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His Hidden Badass Queen

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"Let people feel you're happy. Let people know you're angry. But don't let them see you're hurt." ~~~ The people who have seen her, Most of them do not know her name or who she is. But everyone in her world and business world knows her name... but most of them don't know how she looks like or where she is??? SHE is ALISIA SELENA WINSTON She is a werewolve, a vampire, a witch, royalty, a very successful business woman-it's just she's still a teenager. Not a big deal... right?? Her life is more messed up than anyone could imagine. He is waiting for his mate but doesn't know that his mate has already found him but kept hidden from him. He is the soon-to-be Alpha of the most powerful pack, smart, one of the most successful businessmen. She doesn't want him to be in danger for being in her messy, complicated and dangerous life. But little did she know that they both are in danger without each other. But what will happen when he will finally find her? There will be a lot of chaos for sure. There will be protectiveness, emotions, power, love, friendship, craziness. There's a lot of secrets that are going to uncover. This is a story of him and his badass queen who is hidden not just from him but the world too.

Fantasy / Romance
San Aly
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Chapter 1

[ Alisia POV : ]
Sitting on the last bench in the classroom sometimes does help but sometimes doesn't.

Like today, I'm the trash bin of the class. Continuously in every 2-3 min. since the class started which is 15min. ago, My bullies are throwing paper balls at me, targeting me...

Oh! Well, I'm Alisia Selena Winston.

My life or about me is a long story. I am a werewolf-witch-vampire.

All in one? YES. I'm someone who holds immense power, authority, and above all I'm ROYALTY, can make anyone bow down to me if I want. That's why lo Its of people are afraid of me. And many are after me because of my power, and what I am.

It's complicated?? I know.

But no inside information at this moment.

Right now it happens to be my history class, I like it but I'm already done studying the current chapter. My life is not like any other teenager, I can't wait for school to start it first or go with the school harmony. I have lots of responsibilities. But still, I can't miss my classes. I have to keep good attendance, so later if I need, can take a day off without having trouble.

This school has both werewolves and human students. Most of the students are werewolves and the rest of the humans which is a small number of people. And the main thing humans don't know about werewolves until they are mates.

I'm pulled out of my thoughts when I heard one of my main bullies–the school's cheerleaders– whispering in themselves.

And just a bit of information if you have not figured it, they are werewolves. And they are that kind of weres who thinks they ere superior just because they are weres, they can shift in a wolf, they are supernatural beings...

I feel so shame that these kinds of people are also are a part of the people who I rule. But one will find this type of person everywhere.

It was too quiet for any human to hear, but with Wolf hearing, you can hear it just fine. Since I'm not just 'any' wolf, so for me it's more than fine.

"Hey! Have you noticed, she always were this hoodie and cover her face with that," , Mandy said suspiciously.

Oh. Wow. So, They are talking ... sorry, gossiping about me.

" Yeah, and... Look! How she's tugging her hoodie frequently." , Piasa said kind of pointing at me.

Which is very ill-mannered if you ask me, and it's not like I can expect anything better from them.

Milly stays silent, listening to them and glaring at me. She is the main cheerleader or school Queen bee.

Piasa said, "Is it just me... or it is really like she's hiding–"

Mandy interrupts her, "Maybe she is hiding because she thinks she is beautiful, and she doesn't want others to see her beauty. You know, she can be beautiful after all no one ever really saw her."

"Why you guys are talking about her? Why waste time? She is not that important. Right??" , Seth said with disgust, showing them that he is disgusted they talking about me.

But I know better.

He is the delta of Oceans Heart Pack. It's my neighbor's pack, where I'm living now. But they don't know anything.

He then looks at me and blinks his eyes as if to tell me he got it.


Milly said with disgust, "Who? She? That pathetic human?! Very funny joke. Even if she thinks, she's the most beautiful girl in the world, then let me tell you, I don't care. And Important... huh! ... She's nothing in front of me more than a pathetic excuse of a human bitch."

At that, I feel my anger rise. I just don't get these people they are crazy and idiots... all the bullies.

My fist clenched. Within a sec. the smell of blood hit my nose.

Oh!! Shit!!! ....

I look down to see, My nails dig in my palm so hard that it drew blood.


I focus to faster my healing. Jn a second my palm healed, I let a deep but silent sigh out.

OK!!! I thought after 10 years of practice I'll be able to ignore this kind of mean insulting remarks.

But guess I was wrong. Actually, NO!! You... nor even I can expect me to ignore this, firstly you shouldn't ignore this, and lastly, me being me, who I am, I don't have it in my blood or in my nature to accept disrespect.

I'm going to give them a dose of their own medicine. I'm going to show them their place soon, but not now. Because I'm not going to blow my cover for this problem.

I'm not ready yet for the things that going to come up by revealing my identity. That's the reason I'm keeping it Low for the past 10 years. It's not easy at all, but I have to.

I don't want people to notice me. That's why the nerd thing is perfect for me. Cause people don't notice them, don't care about them. They're just there in the background, unnoticed, unimportant. Like blurry images.

So, here I'm being a nerdy girl. When in reality? I'm a Badass Queen.

So, For now, I'll ignore them.

I just tucked my hoodie to block my view of the classroom to ignore them completely and continue to look out of the window in the forest.

Today's weather is fabulous it simply makes the woods more beautiful.

The bell rings indicate the class is over. So I get up and run out of the class. I don't want to deal with Milly and her minions right now. after her comment today I'm extremely furious, and I know if she even said a single word, I'm going to knock her out. Which will only blow my cover and give her a lesson too but still.

That was my second last class, I've another class but the teachers are having a parent-teacher meeting of some junior class. So good news, class canceled. I put my books in the locker, and a half run out of school.

Reached home, unlock the door, get inside, and run to my room. I want to get out of my this... keeping it a low costume.

Ugh... I hate this!!!

I entered my room, drop my bag on the floor near the door, and go straight into the bathroom.

Close the door. Then I take off my hoodie. I hate this.

No. Not my hoodie. I love it. It is so comfortable. It's just these contacts, wig... ugh...

Just now the figure I'm seeing in the mirror, is how I've shown myself to the world, for the last 10 years.

But this girl is not me.... this Dark brown contact lens, curly blond mid-waist wig make me look so different. And that's why I have to do this.

I can't let them find me when they want and let them have the advantage.

I remove my wig and lens, rest of the clothes, and jumped in the shower.

After a shower, I dried myself then wrapped the towel tightly around my body. Then come out of the bathroom.

Open the closet door and walk in to find some casual clothes. Yes. Walk-in closet.

As I am passing, I look at my reflection in the mirror. My light wavy, dark brown hair was now a little past my shoulder. Clear skin complexion. Not so long but thick eyelashes, ocean blue-green colored eyes, which is rare, extremely that's why I love them-.

Dad said I look exactly like my mom. Though I'd never seen her except in the photos but dad had seen her in real so I guess I should believe him.

I look around the closet a bit, and I know what I need. After my underwear, I wore a high waist baggy ripped jeans with a crop top hoodie.

Then I go downstairs, cause I'm hungry. At the dinner table, I found a sticky paper, it has a handwritten message on it. So, I take a closer look to read it, after reading the msg, I feel like somebody has poured a bucket of cold water on me.

I screamed, "how could in hell, I forget this? OH. MY. GOD... I'm dead now... Oh! God! If I get late, I'm so dead."

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