Goddess of the moon bk2 “Last born”

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Chapter 10: The vision

Liam’s perspective:

I know she’s been keeping something from me. There’s a look of loss in her pale blue eyes. Last night wasn’t just another episode of my brother being disrespectful and horny. Seeing her put him in his place though stirred my member. If I hadn’t been so pissed at him I would have laughed with father. I knew she needed time to cool off, but finding the door locked to her cabin caused me to be fearful and maybe a little angry. Was she pissed at me for my brother's behavior? When the music blared from the loft I knew she was in paint mode, but I couldn’t stop the growing fear taunting the back of my mind.

Seeing her standing in a trance in front of a painting not noticing that someone had snuck in only added to that fear. The painting was odd. Her white wolf walking across a blackened field with an orange moon lighting the treeline on fire.

Liam: Willow.

I call to her but there was no response, her eyes were distant, more pale than usual, almost ghostly. Cradling her in my arms I take her to bed keeping a protective arm around her. I can’t help the effect she has on me and the rise in my cock as the morning glow frames her angelic face. I take her quick and hard almost savagely from behind till we both succumb to our climax and guilt hits. This was only the second time I took her ass unable to control my inner beast. Each time was after my brother's blatant taunt of wanting to share her. There was not a chance in hell I would ever share her, and he knew it, but it didn’t stop him from being the dick he currently was due to his lack of a female partner.

I apologize for my brother's behavior and she simply brushes it off. There was something else going on. She was keeping something from me, and there it was. A slip of the tongue and I finally knew. She had a vision she’s been keeping from me.

Liam: What vision Willow!

Just then her stomach began to growl. She giggles as she slithers out from under me, throwing on a shirt of mine from the floor and running for the kitchen. I lay back frustrated, gathering my thoughts, but it’s hopeless. I cannot think straight without knowing. I freeze in my tracks, almost forgetting my own name as I watch her long slender legs shift weight from one to the other. My shirt riding up over her sweet little ass as she bends over looking in the fridge. My inner beast struggles to get out. To take her again. I manage to hold him back and go in slow. Cautiously trailing my fingers along her inner thighs, up along her wet center and over that round tender ass, gripping her hips and pulling her back into me and pinning her against the counter. Her body reacts to my cock pressed against her, she drops her guard and I make my move.

Liam: Talk to me

It doesn’t work. How only she seems to have the power over me to pull that kind of mind trick is beyond me. She pulls away from me and goes back to the fridge getting eggs and milk. I take a deep frustrated breath and pour our coffees while she fixes some scrambled eggs and toast. We sit at the kitchen bar eating in silence. She’s avoiding the subject at all costs as if afraid of something. When she reaches for our empty plates, I grab her arm.

Liam: Sit.

My demand earns a sigh of defeat as she slumps back into her seat. I turn her towards me sliding her seat and her legs between mine, lifting her chin with a finger to look into her eyes.

Liam: Willow please, tell me what’s going on. Tell me about the vision.

Her eyes squeeze shut trying to block the tears.

Liam: Baby I’m right here. Please let me in. Let me help you.

She opens her eyes, that have turned into the images of the moon, allowing a single tear to escape. I catch it with my thumb and watch mesmerized by the glow of her eyes as she draws me into her vision by linking to me. Like standing by watching a part of your life play out as a movie right before your eyes, I stand watching it unfold. Out across an unfamiliar field under a full blue moon Willow kneels before Daniel with the titan dagger in her chest. The vision version of myself runs for them when Willow's hand goes up forcing me back like some sort of force field. Luke and a wolf I don’t know hold back as I watch helplessly, when Willow does the unimaginable. She kisses Daniel, but I have no time to think anything of it, because the instant she does, there’s an explosion of white light. Bodies including mine and Luke’s are thrown back from the blast. The vision ends and I am at a loss for words. My mind repeating the image over and over again.

Liam: What happened?

Her eyes turn back to their sky blue holding my gaze. She takes in a deep breath shaking her head as she grabs for the plates again.

Willow: It is unclear.

She retreats to the sink and starts scrubbing vigorously at the dishes. There has to be more to it. There has to be.

Liam: Willow?

I attach myself to her backside crossing my arms over hers, forcing her to stop. Her chest rises and falls in frustration. Her heart beats rapidly, echoing against my chest.

Willow: Fate always finds a way.

She uses Celia's line on me, still leaving me baffled.

Willow: Every choice we make leads us to a path we are destined to take. I am destined to defeat Daniel. Beyond that is unclear, but I was not given these powers to lay to waste.

Liam: Destiny be damn I will not allow you....

She turns cutting me off with a kiss.

Willow: What matters right now is this.

She places my hand on her chest, and hers on mine before resting her head against me. I wrap my other arm around her, cradling her while resting my head on hers

Liam: When?

Willow: The next full moon.

Willow's perspective:

Liam: Like in the painting?

I look up at him with questioning eyes.

Willow: What painting?

Liam: The one you did last night. Your white wolf walking through woods with a bright orange blood moon in the horizon.

I peel myself away from him and run up to the loft. I stare at it resting on the easel. A blood moon sinking into the horizon like a sun set flickering through trees like a wild fire. A lone white wolf emerging from the ghost flames with bloodstained fur in the shape of a dagger down its chest. It’s my wolf, my chest. Baffled by the painting I run a hand through my hair. Liam leans against my back looking over my shoulder.

Willow: Destiny beyond the vision is unclear.

Liam: The next full moon isn’t supposed to be a blood moon is it?

Willow: No, it isn’t, and I don’t remember painting it.

Liam brings his head down next to mine blanketing my shoulders with his arms.

Liam: You don’t remember locking me out and blasting your music after running out of my dad’s place? God if I wasn’t so pissed at my brother, I would have been laughing beside myself at the sight of you pinning his face in the dirt. You actually made my dad laugh. Which is a rare thing.

I shake my head and let out a slight giggle.

Willow: I remember all that. I was listening to Twenty-One Pilots' "Blurry Face", but as soon as I started painting everything went dark. Then I woke up next to you.

Liam sits on my stool and pulls me between his legs against his chest kissing me sweetly.

Liam: The next full moon is a few weeks away, where does it happen?

Willow: Old Prussia!

Liam’s: Well shit that doesn’t give us much time.

Willow: Then let us make the best of the time we have.

He growls nipping at my lower lip before slipping my shirt off over my head and reaches past me grabbing a bottle of paint. He pours it into the paint palette before swiping a brush out of the canister and begins to trail the brush across my chest with blue paint, swirling the brush down around my breast. He slides a hand up my inner thigh rubbing my wetness. He dips the brush in more paint and trails it down my ribs circling my belly and back up across my nipples. I reach behind me sticking a palm in the paint and rub my hands together before slapping them on his chest. He yelped out in laughter, flicking the brush at my nose, causing paint to spray my face. He continues painting along my arms to my neck while still rubbing my wetness, toying with my clit.

When he reaches over for more paint, I seize the opportunity and slam my body into his smearing paint everywhere. I slide my hands down his cheeks leaving a trail of paint while sucking his bottom lip. He squeezes my ass and the cold wetness of paint sends chills through me as he presses me into his hardness. He slides his tongue across my lip, gently twirling it around mine. Liam stands lifting me over a shoulder gripping my upper thigh and makes his way to the bathroom. With a free hand he turns the water on in the jacuzzi tub, tossing in a few bath bombs. While waiting for it to fill he drops his jeans and steps in sliding me down his front still wet with paint. He turns me away from him submerging us down into the soapy water.

He pulls me back against his chest with his enormous erection pressing into my backside. The bubbles turn blue as he runs the loofah down my arms, across my neck and chest, turning the bubbles blue. His teeth graze the side of my neck as his nose brushes against the softness of my earlobe. He leans his head down while I raise mine to meet him for a kiss. His hands wander down inserting a finger through my center. I ride his finger while rubbing against his cock moaning his name. He lifts my hips and slams me down onto his full length bringing both hands up over my breasts, holding me still while he thrusts.

Later that day we meet with Mr. Reed and Luke at the station, to explain the vision.

Mr. Reed: Where does all this take place?

Willow: Old Prussia, the very place Luna defeated Hades.

Mr. Reed: This doesn’t give us much time to prepare. We’ll call a meeting with the Cordova pack immediately and arrange transportation.

Luke: I’ll go.

Mr. Reed: No, I need you here!

Luke doesn’t argue, but huffs as he grabs his hat off a desk and storms out.

Mr. Reed: I’m sorry for him princess. He’s going through the change without a mate to calm his inner beast.

Willow: No need to apologize, I understand. But, Mr. Reed if I may be so bold, you are not in the vision, it is Luke who is needed on this journey.

Mr. Reed looks a bit puzzle, but simply bows his head.

Mr. Reed: As you wish princess.

My phone rings and I jump with excitement when I hear the voice on the other end.

Willow: Liv! Please tell me you’re here?

Liv: Standing outside the gallery as we speak.

Willow: We’ll be right there.

I give Mr. Reed a goodbye peck on the cheek and drag Liam out of the station making our way quickly to the gallery.
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