Goddess of the moon bk2 “Last born”

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Chapter 13: Husband and Wife

I woke up to an empty bed, but on Liam’s pillow rests a necklace and a note.

Liam’s note: My love, my life, my soon to be wife. I leave you this gift, once belonging to my mother given by my father, passed down from my grandmother. You are my light that guides me in darkness, you are my heart that keeps me alive. You are my goddess.
I love you.
Love, Liam.

I admire the necklace with a heart shaped blue sapphire jewel connecting the tips of a crescent moon, and hold it to my heart.

Liv: Holy shit, I’ve seen that necklace before.

Liv studies the jewel around my neck as we sit to eat breakfast.

Willow: It belonged to Velora, given by her husband the second wolf, Sebastian Reed.

Liv: That’s it. There was a painting of them at the art reveal party. Jason told me who they were, but I didn’t recognize Velora last night at first. In the painting she was much younger, but I see it now. Jason said Sebastian crafted it from the handle of his sword. He mentioned something about Luna giving each of the first four wolves a sapphire made from essence of the moon as a symbol to wear like a badge of honor.

I look down touching the small jewel and could feel my mother's presence.

After breakfast we head to the salon, before making our way to Mr. Reed's. Velora is waiting on the porch and rushes us inside while the boys are distracted out back. I stand staring at my reflection in the old antique standalone mirror. My off the shoulder wedding gown squeezes my breasts making them bigger and rounder while creating a perfect V between them. The white iridescent material forms to my mounds and waistline before loosely flowing to the ground. Velora helps adjust the flowers in my hair, and looks down at the necklace with a smile.

Velora: I remember when Sebastian gave this to me on the 12th moon from when I was turned. The moon represents our life line, and the heart our love. So, when William wed his beloved Lily I passed it down to him to give to her, and now it is yours. We are truly blessed princess, if this wasn’t the true meaning of destiny, I just don’t know what is?

Willow: I am deeply honored Velora, and grateful for all you have done, for what everyone has done and is willing to do.

She gives me a hug and starts to leave.

Willow: Velora?

I stop her needing to ask a question.

Velora: Yes.

Willow: Do you think Mr. Reed would walk me down the aisle?

I ask shyly. She smiles graciously and nods as she closes the door.

Liv drapes her arms over my shoulders as we look at each other through the mirror. Her head next to mine with tears in her eyes and a loving smile. No words needed as we share this peaceful moment.

There’s a knock on the door. Followed by the gruffly voice of the elder Mr. Reed.

Mr. Reed: Willow?

Liv: Guess that’s my cue.

Liv opens the door for Mr. Reed and slips out.

Mr. Reed: You look beautiful Willow. Your father would be beside himself seeing how you’ve grown.

Willow: Thank you.

Mr. Reed: Velora said you needed me?

I rest a hand on his forearm.

Willow: Yes, Mr. Reed would it be too much to ask, that you walk me down the aisle? I would completely understand if you said no. This hasn’t exactly been a very traditional engagement and wedding.

He places a hand over mine with a warm smile spread across his sun kissed face.

Mr. Reed: I would be honored.

I give his arm a grateful squeeze and shy smile.

Mr. Reed: Everything alright?

I nod.

Mr. Reed: The daughter of a goddess isn’t getting cold feet is she?

He chuckles. I shake my head no with a half smile.

Mr. Reed: Liam looks at you with such love and admiration, and you, the way you light up in his presence! The two of you remind me of your mother and father. As a kid I didn’t really understand it at the time, but I remember the way they looked at each other. The love they shared was something beyond this world.

I look away to blink back the threat of tears. Mr. Reed places his hands on my shoulder and bends his head to look me in the eyes.

Mr. Reed: Liam will never let you face anything alone again. None of us will.

Willow: That’s what I’m afraid of.

I take a deep breath.

Mr. Reed: Your gift of visions maybe at times a blessing and at times a curse. How they play out is not always in our control. Destiny has a funny way of bringing things to light, so try to not worry so much of tomorrow. Today belongs to you and Liam.

Willow: Thank you Mr. Reed.

He wraps his big arms around me and kisses the top of my head.

Mr. Reed: Shall we....

Mr. Reed gives me his arm and walks me to the backyard. My heart stops at the sight of Liam standing on the step of the gazebo. He looks like James Bond with his dark brown hair combed back, fitted black tux, and that make you wet sexy smile. Our eyes lock and for a moment I feel as though we are the only two souls there. Mr. Reed kisses my cheek and places my hand in Liam’s. Unable to control himself Liam takes me in for a deep passionate kiss.

Liam’s perspective: (The moment Liam sees Willow)
My heart stopped, when she stepped down off the porch. The high noon sun defining every perfect detail of her porcelain skin, the slightest breeze blows her hair and dress gently like butterfly kisses. Her sky blue eyes find mine followed by the curve of her soft pink lips into a loving smile and there at that moment, my heart beats again. For her it beats and I can breathe. The second my father placed her small hand in the palm of mine I pulled her in claiming her lips feverishly. Today is ours; today she’s mine.

Liam: You’re mine, today and always.

Willow: And you mine, today and always.

The minister clears his throat.

Minister: I don’t believe we’ve made it to that part just yet.

Willows perspective:

Laughter erupts, but soon fades as I look into Liam’s golden-brown eyes glistening with a hint of joyful tears. My heart melts and I cannot blink my own tears away quick enough. He wipes the tears that escape with his thumbs as we say our vows.

Minister: Now you may kiss your bride.

Liam's lips crash onto mine as if we had been apart for ages. His strong arms wrapping tenderly around me, around my soul. This is our moment. If it lasts a day or a month it is ours now as husband and wife. We eat, we laugh, we have many drinks. The sapphire heart flashes a soft blue light, pulsing like a real beating heart. I feel my mother's presence. For the first time since my birth, I can feel her.

Liam: May I have this dance.

Liam’s voice cuts in sweet and soft. I touch the sapphire and take Liam’s hand, feeling loved and content. I am surprised and delighted when the tune of Bryan Adams' “Everything I Do” begins to play as Liam walks me over to the makeshift dance floor, where we share our first dance. Liam gazes into my eyes with a love so deep my body quivers. Desire pools as the words and melody flow through me. “Look into my eyes, You will see, What you mean to me”.

Our bodies melt into each other as the world fades. We drift in perfect harmony. His lips fall upon mine, our tongues dancing to a rhythm of their own. We continue to sway long after the song has ended, stopping only when another more upbeat familiar song begins to play and Luke yanks me away to Post Malone and Swae Lee's "Sunflower." Liam grunts in disapproval but Liv soon distracts him as everyone else joins in. We dance long into the evening until Liam can no longer share me.

Liam: I must have my wife now.

He demands pulling me from Conor, twirling me into his growing erection. We barely say our goodbyes as Liam eagerly rushes me out of the house and into the car. Instead of driving home he takes us to a nice hotel on the ocean.

Willow: Liam what are we doing here?

He smiles playfully as we pull into the private parking garage. He scoops me out of the car into his arms bridal style, and carries me up to the penthouse. He kisses my lips before sliding me down against him beside the bed, staring deeply into my eyes with a new look of bliss. I turn pulling the flowers from my hair, exposing my neck. Liam trails kisses down to my shoulders, slowly unzipping the dress, letting it drop to the floor. He spins me around setting me a blaze with his eyes, burning through my soul full of a need and desire. I bite his bottom lip before slipping my tongue along his K9s while I lift his jacket off his broad shoulders letting it drop along with his tie. One by one I release the buttons on his shirt as my fingers find their way down unfastening his belt. I break away for a moment, long enough to pull his boxer briefs down freeing his enormous member.

Our lips lock again as he lays me gently on the bed. Kissing and nipping my lips to my jaw, down my neck and to my breasts where his tongue swirls each nipple bringing them erect. Softer kisses trail down my belly to my hip. He takes the lace strap of my thong between his teeth and tears it from my flesh. His lips cater to every sensitive part of my inner thigh before resting at my mound, sliding two fingers through my wetness. He glides his tongue up the middle twirling around the harden clit causing me to buck my hips.

Liam: Your so wet!

A moan escapes me as he continues to flick and suck the most tender of areas, moving a finger inward brushing against the sensitive spot deep inside.

Willow: Liam I’m going to cu....

Liam: Not yet baby.

He inserts a second long finger slowly exploring my insides, simultaneously with his tongue teasing my clit, and fingers pushing and pulling in and out slowly. I begin to explode from the ecstasy, but before I can catch my breath, his fingers pull out and rub the wetness lightly and against the clit shooting electricity through me, bringing my arousal back to full attention ready for more. His eyes meet mine as his wide tip eases slowly through my center burying it as deep as he can go. His arms curl under mine, hugging my sides while his hands grip around my shoulders. He traps my legs inside of his so I am mummified beneath him creating a pressure of pleasure as his body presses harder to mine. Our animal instincts take over in the heat of our passion. I sink my K9s into his lower chest as he sinks his into my neck. The smell and taste of our blood sends my every nerve into a frenzy. Liam's growls and grunts are muffled by my blood and flesh in his mouth.

Willow: Oh Liam.

Tiny sparks of electricity cover my body as chills shoot through my core exploding like fireworks as I come undone. His hard cock pulses and twitches as he releases his hot fluid inside me. We remain intertwined, covered in a soft blanket of moon light.

Liam: I love you wife.

Willow: I love you husband.
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