His Hidden Badass Queen

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Chapter 4

Recap –

She asked me but didn't wait for me to answer, as she turns her head to Kathy and said in a shitty, frustrated tone, “What is this, Katherine? I asked for your guardian to meet me and here you brought a girl who is not even 18 I guess.”
"With all due respect I suggest you never insult her ever even in your wildest–” , Kathy was furious... enough to claw Mrs. Sen's face.
Oh. No.
'You have to calm down we can't have you shift into your wolf right now, especially when both of you are furious' , I said through mind link cutting her threatening off.
That's why you should never insult a sister in front of her siblings and never insult an alpha in front of their beta.


[ Alisia POV : ]

Though I'm trying to calm her down, still I can't help but smile at the shock and somewhat fear, that is clear on Mrs. Sen's face.

Her widened eyes are fixed on Kathy, thinking what's happening. After all, just a second ago Kathy was shaking visibly in fury.

But now after my command, her wolf has submitted not having any other choice but that doesn't mean she's not angry.

So now I have to take charge of the situation if I want it to stay in control, I guess, I exhaled a breath.


"Well. You see, my sister is very sensitive when someone says something bad about me. And you're right I'm not 18 yet but I am her guardian and yesterday you talked to me."

My voice brings Mrs. Sen's attention to me... as she said shakily but in a hurry, "I...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to insult you, it's just I didn't expect you to come as her guardian. I--I mean you are not her parent, right?"

I put a hand on Kathy's hand. Grip it and squeeze it tightly.

Well, this is quite funny, I mean I know the situation but if somebody else sees us right now they will find this hell funny, a woman in her early 30s is like shaking in the fear of a 15 yrs old girl.

Oh, wait! Did she just ask me if I'm her parent or not? Oh. She did, didn't she?

God! She is a werewolf for God's sake. How can a werewolf who is a teacher and is more than 30 years old can be this idiotic.!! She is asking me if I'm her parent or not... For the universe's sake, how can I be her parent.!! I'm 17 and Kathy is 15, when have I given birth to her- when I was 2 yrs old.

As much as this thought sound insane for my sanity I keep myself calm on the outside.

"It's ok. Normally people don't. And as I already told you I'm not her parent, I'm her elder sister, Selena." , I said unbelievably calmly. So much that it would shock anyone if they know what going on inside me.

"Oh. You told me that. I-I guess I didn't notice." , I mentally smirk, obviously you're busy being too much frightened to notice. Then cringe as she was also busy putting insane accusations on me.

OK. This is enough. I have already enough to think about don't need more.

Get a grip on yourself, Alisia.

"Well. It's ok. Now can we talk about the matter of this meeting?" , I said with a bossy tone.

"Y-yeah." , Mrs. Sen said as my sudden dominating aura has her shuttering. Well, what can I say? I like this. "Your sis‐ter is
good at acting. She is passionate about it. Our school participates in the Inter-School Competitions every year. And this year, we, the selectors want her to participate in the Drama competition. And when I told her to, she said she can't."

I turned to look at Kathy –who is now a lot calm– with a raised eyebrow silently asking for an explanation. But she turns her head away.

"She said she can't go, leaving her family alone. I didn't understand why she said that. This can be for the benefit of her future, maybe if she does well in there, then maybe she can make a career in it." , Mrs. Sen answers gathering enough courage so she doesn't shutter, again, Only to be glared at by Kathy.

Hmm. I think I know the reason. God! This girl.

As I let out a sigh at that thought, turn to Mrs. Sen, "Give me a day. I'll talk to her and give you the answer."

I didn't wait for her reply. Just turn and leave the office.

Near the school gate, I found all of Kathy's friends were standing. Soon, Kathy catches up with me as her friends see her, they started walking towards us.

"Hey, guys. You've never met my sister officially. So, this is Lisia. And this is ... you know all of them already." , she introduced us.

Everyone replied. Said hi. Then, "How does she know us already?" , one boy asked. His name- what it is?? Vic- Vice Vince. Yes, that's what his name is.

"Um— be...cause. I showed her our pics. You know- Our outing pics and all." , she tried to cover up. But does not look like Vince believes that.

Well, the truth is I always do a background check of everyone she had an encounter with more the 2 times.

Hmm?? Yes. I am overprotective of her. And not going to change.

I just stand there didn't say anything, just listening to them as they started talking.

She looks happy. I'm so happy Kathy got friends that genuinely care about her.

With a smile, I turn my head towards the forest, notice some kids disappearing into the woods. Probably going for a run. Well, today the weather is quite pleasant for running. Clear sky, blowing winds.

'Can we also go for running, please?' , My Wolf, Ares excitedly said. I frowned. Really?

'Really! now you're saying please? Want to go for a run? Where were you since morning? Why you blocked me?' , I'm angry at her.

Just as she was about to say something a scent reached to my nose. My favorite but the most unexpected scent at this moment, And I know very well whom this smell belongs to.

And, Damn. We have to get out of here. Can't have him found us.

'But we can savor his scent until we are out of its reach,' , Ares said delightfully. I didn't fight with her at this because that's exactly what I'm feeling right now.

I look at Kathy for her to already looking at me. I guess she felt me fidget.

She frowned then come closer to me, "what happens?"

"I have to get out of here? I'm going in the woods for a run." , I said hurriedly in the same low voice as her.

"I want to go with you. It's been a while since we go together for a run." , she said. Then she said bye to her friends as we started to makes our way to the forest through our secret way.

I didn't even turn to see, where he is? Who he is with? I just left or can say run away.

[ Adrian POV : ]

◇◇The same day, but some hrs ago◇◇

Last night I retired to bed at 12 after finishing work.

I wake up at 4 today... Cause even after being tired as hell, I didn't get much sleep... and the reason behind is my wolf, he is very restless and somewhat excited, I don't know why...??? Because I'm not excited cause I'll have to deal with those same questions.

Yeah. Questions. It's always have been the same one's whenever I talk on the phone or meet with them after some time...

They asked me the same questions and I always answer them in 'no'. And as soon as I answered in negative, their faces will fall and they'll have a disappointed look even for some moments. Because then they will either mask it with other emotions or change the subject.

But that will not change the disappointment I'll feel seeing their faces.

After 2 or 3 yrs of this routine, they saw how this sadden me, so, they stopped asking. But the questions didn't stop. Though now they don't ask me with words. But their eyes happen to ask all those same questions.

With a deep sigh, I look up at the wall clock.

It's now 6.30 in the morning and I'm all packed and dressed up, ready to leave, but that depends only if the others are too which I don't think they are.

Sometimes I think, can't life be peaceful for at least sometimes, why life has to have so many problems, some are a bit easy to deal with, some are hard, and some you don't even know they exist.

Oh. I need a coffee.

As I enter the hallway I heard voices coming from the kitchen, so I think they are up.

This early??? well that's surprising.

In the kitchen, well Eric was sitting in a chair of the Kitchen Island with his left hand placed on the island under his head, making a pillow for his head while his right hand also is on the island holding the coffee mug. Jenaliya was sitting on his opposite side while Lucas was making sandwiches and coffee.

As I go near the kitchen island I realized that Eric is sleeping... I thought he is sitting like that because he's trying to show how unhappy he is because he has to get up early but he is sleeping.? This man!!

Lucas placed my coffee on the table, breaking my thoughts. Then he goes back to his cooking.

And let me tell you he can cook only as much as needed to save his life. And, I am total zero in it. While Eric, well, he can give you a treat in any cuisine you want, after that you'll never want to eat restaurant foods, like ever.

Yeah, he is that good but never ask him to do that before 10 am.

"Morning. When did you come last night?" , said directed at Lucas and Jenaliya, cause Eric is sleeping.

As Lucas is still in silent mode with me, Jenaliya speaks, "Um. Not last night, We came Just an hour ago."

I nodded. That's expected, "So what did you decide?" , asked formally for confirmation as the Alpha, though I know the answer.

"She's moving with us," Lucas said making his way to the table with coffee and sandwiches.

Jenaliya gets up, "Excuse me, guys." Was about to leave when Lucas asked, "What happened?"

"Washroom," Jenaliya said under her breathe then shake her head and leave. He nodded his head at her looking awkward then handed me my sandwich.

I took it, "I didn't think you will make me food? I thought you're going to tell me to make my own." , I said even though I know he'll never do that.

He glared at me and trying to not to smile.

"You know what I shouldn't have given you this." , He said as he took my sandwich along with the plate.

"What? No. Give that back." , I said trying to get it back.

"And why would I do that? You tried to tease me yesterday and today." , He said. While tried to get the plate away from me the far he can go.

"What? No. I didn't try to tease you today." , I said.

"That means you have tried to do that yesterday?"

I didn't answer, just look at everywhere pretend as nothing happened.

"That means you did that! How could you? You were trying to embarrass me in front of my mate. What kind of best friend you are?" , he accused me.

"I'm the best kind of Best Friend. That's what best friends do, tease each other whenever they get the chance but also be each other's backbone whenever needed. And if that seems embarrassing to you then just wait till we reach home. When our moms will show your embarrassing childhood pics to her...–" , I fired back as I finally managed to get the sandwich back.

"Oh shit.! You are right. I haven't thought about that, And I haven't even told them about her." , he said. His eyes hold fear.

The last line stopped my eating, "What? Seriously?!... Ouho! Shit! Man, you are dead."

"Dude?! You aren't helping." , he criticized me.

"I?? No one. NO one can help you. Wait... Maybe Jenaliya can?"

"Huh. What? How? How can she help?" , He asked.

"Let her meet our parents first. Especially my mom. If Jenaliya can impress her then you'll be nearly safe." , I said taking a bit of my sandwich.

"Oh shit. You mom. She is the one I fear off. I can handle my mom. But aunt Brie? She is my godmother. She loves me and I love her so much... She'll be so hurt if she knows I didn't tell her something this important." , Now he has his head in his hand.

"I know. My mom loves you more than she loves me. And, That's why I'm telling you to tell my mom about Jenaliya first and tell her that she is the first one you are telling about your mate. And tell her how much she is important to you... You know..." , I said like I'm talking to a child because he looks at me like he is trying to process what I'm saying.

"Oh... That way." , Lucas said as he finally understands what I'm trying to say.

"Yep. Damn. For a Beta you can sometimes really be an idiot." , I murmured shaking my head and hoping he wouldn't hear though it's the truth.

And he heard that as he glare at me.

"When are we going to leave?" , Jenaliya said as she entered the room.

"After breakfast, we will pack the remaining stuffed. Then we ready to go." , Lucas said as he picked up his forgotten sandwich.

"And when will that be? Cause this idiot is sleeping in the kitchen with coffee in his hand. Just now we talk about so many things and we weren't exactly whispering but here he is still asleep. When will he be eating?" , I said point at Eric.

"In the car or the flight," Lucas said snickering.


After we finish eating, did the work, I nudged Eric, "Hey. Wake up it's nearly 7."

He didn't respond. I called some more time, still the same. So I look at Lucas to find him looking at Eric.

Then he looked at me and we both shared a knowing glance.

Then we turned to Eric. Lucas picked up the jug filled with water. Then dumped it over Eric's head.


And Eric wakes up. Finally. But with a high-pitched cry. "Agghhhh. Hhuu. What? What the fuck was that? Why the hell did you guys do that?"

"It's nearly 7. We told you to get up at 6.30 in the morning. And, You did get up and come in the kitchen but fall asleep here." , Lucas said referring to him.

He saw the jug in Lucas's hand. "Fine. I fall asleep. But just like you said I did get up, right? Then you could have to wake me up in a nice way. Is this a way of waking someone? This is cruel."

"I tried to wake you up in a 'nice' way but it doesn't work on you." , I said. He glares at me.

"Why don't you understand sleep is important to me? It's important for everyone. Now it feels like you both are the villain between me and my sleep." He said throwing his hands up in the air.

"So much drama in the early morning?" Lucas said.

He's about to say something back but I was faster. "We are all packed. Go see if all of yours are too? We'll be leaving soon." , I said the first two lines to him and the last line to all of them.

Others nod, but Eric being Eric always has something to say or comment.

But this time he cried out dramatically, "I'm going to complain about this to aunts. Don't think, you guys have any idea about how hard it's to wake up this early, I don't know who does this and how they do this? "

I ignore him, look around to see Lucas shakes his head at him then leave the room. While Jenaliya was shocked with her eyes and mouth wide open.

It is Not every day one sees the Gamma of the most powerful pack being a crybaby.

I chuckle at her shocked face, "Don't get too shocked yet, Jenaliya. He has different sides. And one of them is... He can sometimes act like a kid."

"Yeah. Oh my God. That was so unexpected." , she commented pointing at Eric who is now sulking. "Oh. And please, call me Jen."


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