Goddess of the moon bk2 “Last born”

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Chapter 12: Meeting the Cordova pack

I strum my fingers along his sexy bicep while admiring the ring on my finger, glistening in morning light. Shoving the uncertainty aside I try to remain content and happy for what time we will have as husband and wife.

Willow: What’s your brother Conor like?

Liam rolls over to face me taking my hand in his, brushing his lips across my knuckles.

Liam: Conor is like Rolin who was a lot like my mom. They have big hearts and gentle souls, but mess with their family and they’re a force to be reckoned with.

He says growling and attacking my shoulder with his mouth and tickling me with those long rough fingers.

Willow: Stop it...When will they be here?

I scream and laugh as he continues to torture me.

Liam: Tonight. It’s just going to be Conor, his wife Kali, their son Tristin, and her two brothers.

He pauses contemplating something.

Liam: You told my dad Luke had a purpose in Prussia, but what about Conor?

Willow: From the pictures you have of him, I didn’t recognize him in any of the visions, but something tells me he isn’t supposed to go.

Liam: Well I’m sure he’ll fight you on that. Once he and his pack know who you are, they will not hesitate to follow you.

I smile faintly and make my way to the shower where Liam soon joins me before his day on patrol. I head off to meet with Liv at the little diner near the gallery for lunch and some pre-wedding shopping.

Liv: Oh my god Willow, that man spared no expense and has some freaking taste!

She gawks at my engagement ring.

Willow: I hope you know that you’re my Maid of Honor and the wedding is tomorrow evening.

Liv: Get the fuck out?

I give her an "I’m serious look."

Liv: Why so soon; I mean you guys have been together for like what a few weeks and your heading off to w....

She stops herself staring at me with teary eyes.

Liv: Willow!

Willow: Liv I think you can understand better than anyone after your encounter with Luke that the amount of time matters not. Even though Liam knew me before I knew him, we had an instant connection and bonded immediately, naturally, orgasmically. But I would be lying if I said it had nothing to do with Daniel's war. Liam just wants to know that he lived the rest of his days with me as his wife.

Liv: That’s deep. So, does this mean something’s going to happen to him or you?

I look away not wanting to answer.

Liv: My coming here wasn’t just to replace Daniel temporarily while you go fight your war was it?

I force a smile on my face reaching across the table to take her hand.

Willow: You always wanted your own place and you know me, I’ve never been much for the business aspects of it. Besides this place is perfect. It’s one of a few places mystics can be themselves without fear.

Liv: Willow is something going to happen to you?

Willow: "A prophecy that misread; could have been."

She furrows her brows holding my gaze till neither of us could contain our composure and burst out with laughter.

Liv: You and your movies. God I’ve missed you Willow.

Our laughter is interrupted by two heated masculine bodies hovering over our booth.
I look up biting my lip as I admire Liam’s uniform and sexy as hell smoldering grin.

Liam: Is this seat taken?

Willow: Well actually I am expecting my fiancé any minute and he doesn’t take too kindly to other men being so close to me.

He leans down whispering in my ear.

Liam: And what would he do if another man kissed you.

Liam presses a kiss to my lips while engulfing me in his arms as he sits.

Willow: So, Luke, you and Liv have a good time last night?

Luke for the first time ever blushes and looks away from me, burying his face in Liv's hair while mumbling.

Luke: You could say that.

Liv giggles as her cheeks turn red from the sweet nothings Luke whispers in her ear. After lunch the boys go back on patrol while Liv and I meet Velora at Fiona's Bridal Shop. We try on dresses and drink champagne. Luckily Velora gets a kick out of Liv's spunk and they get along fabulously.

Velora: Liam mentioned you want the wedding at the gazebo?

Willow: That is if it’s ok with you and Mr. Reed?

Velora: Child it would be an honor. Now you two go run along and don’t worry about a thing. I will take of the rest.

Willow: Thank you Velora; you’re the best.

That evening Liam and I make our way to the backyard dining area at Mr. Reeds for what was more of a family reunion. Tristin, Kali and Conor's boy, was the spitting image of his father Conor. He also looked very much like a younger version of Mr. Reed with black wavy hair and green eyes.

Kali was a beautiful petit Alaskan native with jet black hair and dark brown eyes, so sweet and affectionate. For most of the evening conversations were light, with the men laughing and talking about manly stuff, while us women, and a very cute curious little 5-year-old Tristin, talked about the men and the wedding, till it came down to business.

Conor: Princess you have the Cordova pack's loyalty. It will be an honor to fight beside you.

Kali looked concerned and I knew immediately she could sense it, too. The darkness, the feeling of loss and despair. I gave her a knowing nod and an assuring smile.

Willow: I appreciate that Conor, and I thank you for the transportation arrangements. Your willing pack members if they so choose to go will be most welcomed. Your duty however, as your pack’s alpha is to remain here with your family.

Conor: With all due respect princess it is because I am the alpha of my pack that I am worthy to fight beside you.

Willow: I meant no disrespect Conor, and I do know your worth, but it is your wife who will need you more!

Conor looks at me baffled before turning to his wife, who smiles while rubbing her belly!

Conor: Kali, you are with child?

She smiles and nods as his eyes widen with joyful tears. He lifts his wife with excitement while everyone gathers to congratulate them and celebrate.

Tristan: Mommy, can I have a baby brother so I can be a big brother like daddy?

Kali: Only the gods can tell, but no matter what, I know you’ll be a good big brother like your daddy.

She looks over at me as she says this, and she’s right. I know. The little wolf pup looks up at me waiting with anticipation. I give him a little knowing wink that he’ll get what he asks for which makes him jump for joy. His adorable little face and nose scrunches up as he attempts to wink back.

The gathering turns into a night of celebration. Though there are a few scuffles they are all for the most part harmless. With a large group of male weres it’s bound to happen. One of the little scuffles is between one of Kali's brothers and Luke over Liv, but it ends almost as quickly as it began with Luke showing great dominance.

Kali: The last time those two fought over a girl was at my wedding, when Luke tried to take Sika's girlfriend.....The outcome was much different.

Willow: This time Luke's in love.

Kali: Indeed he is.

Another fight breaks out between Luke and Conor. This time over sibling bragging rights.

Kali: I am forever in your debt as it seems a great darkness has been lifted from my family. I know it would have meant a lot to him to have fought by your side as his grandparents did alongside Luna. It would have been a great honor.

When I squeeze her arm I am given a flicker of a future that for her was not so certain moments ago. (The warmth of the sun, kisses the skin of small children running in a field. Kali and Conor join in laughter with Liam. Liam is beyond joyous as he tosses a small child in the air. Another image appears next to him, but she’s blurred out by the sun) a swarm of emotion tears at my gut; sadness, anger, jealousy. What was I to do with this information. By the looks of the images Tristin couldn’t have been more than 7, Kali and Conor's second child maybe 2 as well as the one in Liam’s arms.

I am conflicted by the vision, but I am met by Kali's kind eyes as she smiles that knowing smile. Something tugs more at my heart. Was it possible. Could I find a way.

Kali: Our fate is destined by the gods, but what about the gods themselves?

She winks and walks away, patting Liam's shoulder as she passes by. Liam takes me into his arms followed by a deep passionate kiss.
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