Goddess of the moon bk2 “Last born”

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Chapter 11: Red and the big bad wolf

Minutes later Liam pulls up to the gallery where we find Luke leaning against his patrol car. He's talking with a 5’7” fiery red head with ice blue eyes looking like a modern-day red riding hood in her black heel boots, leather pants and red leather jacket. She laughs while reaching out touching his arm, and immediately a rush of excitement fills my heart. Why I hadn’t seen this before is a mystery, but here they are, the perfect match. Liv is Luke’s antidote.

Willow: Looks like red riding hood finally found her big bad wolf.

I giggle as we walk up to the two drooling over each other like a couple of teenage beasts. Liv screams as she pulls me into a hug. Luke stares at us with a lust filled grin. I hold a pointed finger up at him, knowing to well what he’s thinking right now.

Willow: Don’t even think about it.

Luke: Too late.

Liam smacks his brother upside the head.

Willow: Liam this is Liv.

She holds out a hand to Liam. He stares down at her with uncertainty.

Willow: My friend from college?

I remind him, though I know it’s not that he forgot. He doesn’t exactly trust anyone right now and for good reason.

Liam: Right! Nice to meet you.

He finally shakes her hand.

Liv: Likewise.

Willow: You already met Luke, Liam’s brother.

Liv smiles wide with lust filled eyes at Luke then eyes Liam head to toe and licks her lips.

Liv: Good looks run in the family.

“Perfect match”. I say to myself.

Willow: See you later babe.

I stand on tiptoes to kiss Liam’s pouty lips, before taking Liv by the arm and heading into the gallery. I look over my shoulder back at Luke.

Willow: Luke join us for dinner tonight at Liam’s.

Liv's hand tightens around my arm in full understanding and appreciation. Where as Liam and Luke seem a little taken back by the invite. Luke quickly changes his demeanor when Liv speaks up.

Liv: Oh, please say you will Luke.

She gives him her most seductive smile and he practically falls flat hypnotized by her tongue grazing her bottom lip. He simply nods as he watches her swaying hips through the doors.

Liv and I went to art school together in New York. She majored in business and art history while I dabbled in painting. After what happened with Daniel, I called Liv who immediately jumped at the opportunity to come run the gallery.

Later that evening Liv and I are sharing some old stories and giggling like school girls while the guys are outside grilling steaks.

Liv: I’ve missed you Willow. I can’t believe Victor turned into such a douche. If I hadn’t followed that two-timing troll to London, I could have been there for you.

I give her hand a squeeze and reassuring smile.

Willow: Everything is as it is meant to be.
I look at her, then toward the back door to where Liam and Luke are now arguing over how the steaks should be cooked.

Liv: You finally found your happily ever after.

She smiles warmly. I smile faintly at the sound of ever after.

Willow: Think you may have just found yours.

Luke comes walking in with a smoldering look directed at Liv. She stills like a dear in headlights.

Liv: Uh huh!!

Willow: So how was London, aside from Jeffrey?

Liv: You know I’m actually thankful he cheated on me. I spent some time in Paris right after and oh my goodness I know why you always had a thing for vampires. So cultured, sophisticated and romantic.

Willow: and charming of course when they want something.

She rests her hand on mine with a sorry look for mentioning it. But not all vampires are bad. I’ve known good vampires that held to the same belief that we were given our gifts to protect the innocent.

Willow: Not all vampires are bad just like not all weres are good. It’s the one trait that keeps humans and mystics connected; there is good and bad in all of us. Please continue.

Her eyes lit up as she continued and as she described him I envisioned the ancient vampire the Reed pack captured. I grew more intrigued about this vampire. Who now had a name.

Liv: His name is Jason, we met at this late night art reveal party. God was he tall and dreamy with his grey eyes and expensive suite. It’s so amazing how much history and truth you learn through art when you’re a mystic, and Jason was like a real life walking talking history book. He talked of the Hades' war as if he had lived through it. The poor guy though, he lives with a broken heart, never having gotten over the loss of his wife and son in the war. But that didn’t stop him from being an amazing lay.

Luke growls beneath his breath from outside clearly having heard Liv's not so subtle statement. But that was Liv. She’s always been very open sexually. These two are too perfect for each other. We move to the kitchen to set the table before sitting down to eat and swap stories and jokes. Luke was most curious about how close Liv and I were, intrigued by some of our more provocative college stories. Liam was more curious about how long we’ve known each other.

Luke: So, the two of you were real close, huh?

He waggles a brow and cuts Liv a sexy grin.

Willow: Wouldn’t you like to know.

Liv and I look at each other and start laughing.

Liam: When did you know?

His question is directed at Liv. He is in protective mode and I can’t blame him given my recent friend's history, but I hadn’t told him much about this part of my past; it was something between me and Liv. Liv looks to me for permission and I nod my approval. She takes a deep breath looking shyly at Luke before addressing Liam.

Liv: by our second year in college I started suspecting something. I mean I didn’t believe in werewolves and vampires and that kind of thing, but I did believe in witches and psychics. I just thought maybe she was one. She never got sick, she was the most beautiful woman in all of New York, the world probably, but I had never been anywhere else. Any way she was my fuck buddy.

Luke grunts as he kicks a leg of the table, looking between the two of us. Liam throws a dinner roll at him to which Luke ducks and laughs leaving him with his guard down as another roll pegs him right in the forehead.

Luke: Fucker.

Liam chuckles beneath his breath glancing at me sideways with a smirk.

Liv: What I means is she was my best friend. Always there to look after me when we went out to clubs and parties. She would tell me what guys to stay away from and what ones seemed safe enough. Occasionally we would just make it a girls' night. Literally. Physically.

She says this seductively leaning over the table showing Luke a little more than ample breast, but I didn’t need her filling his head with more fantasies, so I kick her under the table causing her to stop abruptly before laughing out with a snort.

Liv: Alright, alright. Anyway, one night I didn’t listen to her. The more adamant she was about this one particular guy and how dangerous he was, the more rebellious and angry I got. She tried telling me that werewolves, vampires and all the creatures from all the old children’s stories were real and that this guy was a werewolf. Naturally I laughed in her face and tried to leave. I knew she was strong but this was different. She grabbed my arm practically yanking it out of the socket, pleading with me. The look in her eyes made me rethink what I was about to do but then, my skin started to burn. “What the fuck Willow” I yank my hand away and ran through the crowd. My suspicion of her being a witch grew and I started thinking what are the possibilities she was telling the truth about creatures of fairy tales and nursery rhymes being real.

I got half way through Central Park before realizing I had been followed. “Hey red wait up” it was the guy form the club Willow accused of being a werewolf. “Leave me alone” I told him as I grew cold. “I saw you and your friend fighting I just wanted to make sure you were ok. It’s not safe walking through here alone.” It didn’t take long of course for my anger and fear to turn into sexual desire. It was something I tended to use as an outlet. Next thing I know we’re making out in the grass behind some trees and bushes. Suddenly his eyes turn blood red, as he started growling like a mad dog, and his teeth...... It was just like all the horror movies. I had never been so afraid in my life!

I don’t remember much after that first bite. It was like being in one of those dreams when you're unable to move or scream, watching bits and pieces flashing before you. I remember this beautiful blue light fall over me. I thought for certain I was a goner, and then I saw Willow's sweet face smiling down at me. I thought she wasn’t a witch, that she was an angel. Even her voice echoed like that of an angel. I remember her hand covering the wound on my neck and the light grew brighter till it all went black. I woke up days later in my apartment with Willow at my side. She risked everything revealing herself to save me.

Liv chokes back a few tears while I reach out and squeeze her hand.

Liv: Well I’m sure that wasn’t exactly the kinky story you where hopping for Luke; those I can tell you another time.

She gives Luke a coy wink then turns to Liam.

Liv: I of all people can understand your protectiveness over her. We were like sisters, moved in together, graduated together, protected each other. We did everything together. As I mentioned before, I mean everything!

Liv gives Luke a wink as I kick her under the table again seeing the heat rising in Luke and now Liam. She puts her hands up and continues.

Liv: Then I finally had my chance to move to London like I had always dreamed. I begged Willow to come with me but she said it wasn’t her journey, but that it was mine alone. I wish I hadn’t. I wish I had been there for her, to protect her from Victor.

Her eyes watered as I leaned in hugging my best friend in comfort. Low subtle growls come off both men watching like a couple of horny frat boys

Willow: Everything is as it should be. You’re here now. That’s what matters.

Liam helps me clear the table and clean up the kitchen while Luke and Liv get cozy on the couch sharing more intimate stories. We rejoin them with tea and desert. My face turning beat red as Liv gives Luke a more in depth detailed story of a time we both shared a guy in our last year of college. It’s not long before the sexual tension between the two of them has them running for the door. I can’t help but giggle watching Luke scrambling to get Liv into the car. I wrap my arms around Liam from the side, feeling complete contentment.

Luke: I think Luke might have finally found his mate. Did you know about this? Is that why you called her to come take over the gallery?

Liam asks kissing my head. I look up to meet his gaze.

Willow: Sometimes what is meant to be is unknown till it’s standing before you!
I reach up brushing my lips against his. His fingers tangle in mine, and I freeze at the feeling of something cold squeezing down my ring finger. Liam grabs my hand and goes to one knee.

Liam: I told you I was going to marry you one day.

Willow: But Liam the future is uncertain.

Liam: But this is certain. You and me. Here and now.

He kisses my hand revealing the beautiful princess cut diamond ring.

Liam: Whether we have two days, two weeks or two decades I don’t want another day to pass without you as my wife.

I throw my arms around his neck kissing him with force. He lifts me, wrapping my legs around his hips. I suck on his bottom lip before sweeping his mouth with my tongue. He deepens the kiss while walking us to the bedroom and gently laying us on the bed. He pulls back looking at me with passion and desire.

Liam: Is that a yes?

I smile wide and nod.

Liam: Say it!

Willow: Yes

Liam: Yes what?

Willow: Yes, I will marry you Liam Reed.

He growls with excitement, smothering me with kisses.

Liam: Day after tomorrow when the Cordova pack is here, we will be married.

Willow: How are we going to pull that off?

Liam: Small town. Plus you don’t know my grandmother very well. You pick the place and the dress and the rest will be taken care of.

Willow: You had this all planned already. What if I had said no.

Liam shrugs as he strips me bare

Willow: Your dad's gazebo in his back yard would be a wonderful spot.

Liam: As you wish princess.

He peppers my naked body with kisses as we make love long into the night.
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