His Hidden Badass Queen

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Chapter 2

[ Alisia POV : ]

After reading the message, I look at my phone to check the time... it's 2.45, then I read it again...

It said :

I Hope You Didn't Forget That Today You Have A MEETING With My Teacher In School. It's important.

Guess I forgot ... he haha.

Then I turned the page around just to find the massage is not over yet.

On this side it said :

The meeting is at 3. Don't be late.

don't be late... pls...

- love you.

Ohh, God!! I don't even have 15 min.

I ran out of my house, of course after locking it. I can't have anyone break into my house and find some info. they shouldn't.

I get in my car and am just about to drive off when I remember I don't have my lenses and wig on... I can't go out just like this and take the risk of revealing my identity just yet.

But I need to hurry, the teacher has already informed me about it yesterday but I forgot.

She also told me, it's important, I don't have time for the wig and lenses.

But I'll think about them later, right now I have to reach school on time.

So, without thinking so much I just drove off like a madwoman, wait... screech that I'm a girl who just turns 17, so that'll be a mad girl... ha ha ha

I was on my way to school, but suddenly out of nowhere a puppy comes running in front of my running car.

I abruptly stopped the car. That sudden halt made me jark forward if it weren't because of seat belt and airbags I'm sure I'll have a big head injury.

Then I realized why I stopped the car so horribly.

Yeah! It was horrible, just how I stop it... it was.

I get out of the car at my inhuman speed, the run the puppy.

I pick it up to check its injury.

As soon as I was relieved after finding none, decide to take a good look at it.

I was in awe. It was sooo cute. It's so fluffy. Furry.

Right now I am thankful that he is perfectly alright. Otherwise, I have no idea just how I would have been able to handle it if it gets hurt.

Even the thought of that is making me sad.

"Awe... Aren't you the cutest little puppy in the world." , I was still in awe.

The puppy barked. 'I know still thank you.'

I laughed at that... little did he know that I can understand what he is saying because I can read his mind, understand his language.

Vampires have the mind-reading ability.

Every vampire who is a coven (master or mistress) leader has this ability.

It helps to know, Is all of your people are loyal to you or not. So, a king and queen will have this...

But that's not all in my case... I have a gift that is not so common, which is mind communication. I can mind-read, link and talk with ANY LIVING BEING.

Other vampires can't do that, they can only mind link or read those people's minds who are submitted to them. Even the king and queen have that limit.

But I don't have that limitation. That's why this gift is rare.

And mine is special also in this sense that I can understand animals or what they are saying, you know like I can understand their language... yeah you got it?? I can even talk with them through the mind link.

He barks softly this time as in complementing, 'awe your laugh is beautiful.'
'Why thank you.', I told him through the mind link.
The shock was visible in his cute little animal face. He barked loudly at least 6-7 times. 'How in the world did this happen? Whose voice was that, that I just heard in my head.'

'It's me. Me. I'm, the one who's holding you right now.'

The shocked expression is so damn cute, but still, somehow I resist the urge to laugh at that.

'You!! Huh... I can't believe it. Is this happening?' , his eyes are perfectly round now. 'You are not a normal human, right?? I can feel it... Your aura... The p-power that's radiating from your v-voice through my mind.' , he was shocked, bewildered.

We can cover our power, scent, and aura from our outer appearance. There is some spell and technic, but we can do that.

But even after hiding that, if we mind link someone they will feel our power and aura through the mind.

That's why I avoid mind linking somebody who doesn't know about my reality.

But it's not like this furry baby can tell anyone.

'You're right, I'm not normal. But it'll be safer for you to not know that much about me.' , I told him with a warning.

"Is he okay??..." , I heard a girl's voice.

Look up to find a girl my age.

"Yeah. He's perfectly alright." , I answered.

"Thank god." , She sighed in relief.

"Um. Y..."

I just opened my mouth and was about to ask her, but she answered my unasked question.

"Oh! My bad. I'm sorry, I'm Lily Anderson." , she said.

"Hey. I'm um Selena Warren." , I reply. It's not a lie that's my surname as the Beta's daughter and Selena is my middle name. That's not my real name though.

"Hi." , She said with a little wave. I chuckle at her cute gesture.

"So is it yours?" , I said pointing at the cutie in my arms.

"Oh. No. No. It isn't mine. It's my neighbor's. But it runs away from them and hides in our garden. But I don't know why because they love him, they were so happy when they first bought him home" , She looks sad.

"Did they know he is with you?" , I asked.

"Uhm. No. Not yet." , She hesitated.

"Hm. Then, what are you going to do now?" , I asked.

She let out a small sigh, "I'm going to give him back to them. They love him, That's why I was pacing out, I was thinking about it. That's when this little cutie runs away again, just to stop in front of your car."

"Hmm..." , I think, then look at the puppy, and ask him, 'Why did you run away from them if they love you?'

'They're good. But they both work. And when they go to work, they leave me to a girl whose work is to take care of me and the house. But she treats me very badly, invites her boyfriend then spends the day with him in the house. Meanwhile, She locks up in a cage, doesn't let me eat anything, doesn't let me play as I want, and also uses the households as she was even those she didn't have permission to. And I don't know how I can let them know about her??... ' , he said making a sad face.

'Okey, You will go back to him, And don't worry, I will handle it.' , I tell him.

'Huh ... um Ok.' , He said defeated.

'After that, I will let you know. And do not run away before I meet you again. Alright?' , I ask him.

In reply, he just nodded.

I turn to Lily, saw that she was looking at us curiously.

"It seems like you were zoned out." , She said as soon as she noticed she has my attention.

"Yeah. I was thinking, um... you go give him back to them. And don't need to tell them about this incident at all." , I softly ordered her.

"Ok." , She said in a small voice.

Uh-Oops!! Seems like I scared her... but I ordered softly???

Then I guess it wasn't that soft.

I smile at her, then hand her the puppy.

"And now, go back before they got too much worried and call the police thinking he was kidnapped. That will bring a hell amount of problem." , I tried to act the amount with my hands, to comfort her. She doesn't need to be scared of me.

She laughed at my behavior.

My act worked. She is back to herself.

"Yes. That seriously will be crazy. It will be crazier if they think I am the animal kidnapper, after seeing the puppy with me. So it's better if I go home in time. So, bey." , She holds her hand out for me to shake.

As I took her hand, I noticed the time on her wristwatch. Saw 2 min. left for 3.

"Oh my god. Just 2 min. left. I'm sorry but I need to go. Thanks to you for taking care of this cutie. It's nice to meet you." , I kind of panicked.

"Nice to meet you too. Be careful. Bye." , she said behind me as I run towards my car.

"Yes. Be safe. Goodbye." , With that, I took off with full speed.

It was 3.05 when I reached school.

Park my car in the parking lot, in my usual spot.

I was about to get out of the car and enter the school premises when I remember my wig and lenses.

Uhh!!! GOD!!

I take my phone out. Open the camera, it was already in selfie mode.

Everybody knows that a phone's front camera is always a good handy mirror.

I take a good look at myself in the camera.

Okay... I can simply tug my hair in my hoodie.

Right. Just like I always do. I always cover my head with the hoodie, even though 99% of the time I do were a wig. In short, the wig is a precaution for those times when by mistake or any other reason my hoodie was removed.

I first tied my hair with a hairband, then pull the hoodie over my head.

Hmm. Ok. So, now my hair is fully hidden under the hoodie.

Now about my eyes...

Yes!! I know what will do.

This is another ability I got from my vampire side. With this ability, I can change my appearance, like clothes, look, etc.

So, I close my eyes, concentrate ...

When I open them notice My ocean blue-green eyes are now dark brown.

I know... I could have used this same ability for my hair, but then I don't like to use my powers for disguise on daily basis.

It has risks. When you are using this power for clothes it's not harmful, not to me or anyone. But when you are using this to change the look of your eyes or hair or any of your body parts it is risky.

Because we are exactly how we are born with. No magic or power can change it. What they can do is make it look different on the outer appearance. It's like an illusion but not when you are using it for clothes, they are real.

This illusion part takes a bit more of my energy than the normal part, so even after I hide my scent and aura, still if there is any ancient witch or vampire near me they can at least feel the power.

So, I don't use it except in an emergency where I have no other option.

I heard some bike horns which brought me back to reality, reminding me I need to go.

I don't even know what this sudden meeting is about???

I get out of the car, run to the hall, where normally parent-teacher meetings are held.

As I reach, I adjusted my hoodie and notice the hall was empty except a group of students was sitting on the ground in a kind of circle.

Most of them have their back at me. Only two girls have their faces at me.

Then one of those two girls look up and said something pointing at me.

Then all of them turn towards me, also the person I was looking for.

At first, she had an awe and proud expression, but then it changed into an angry one.

Why is she angry at me??

Um... Maybe she is angry at someone else...

So I turned to look, Is anyone behind me or not?

Guess I found the answer...

As I was about to look back at her, my eyes go up at the wall clock which was just above the doors and it's 3.15.

It's me.

Hugh... opp...

[ Adrian POV: ]

◇◇◇ A day ago ◇◇◇

"Hey. Here's the coffee.", he said as he reached our table. He placed the tray which contains four coffees, then sit down next to me.

We are having breakfast at lunchtime in a small old cafe.

This is Eric, my third in command, Gemma, and one of my best friends.

All of us took our coffees, as we start drinking it Eric speaks again, "so want to tell how it happens?"

"Don't ask me... it isn't me who found his mate?" , I said faking anger.

"Are you angry because you didn't find yours yet? Then let me tell you, you shouldn't be. You always be like you don't want a mate." , Lucas asked me. He is my beta, second in command, and my other best friend.

"Who told you I don't? I do." , I asked but in a statement manner.

"Then why you never try to find yours? The way you behave in this 'mate' matter is so out of my understandings..." , frustration is visible in his body language.


But it was justified. After all, he is not all wrong, it's complicated. This is a thing I don't even understand.

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