Goddess of the moon

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Willow seemed like any other human living alongside supernatural beings, But when they discover she may hold the fate of their world in her hands, Life becomes a rollercoaster in a twist of love and betrayal. It maybe her destiny to save the world, but who will save her?

Fantasy / Horror
Shelly Gray
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Goddess of the moon

Chapter 1: Liam.

In my efforts to free the oversized canvas wedged in the back of my black Toyota Highlander, I pull as hard as I could. When the damn thing still didn’t move, I lose my grip tripping over my own feet flying backward. I close my eyes expecting to meet the pavement with my ass, when suddenly a big strong-arm wrap around my waist immediately sending waves of electricity through me. I inhale his cinnamon and spice scent feeling flushed with sexual desire.

He turns me into his brick wall of a chest. I look up through my lashes at his godly sculpted jaw line towering nearly a foot over my 5’5” frame, masking a five o’clock shadow. His masculine sexy grin hugs a slight dimple leading my eyes to a ragged scar over his left brow. His dark brown hair goes from clean cut to medium scruff a top waving perfectly back from his face.

His golden eyes lock on my blues and I melt into his hold he has on me. His smile widens, his biceps flex, and his nostrils flare as if he could sense my arousal.

Liam: Hello there.

I inhale a sharp breath. Oh my god his deep gruffly voice causes me to shiver. If he wanted me right here and now, I would be powerless to deny him. This stranger. This godly stranger. Never have I been so affected by a man before.

Liam: You must be Willow?

The sound of my name snaps me out of my trance, as I try to take a step back. He moves his arm from my waist to the back of my elbow like he’s afraid to let go.

Willow: How do you know my name?

There’s a flicker of mischief in his animalistic eyes.

Liam: Small town.

Willow: Right.... and you are?

I ask suspiciously?

Liam: Liam.

His smile widens as if he couldn’t get sexier.

Liam: So, you taking over the gallery?

He asks while finally releasing my elbow and reaching past me to pull the canvas out of my car with ease. Of course, it would come right out for him.

Willow: Not really, Daniel will remain in charge I’m more of a silent partner.

I reply while leading the way to the front of my grandmother’s art gallery and hold the doors open for Liam. My grandmother Celia passed away a couple months ago leaving her art gallery to her assistant of 10 years Daniel, with me as co-owner.

Liam: So, You’re an artist then?

He says passing me while glancing down at the giant covered canvas in his arms and then at me with a smile that can only be described as cute!

Willow: I paint

I smile and shrug my shoulders. pointing to a wall along the back

Willow: You can drop it there against that back wall.

He sets it down slowly then turns to me.

Liam: This is one of yours?

I simply nod yes giving him a slight smile. He looks from me to the covered painting. I can see he’s anticipating getting the first look. I giggle at his expressions.

Willow: Daniel would not be very happy if he wasn’t the first to see...

I am interrupted by Daniels loud yet casual voice.

Daniel: Well it’s about time.

He starts to laugh as he walks up taking me into a friendly hug. I catch a glimpse of Liam over Daniels shoulder. He’s clenching his jaw and tightening a fist like a jealous boyfriend and I can’t help but feel a little turned on. Daniel is tall, fit and not bad on the eyes with his smooth slicked back blond hair and blue eyes but he’s not as tall or as well built as Liam. To be honest he’s a bit to much of a pretty boy for my liking.

Willow: Good to see you too Daniel.

He turns towards the painting keeping an arm over my shoulder as if sensing Liam’s tensions.

Daniel: Liam!

Daniel barely addresses him then yanks off the cover from the canvas. With aw.

Daniel: Your grandmother was right as always.

Liam takes a step back with a look mixed of wonder and confusion. Daniel claps a hand over Liam’s shoulder.

Daniel: What do you think.

Liam’s eyes meet mine.

Liam: Beautiful.

My heart flutters with desire and yet at the same time I am curious about his expression toward the painting. Daniel looks at Liam then back at me with a raised brow!

Daniel: So. You going to the club tonight?

I forgot Daniel had asked for me to go out to the club tonight with him and his friend Tom.

Willow: I don’t know Daniel. I don’t think it would be....

Daniel interrupts me with a bit of attitude.

Daniel: Oh, come on Willow you have been cooped up in that cabin for what two weeks. And god knows how long it’s been since you been out!

I catch a glimpse of Liam’s face just behind Daniel. There’s a slight tension as he puffs his chest seeming unpleased by Daniels tone with me. I smile at him and shrug my shoulders. Daniel has always been a bit obnoxious but I love him like a brother.

Daniels phone goes off. He takes the call and starts to walk away but shouts back at me.

Daniel: I’m not taking no for an answer.

I put a palm to my face shaking my head.

Liam: So, the two of you???

I give Liam a bewildered look.

Willow: God no. Daniel is like a brother! I mean my grandmother loved him like a grandson so yeah no. We aren’t.

He shows a look of relief before turning back to the painting.

Liam: You definitely are an artist.

Willow: Thanks.

Liam: I don’t know why but this feels familiar like a place I’ve seen before?

Willow: Unless you’ve ever been to Old Prussia, I don’t think you would have seen it before.

Liam: The Sacred Willow of old Prussia?

He looks at me with great curiosity.

I smile intrigued that he would know of it and curious why it seems familiar to him.

Willow: Yes. The very one.

Liam: This was a place of legends. Of times forgot. Have you been there?

Willow: Once when I was very young. You?

Liam: No. Never really been outside Washington before other than a back woods trip just north the border into Canada.

He smirks while running his hand over the back of his head.

Willow: It’s beautiful up there this time of year.

Liam: Russia?

Willow: No Canada. I was actually up there when I found out about my grandmother.

A sadness comes over him as he studies my face.

Liam: I’m sorry. Everyone that knew Celia respected her greatly. She is missed.

Liam says as he takes one long stride placing a gentle hand over my shoulder.

Willow: Thank you.

I place my hand over his.

Daniel: Willow!

I jump as Daniel yells from a back room.

Liam’s hand grips my shoulder as he growls with displeasure of Daniels outburst. I giggle giving his hand a pat, and taking a step away while turning to him.

Willow: I should go see what he needs.

His eyes glow with a golden fire shooting a scorching wave of desire through me. My sharp intake of breath draws his attention to my lips I am currently biting. The corner of his mouth rises baring elongated K9’s.

Liam: Yeah, I should get.

He grabs my hand kissing the back of it.

Liam: It was nice meeting you Willow.

Willow: It was nice meeting you too Liam?

I catch myself heating up as I watch him stride away imagining the details of his back muscles hugged by his tight black shirt. The tightness of his ass in those snug jeans.

Liam: Maybe I’ll see you tonight.

I gasp with embarrassment as his voice pulls me from my brief fantasy and I catch a wide grin spread across his face.

Daniel: Willow?

I quickly turn on my heels and run to the back room to meet with Daniel.

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