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The word 'bombed' echoed in my head like my head was empty.

"This can't be." I slowly removed the phone from my ear. I ran back to Adam and began shaking him rapidly.

"Adam wake up, wake up," I whispered.

He yawned loudly and managed to open his eyes. His hands rubbed his eyes continuously until he was able to see well. "What is it?"

"No time for talk, I need you to lend me your car," I said hurriedly.


"Oh my, just get up." I managed to lift him up from the chair and then put his arm around my shoulder to give him support. Slowly but steadily, I carried him outside the club. It had begun to rain heavily."Where's your car?"

"Over there." He pointed at a retro car parked at the corner of the Club.

"I'm driving."

"No, I am. If we have an accident, you won't die, but I will."

"Adam please hush and get into the car." I dragged him with force and put him at the back seat of his car. I had no time to argue with a drunken fellow. Besides, it was raining.

I ignited the car and I could feel its engine revving under me. Adam leaned forward and mumbled gibberish. I sighed and pressed the pedal hitting it against the metal. Softly, splashing water droplets hit the car windows as I drive at a speed I didn't know. I could swear that I wasn't looking at the speedometer. All that was in my mind was to see my bombed factory. Why me?

The sky was covered in a blanket of black, so much that I couldn't tell the difference between the sky and black tarred road of Hellsbound's streets. If I didn't have the headlights on, I could have rammed someone on the streets. The puddles I kept on encountering came every one minute. The whole town was drenched by the heavy downpour. I began seeing streetlights when I got to the metropolitan part of Hellsbound. The nightlife was bustling with people as normal. I had to slow down cause the people in this part of the city cross the road like they own life itself.

I was getting nervous. I could fill my system heat up because of the intense nervousness.

"Ian, what's going on?" Adam sounded conscious now.

"My factory has been bombed." I tried not to sound to pitiful.

"You are joking right?"

"I don't joke with things like this." I mistakenly splashed water on someone walking along the streets. "I'm sorry!" I hope the person heard me.

Adam chuckled under his breath. What's so funny about my company being bombed?

"Why are you laughing?" I asked with a little annoyance in my voice.

"I can't believe a devil like you will apologise to humans."

"Oh." He wasn't laughing at my bad condition. "I've learnt a little bit about compassion since I started living on Earth."

I swerved quickly avoiding a porthole. "Besides, not all devils are bad. Humanity has portrayed us as bad creatures with horns which is very sad. We have ambitions just like them, but they feel ours is bad."

"Are we going to the factory now?"


The factory was around the corner now. I could hear sirens and the smell of ash filled the air. I parked the car at the gate when we arrived and got out immediately, Adam followed suit. It had stopped raining now.

In front of me, was my factory, which was now nothing more than an ugly skeleton on steel girders and burnt fabricated concrete slabs. The cloud above the site was filled with grey. Ashes filled the air like when dead leaves flow around the Milieu during autumn. There were people outside the gate protesting. The police were trying their best to calm the angry crowd. The HB press van was here too , I knew the press won't miss this chance for the world.

I peered deeper through the gate and saw the firefighters trying to cool the fire. I ran my shaky hands through my hair.

"Adam, I'm going in."

"Are you sure this is a good idea." He pointed at the press van. "Donald is here. You know how annoying he can be."

"I've got nothing to lose." I walked bravely to the gate knowing fully well what awaits me.

"There he is! Its Ian Hail!" Someone in the crowd yelled. The crowd turned their attention to me and began running towards me like a feeding frenzy. They all bumped into me, yelling curses. I felt a hand hit me on my head, it sent waves of shock to my spine. They were too many, I couldn't stop them.

"You monster!" I heard one say.

"Stay away from him you freaks!" Adam yelled, trying to push them away from me. Soon, the police noticed my presence and came to my rescue. "Stand back," An officer said and tasered anyone in the crowd he could get his hands on."I'm sorry Mr. Hail. Please come in with us."

I followed the policeman and with much effort, I was able to pass the gate. The assemblers where destroyed and were now burnt with blackness engulfing them. My cars had turned into a ghost of their former self. The whole building had crumbled to the ground. I saw the medic carrying wounded workers on stretchers. I also saw some dead workers lying around, covered in white bedsheets. The entire site looked like coal was poured on it.

"Ian, this is really bad" Adam gaped his mouth.

"Sir, I'm sorry about this," a voice from behind said. I knew it was Karen. I turned around and managed to give her a deadpan expression.

"Mr Hail, this is a real mess. This is a clear sign that you can't manage your business. " I know that voice anywhere.

"Donald, how can I help you? " I asked and gritted my teeth.

"By answering some questions" He sallied forth. "You wouldn't want to look suspicious would you?" He whispered.

A lackluster smile spawned on my face. "I'm not scared of you."

"You should be, roll the camera." He raised the mic up and kept it closer to his mouth. "This is your favourite reporter Donald Deman reporting live from the bombing of the Hellina car factory. With me here is Ian Hail, CEO of Hellina inc. Mr Ian, many people are saying you orchestrated this bombing to reduce the staff of your company since you didn't have enough money to pay them. Is that true?"

"All accusations of me having a hand in this bombing is false. I won't and will never hurt my workers."

"Mr Ian, you have been managing this company for over 3 years now. People don't think you have done a lot. Since you took over, the company has seen a huge loss. Last two years you lived a lavish lifestyle and spent a lot of company money on clubbing. Don't you think it made the company lose money and because of that, you couldn't hire quality security to guard the premises?" Here goes the Donald Deman questions.

I looked at him with utter disgust written all over my face. He smirked knowing that he had annoyed me.

I took a deep breath. "Last two years, I agree I was a total nut head. But now I've changed, I'm no longer the spoilt rich kid you all knew me to be. I want to send my condolences to the families that were affected by this tragedy, we'll do everything we can to make it up to them."

Donald chuckled. "There you go again. I'm sure you'll just compensate the family with heavy cheques and expect them to forget everything. Do you think money solves everything? " He rubbed his neatly shaved jaw. "This is a true sign that you aren't a qualified CEO. Do you think you are still fit to be the CEO of Hellina inc?"

I slammed my eyes shut and rubbed my temples. Why does Donald always have to be an arse?

"Okay Donald, that's enough questions for today," Adam said placing his hand on the camera of the cameraman. "Come on, let's leave here." He held my hand and pulled me away.

While we walked away I turned and looked back at Donald. He sketched a brief bow and assumed a regal pose. Arrogant arse.

"Sir, the board have scheduled a compulsory board meeting tomorrow by 12 noon," Karen said.

I nodded my head and ambled away. The police caught sight of me and immediately escorted me . It was harder to pass the gate this time.

"You killed my husband!" Someone in the crowd wailed.

"My son worked for you, now he has only one leg!" Another yelled with hate written all over her voice.

After some minutes, we were able to pass . We got to where I parked Adam's car. To our surprise, the car was bashed. I didn't even recognise it again. The windshield was shattered, they even sprayed 'Ian is a dick' on the door! The windows were broken while the headlights were no more.

Adam threw his gaze on me. "You owe me a new car."

"I know," I said nodding my head. "Let's worry about leaving here first."

The crowd outside became more violent, they began throwing stones at us. One even hit a policeman on his head with a club. Soon, there was a war between the police and the angry crowd.

Suddenly a black jeep pulled out of nowhere. The window went down to reveal the driver. It was Timothy!

"Get in! Hurry!" He yelled.

Without hesitation, we ran into the car and Timothy zoomed out of the warzone.

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