother comes with bad news and now I'm trying to help Adam make some sales.

"Tough day sir?"

"Yes Timothy, I didn't expect it to be this tough." I rubbed the back of my neck and yawned loudly.

"You have to be careful the way you open your mouth, you might end up swallowing me." His voice sounded chucklesome.

I chuckled. "I can see you are learning how to tell better jokes."

"Thanks to you, those comedy shows you recommended for me are the best."

I smiled and closed my eyes. I forgot how lucky I was to have someone like Timothy. He was more than a chauffeur to me, I've known him since the day this body was born. He was the one who taught me most of the things I could do very well today, especially when it comes to enduring humans.

When I possessed this body, I never knew it'll lead me to knowing things about humans that I never knew before. I underwent puberty in this body, learned how to swim in this body, even learnt how to ride a bicycle in this body, thanks to Timothy.

"Sir, we are home," I heard Timothy say. I didn't know when I had slept off. I guess even devils need to rest. I sluggishly dragged myself up from the car seat. Timothy already held the car door open for me.

"I think you should sleep more often. You look pale," he suggested.

"I'll do that," I gave him a reassuring smile and headed to the door. I stretched my hand to turn the door knob and the door opened. There my maid was, standing in front of me - giving me a fake smile.

"I'm sorry I didn't open the door on time Master Hail," she apologised.

"Catrina, how many times have I told you to call me Ian?" I asked putting a hand in my pocket and walking into the house.

"I'm sorry, it's just that your mother tells me that I must call you Master Hail." She bowed her head.

"How many times do you want to apologise?" I held her gently on her shoulders with both hands. "I'm not angry with you, so please stop saying you are sorry."

She nodded her head and gave me another smile which I'll assume was genuine. I released my hands from her shoulder and looked around the lobby. The chandelier hung majestically at the centre of the lobby and released a bright golden light that coruscated through the golden themed walls. The marble floor glimmered in it's perfect gold as always.

" You always do a very good job with the tiles," I praised, scrutinizing the neat floor.

"Thank you, I try my best to do my work at its fullest." She placed both hands in front of her stomach and pursed her lips.

" I'm sure dinner is ready." I turned to Catrina and gave her a questioning look.

"Yes sir," she uttered.

I sighed. "You are still being too formal."

"I'm sorry, your mum was here earlier." She scratched her long black hair, as if she was trying to remember something. "I think she said you should call her, that she has something urgent to tell you."

"Why didn't she meet me in the office?" I mumbled. Just then, Timothy entered and stretched his hand to give me a tie.

"You forgot this in the car." He released his grip from the tie once he was sure I held it. "If you need me I'll be in the courtyard," he added and left.

"I'll soon be down for dinner." I climbed the half-turn staircase by my right in a slack pace. I didn't want to take the other one because it was far from my room. I opened my room door and met everywhere neatly arranged. The clothes I had left scattered on the floor where now neatly folded on my king size bed. The bed sheets from last night were changed too. I got naked and sprauchled to my bathroom. After much effort, my knackered hand turned the golden knob of the shower and water began to sprinkle on my body.

For an unknown reason I was feeling lethargic. Was it because of the bad news I got from Albazar? Or was I disturbed about the girl I just met a few hours ago?

The cold water ran down my skin causing me to feel more relaxed. I got out of the shower after a few minute and dried myself up. Since I was going to a night club, I decided to wear something casual. My wardrobe was too big and I'm the choosy type of person, so getting a cloth to wear was going to be a problem. I began flipping through different clothes. Anyone I didn't want to wear, I threw it on the ground. After much searching, I decided to wear a white polo with a blue denim jacket.

My room was huge mess now, I looked around for my white Nike canvas and I saw it at the corner of my bed. I wore them swiftly and headed downstairs to the dining. Catrina was in the kitchen humming to a song she was listening to on her earphones.

Immediately she saw me, she removed them and hid them in her apron. "I'm sorry, I was listening to some music, I didn't notice you were here." She brought the food to me.

"If I were to give you money anytime you said sorry, I'm sure you'll be filthy rich by now ," I joked.

She chuckled and left.

Once I was done with eating, I phoned Timothy to come pick me up. In a jiffy, he arrived with a jeep in the front of the house.

I got in and he began driving.

"I thought you had stopped clubbing?" he asked maneuvering the jeep through the streets of Hellsbound.

"Yh I have, I'm just going there for business," I answered looking out the tinted window. "You dont have to worry about picking me up later, I'll come back home myself."

"Your mother will kill me if she finds out." Timothy parked the car outside the club and came down to open the door for me.

"You need to rest." I got out of the jeep. "Dont worry mum won't find out."

He nodded his head in acceptance and got into the jeep. I waved at him and he zoomed off. There was a really long queue in front of the club. I could also hear the loud music playing from inside the building. I phoned Adam to let him know I was outside the club and soon he met me outside.

"You are looking good." He commented. His breath reeked of alcohol.

"Thank you. How many bottles of beer have you taken? " I asked wrinkling my nose.

"I didn't count." He belched loudly making me to cover my nose with my hand. "By the way, what's the plan?"

"You don't need to know." I smirked. "You'll just see the results."

He held my hand and entered the club.

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