His Hidden Badass Queen

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Chapter 5

[ Adrian POV : ]

Soon we were all settled in our assigned Business class sits in the plane to fly.

I have the window seat with Eric on my left side. Lucas and Jenaliya's sits are right in front of us.

The plane take-off.

As I was about to put on the earphones Lucas turns around, "Mom called. Said they all are waiting for 'Good' News."

"That nice. Well, you do have good news." , I said tried to dodge the topic. At that, he gives me a look that said 'you know what they meant'.

"And, Seth isn't informed yet that our first destination after landing is the school and about Jen. And As our daily routine, we are supposed to talk in the morning that we didn't do. And now he is constantly calling me... As plan, I'm not picking up. At first, he massages that he was worried as hell. Now he's angry as fuck." , thankfully Eric piped in.

"Well, he has called me too. But as we have decided I didn't receive it. Though we wanted to do this and surprise him. But now I think the plan might backfire." , I said, As Just the name of Seth makes us smile.

"Uh... Who's Seth?" , Jenaliya asked.

"He is the would-be Delta and our brother. He and you would be in the same class by the way." Eric answers as Lucas nods. Then turn to his mate, he started to tell her about Seth.

But not finding it in me to take part in their conversation, I turned them off.

Well, it's not my fault, I can't focus today on anything, though I did and conversate with people this morning it still felt like even after being there I wasn't fully there - all because of my wolf, Arden. He is disturbing me, constantly nagging, being extremely impatient about getting back home.

It's so frustrating.

So in the hope of getting some peace, I put the earphones on, decided to listen to music as it's always soothing. But soon find can't focus on it too.

Now getting more frustrated than before, I turn the music off.

Look around to see Eric is sleeping. Man! This guy can sleep. Lucas and Jenaliya still talking. So with having nothing to do I started to go through my phone. Soon saw the photo gallery app, click on it, and started scrolling through it, find the old photos.

Ahh... My life. Every single picture holds so many memories.

These are making me remember every single thing that happened and had an effect in the nearly 22 yrs of my life.

My father -Roland Blackwood- Former Alpha of Oceans Heart Pack, and his mate, former Luna, and my mother Brie Blackwood. They had me within a year of their relationship.

When I was born. I had a birthmark on the right side towards the back of my neck just below my ear but above the point where neck and shoulder joints.

It was really faint at that time, faint enough even for someone with a wolf's heightened eyesight to see. That's why my parents or anyone didn't notice it.

But after a week or so, one day when mom was drying me after bath, she notices that there's something on my neck. At first, she thought it's possibly dirt..., so after some attempt of clearing the non-existent dirt from my neck my mom finally realized that it was a mark- a birthmark to be specific.

Mom tells dad, then they tell the other high-ranking members of the pack -their best friends- the beta, gamma, delta, and their mates. Even then they still had no idea of what exactly the mark is.

They were tensed, scared, excited, and worried when they realized it's a birthmark.

They wanted to know what it means. Because in our -supernatural- world birthmarks always mean something.

As they didn't know anything about the mark they decided to keep this to themselves. But they note to themselves to check the birthmark from time to time to see if any change happens.

Within 5 months of my birth, Lucas-my dad's beta's son was born.

My dad and his beta are like brothers. They had a year difference. Dad's beta, Liam is a yr. older than dad.

Uncle Liam found his mate 2 yrs before dad but at that time he's 19 while his mate, Lina was 16, just shifted. So they wanted her to be an adult before they mate. Then a year later my mom dad met, they're the nearly same age.

That's why Lucas and I are the same age even though his parents met each other before mine. A lot of people tried to use this to make us go against each other saying, uncle Liam is older so Lucas should get the respect of being superior to the two of us... That is so illogical. I didn't even understand what they were trying to say when I heard this the first time. But when I heard Lucas reply to them I understand what they were trying to do.

I still remember it... We were both 12.

□□ □□ FLASHBACK □□ □□

He said, "Well I was never the older one technically, And even if dad is older than uncle Roland. So what? Adrian is 6 months older than me. And is the next Alpha. At the end of the year, we are the same age. I treat him like my brother and he doesn't treat me anything less. So you better stop trying to infect our minds, because you guys are jealous of our brotherhood, how close we are and want to break us apart. You wouldn't be successful."

□□ □□ END OF FLASHBACK □□ □□

We were 12, in other words 'kids'. But even at that age, the side he chose, the way he defended us made me so proud to call him my brother. That's the day the first time I realized how lucky I am to have these people in my life that I know I can trust with my life.

When my mom was around 4 months pregnant with me that's when my dad's Gamma found his mate. So Eric is a year younger than me.

After a year of Eric's birth, my dad's delta found his mate who's a pack member. So Seth is nearly 3 yrs younger than me.

Things were going well. Being alpha's son I was adored by the whole pack. So were Lucas, Eric, and Seth. Since our birth, we're loved by everyone.

Our parents always say that they had fun watching us grow up and we four have so many good, sad, funny, crazy stories from our childhood. We don't remember much, but when we were old enough we got to know that our parents have everything from our childhood video recorded for our mates to see.

Imagine our shock, excitement, and fear. We were shocked that our parents did this with that intention. We were excited to know what have we did that gave our parents so much joy. And fear thinking of all the things that we might have done that could be embarrassing.

The first video ever recorded was by aunt Lina. They told us how this recording thing started.

On that day my mom was doing gardening so she sat me down on a beach. And I stayed there like a good boy. Soon, aunt Lina came with Lucas to help my mother. She saw me on the beach so she also sat Lucas down beside me and go to help.

But soon somehow we both made ourselves sit on the ground.

Aunt Lina says that she saw it but didn't say anything, just stayed in her place watching us.

Then I started poking the soil and Lucas was trying to grab a handful of it but that place is used for people to walk so it never watered intentionally.

Aunt was thinking it's amusing and interesting what we were doing or trying to do. So, without thinking much she gets her camera and started filming us.

That time we both were at the age when we can crawl. So, finding the place where we were sitting is not suitable for us to do what we intend to, I started to crawl somewhere else. Lucas followed my trail as he also started to crawl. While crawling we were poking or searching for something in the soil.

In the video aunt's voice can be heard as she was saying to my mom to look at us.

Soon we found the place where soft wet clay was, then we sat down there and started to coat each other with wet clay. Lucas was covering me, I was covering him with mud. While in the background our mom's laugh's can be heard.

They showed this to the others... Don't know why we did that but have to say we did look adorable. But still, what did they find funny enough that they decided to video tap everything we do since then.

Uh... I don't understand.

From birth I and Lucas were inseparable. When Eric was born, we both were nearly one yr. so we both can walk by that time. And we were really happy to have another in our group.

Eric is, has always been the naughtiest of us.

Our parents said when he was an infant he didn't like to stay with me and Lucas, or that is what he showed at least. His mom said that she had noticed when we would go to talk or play with Eric, he would show no interest or would cry as to show he doesn't want to stay with us.

So at that mine and Lucas's mom got us away from Eric and told us that we would not go near him since he doesn't like it.

To be true, we were sad... I remember that. So did what our moms said. Soon within 2 months of us ignoring him completely, Eric's mom noticed that now he was trying to get our attention. But we were ignoring him.

So, that evening all our parents were sitting in the pack house's living room with me and Lucas running around the room- playing. While Eric was with his dad. That's the day he decided that he had had enough of it.

So, he wiggled out of his father's hold crawl to us to where we were. As he got to us he saw we still were not paying any attention to him so he snatched our thing -we were paying attention to- away from us then come closer to us and hugged us.

We didn't know aunt was recording this. But when we saw the clip, we three were actually looking cute. Eric's small hands were around mine and Lucas's neck as he was hugging us. At first, we both didn't move to hug him back but Eric didn't move either. So in the end, we did hug him back.

It's cute to watch us. Eric was enjoying the attention we were giving at first. But being the devil that he is, didn't want to show that he also likes to be with us, instead, he acted as he'd rather be alone than be with us. That got us scold by our mothers and he enjoyed it.

Then when we stopped giving them attention, stopped being around him, ignore him he comes to us... Yeah, well he is evil sometimes. And that was just a trailer.

After that soon we became inseparable but yeah, whenever he is angry at any of the four of us, he still ignores us like this.

Then Seth was born, as I already said he is the youngest one of us, he is the good guy and to us, our little brother. None of us can ever be angry at him. Even if he does something wrong which he rarely does. He is also really sincere.

By the time he was born, I and Lucas can walk and talk clearly, Eric also can do that too but most of the time he just babbles.

Since Seth's birth, the three of us have always been around him, even at that time when we were children, Just started to learn things in general. We four have been inseparable.

Now if I think about my life from start to now, I don't think I would have been able to be sane if it wasn't for these 3 people. They have been the biggest support to me.

When I was 4 years and 3 months, that day my aunt was making me my favorite dinner. She was standing two feet away from me. she noticed that from where she was standing, she could see the mark on my neck now. That was the first time any changes about the Mark ever occurred.

So she informs the others. And they noted that only a bit of my mark was noticeable which is a crescent moon and there was something on the crescent moon but it wasn't clear yet to understand.

Crescent moons are usually related to new phases in life, new chapters, a new begging. It also indicates femininity. In our supernatural world, any shape of the moon is believed as the Moon goddess that's why it also symbolizes courage, fierce, power.

So now the question is, what does this moon implies in my life?

Needless to say, my family thought knowing a bit more about my mark would lessen their worries but it confuses them more.

Time flash by, it was my 8th birthday. At night just before 12:00 am my whole family come to my room to surprise me. But at 12:00 what happened surprised the shit out of them.

They were about to scream 'happy birthday' when I screamed. This scream was a scream of pain.

I shifted at the age of 8. Werewolves shifts at 16, not 8. It's not that no one has ever shifted before their 16th birthday but the last time this occurred was 900 yrs ago.

They found that out from books, no one knows how true they are. Because they can't find anything more than that.

That worries them more because they haven't seen any werewolves to shift before their 16th birthday. That's why they don't know what the future might hold for me. To sum this up in 3 words, They were scared.

4 months later, that night I was returning from Seth's room to mine as we're finished playing games. On my way suddenly an odd feeling fills me from inside. It was a kind of feeling I never felt before... It was a good feeling like feeling contained from inside.

I was about to ask but my wolf said, "MATE. Our Mate. "

"What??... " , I was beyond shocked as I surely didn't expect to hear that.

"The connection -We're feeling. Doesn't that feel nice? Haha, Our mate exists. I can feel her existing, more like I can feel her wolf existing."

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