His Hidden Badass Queen

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Chapter 3

Recap –

[ Adrian POV : ]

◇◇◇ A day ago ◇◇◇

"Hey. Here's the coffee." , he said as he reached our table. He placed the tray which contains four coffees, then sit down next to me.

We are having breakfast at lunchtime in a small old cafe.

This is Eric, my third in command, Gemma, and one of my best friends.

All of us took our coffees, as we start drinking it Eric speaks again, "so want to tell how it happens?"

"Don't ask me... it isn't me who found his mate?" , I said faking anger.

"Are you angry because you didn't find yours yet? Then let me tell you, you shouldn't be. You always be like you don't want a mate." , Lucas asked me. He is my beta, second in command, and my other best friend.

"Who told you I don't? I do." , I asked but in a statement manner.

"Then why you never tried to find yours? The way you behave in this 'mate' matter is so out of my understandings..." , frustration is visible in his body language.


But it was justified. After all, he is not all wrong, it's complicated. This is a thing I don't even understand.

[ Adrian POV : ]

I just thought why not tease him a little after all he finally found his mate at 21... but look here my plan backfired on me...

Jenaliya his mate said rubbing his back, “calm down.”

Right now the whole environment has become uncomfortable... it just becomes, whenever someone brings this topic up.

I, my family, and friends thought I'd found my mate just as soon as I'll hit 16, and we will finally get some answers. But that didn't happen.

My life was complicated from the day I was born but with time it becomes more complicated than ever.

Lucas is calmed now, but the tension is thick in the air.

“So around what time we are going to get back?” , Eric takes the initiative to ease the tension by changing the subject.

I'm happy with that, so I played along, “Tomorrow. At 7 in the morning, we will leave the penthouse."

“What??!! Why morning?” , he cried.

"Because we have a meeting at 4 p.m. with the elders then the pack meeting as I am finally taking all the responsibilities of an Alpha." , I said in a duh... tone.

“Are we also going to announce Jenaliya as the beta female?? If we are, then we have some works to do.” , he asked both of us.

“It's up to them if they are ready then ok.” , I said pointing at Lucas and Jenaliya.

“Oh... yeah... I didn't think of that yet... I'll have to move now I guess, I'll also have to change my school then.” , she said more to herself than us.

“Yeah, but first we have to talk to her dad about the move. He knows about us but doesn't know about her 'moving with me' part.” , Lucas finally spoke in this conversation. He has been silent for the whole time till now.

“I can see it to be a long and not so easy conversation.” , Eric commented while thinking.

Lucas sighed at the comment then get up. “I think we should get going.” , he said to her. “Ok, So we'll see you guys later tonight at the penthouse.” , Lucas said looking at us this time.

“Yeah, goodbye.” , I and Eric said at the same time.

After they leave the cafe...

“He is just worried, you know. And not just him, we all are...” , Eric said looking at the way they left.

He doesn't have to mention what he is talking about, cause I know.

“I know all of you are worried but what can I do about it?? I don't have anything in my hands.” , I said rubbing my head.

“I know...and I also know that we, specifically you are going to be up for a very heated discussion with our parents about this and if they find out that that mark of yours is now more clear than before, then about that too." , he said finishing his coffee.

“Yeah. They are going to be so disappointed when they'll find out that after 2 yrs. of traveling the world even if it's for business, I still didn't find my mate.” , I said, “And about my mark?? Then I am not going to tell them about it becoming more clear just yet. Cause if I did then there will be thousands of questions which I don't have answers to give.”

At the same time I was thinking, do they realize that we are talking about me and my mate... I know they will be upset but hello??!! I am more upset that I haven't found her yet, but I know I'll find when the time will be right...

“Hmm... justified. You know I can even imagine the disappointment in their faces.” , his statement brings me back from my thoughts.

“Ya...” , I said then took a last left sip of the coffee.

“I think we should go and finish the left work at the sight before we left. Then take some rest, we'll have to get up early.” , I said getting up.

He also gets up, adjusts his jacket which I don't think needed any adjustment, but it's his choice.

I paid the bill and we left.

But I also realized the fact that tomorrow will be a long day.

◇◇◇ In present ◇◇◇

[ Katherine POV : ]

I'm a 10th student, also a member of the school volunteer team.

That's why here, I'm for the last 1 hr. stuck in this parent-teacher meeting of class 9th students.

For me, right now it sucks... I mean obviously, standing here for 1 hr. And not doing anything except staring at the people I don't know and hearing them talking about things that aren't in my interest... it really sucks.

As I check time in my wristwatch, it's 3. And... the bell rang.

"Huh!!" , I sighed out of relief which comes quite loudly, made my fellow team members look at me.

When I look at the back, notice they have an understanding expression, which made me realize we are not just in the same team but we are in the same boat too.

I lightly laugh shaking my head at all of our situations.

all of us who are volunteering today, are really good friends. So we know each other well.

"Okey, let's get to work. It's calling." , I said gesturing to the work in hand, which is to help the parents to find the way out of the room.

They nodded, with that, we make our way through the sea of parents. This might seems funny, but it is not.

I'm impatiently looking at the door, as all of the parents walking out of the meeting hall hoping to see her if she had come in time but...

I sighed.

The hall became empty except for the teachers and my teammates.

But she is not here yet.

"Don't worry, she will be here. Relax." , Eliot said pulling his phone out of his jeans pocket, while Lisa, his twin give me a light squeeze on my left arm.

"But what if she forgot, or something like that after all she has works to do... you know??..." , I try to reason, feeling defeated as I sat where I was standing, on the ground.

"Hey. Wasn't it YOU who told us proudly that your sis never missed any event or meetings that important for you??" , Sheila asked raising her eyebrow. She also sits on the ground Indian-style next to me.

Soon all my friends were on the ground sitting in a not-so-perfect circle.

"Yeah... it's just 3.07 now. She will be here in no time." , Sofia said.

Nick dosen't say anything just put an arm around my shoulder pulling me close to him.

Missal said while sitting down between Eliza and Sheila, "Mrs. Moore said we are done so we can go."

"Yeah. You guys should go. We are done for today. I'll see you guys tomorrow." , I said.

I'll be staying for some more time waiting for her, but they don't need to stay here with me. They also have their works...

Vince cut my thoughts off, "No... we'll be staying here giving you company."

I was about to reject the idea but I get cut- "Don't say anything, it's decided. " , Liza said looking at others to agree.

Which they gladly do.

"But it's ok. You don't need to sta-" , I was saying but get cut again... but this time it was Nick.

"Uh!! I think I just got deaf. I can't hear a single thing, what you're saying?" , he said overdramatically.

"Huh... nothing" , I mumbled rolling my eyes at him and the others laughed.

Throughout all this, even that overdramatic act he just put off, he still managed to hold me close to him. Which I'm grateful for. I don't know what it is with him but I really like his company. Being, spending time with him is just really calm me.

I am a werewolve. So I'll have a mate. And I think maybe he is my mate, but I don't know I'm just 15 and We normally shift at 16. But I shifted at 10 still need to be 16 to finally be able to find my mate just like other werewolve in this matter.

Yeah, I'm not any other wolf. And Nick is a human. So I have no other option but to wait some months to find out.

Liza, Elliot, sheila, Vince, Eliza are werewolves, and Nick, Missal, and Sofia are human.

But nobody knows that I'm werewolve. Everyone includes my friends and teachers knows that I'm human. And it's a huge back story.

Even if they think I'm human but still haven't been any distance from me. They haven't treated me or humans that badly like other werewolves do.

They are so kind good-hearted people. I feel go glad to have these good people in life.

Missal said pulling me out of my thoughts, "Is that her?"

She looked behind me, Nick removed his hand as I turned around so our friends.

Ans there she is, standing at the door.

It is her. My elder sister/mother/father/brother/best friend.

Yes. She has been all those for me for the past 10 yrs. and have slain every single of those roles. I don't know how, but she did.

At first, I was really happy to see her finally here but then I happen to notice the clock up in the wall just above the door, which said it is now 3.15.

You know I'm not one of those rude, bad sis who hates her elder sis. In reality, I love her enough to die for her without a single thought, but what can I do, my sisterly instincts kicked in.

Before realizing I started stomping towards her.

Standing in front of her I asked crossing my arms in front of my chest. "You're late."

[ Alisia POV : ]

“I'm sorry. I forgot. But then I saw your msg. So I get out, driving my car fast but then out of nowhere a little puppy came in front of my car running.” , I said hoping she'll not be angry at me for being late.

She gasped, “You didn't run over it did you?” , asked with hope.

“Of course not... !!! " , I said feeling offended that she thought I will kill an innocent.

Her reactions changed fast. “Oh... thank god.” , she hugged me.

I did the same eventually.

All the while we forgot about the surrounding people.

“Let go. My teacher's been waiting for you for 15 min.” , she said hurriedly as she leads to the teacher.

Though that wasn't needed since this is my school too, I let her.

As we stopped in front of Mrs. Sen's office, Kathy knocked. “Come in” , a voice was heard.

We enter, Kathy spoke, “Mrs. Sen this is...”

Mrs. Sen look up from a file, she was reading, notice Kathy, and nodded at her then look at me for some second with a frown then, “Aren't you a student too??”

She asked me but didn't wait for me to answer, as she turns her head to Kathy and said in a shitty, frustrated tone, “What is this, Katherine? I asked for your guardian to meet me and her you brought a girl who is not even 18 I guess.”

"With all due respect I suggest you never insult her ever even in your wildest–” , Kathy was furious... enough to claw Mrs. Sen's face.

Oh. No.

'You have to calm down we can't have you shift into your wolf right now, especially when both of you are furious.' , I said through mind link cutting her threatening off.

That's why you should never insult a sister in front of her siblings and never insult an alpha in front of their beta.

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