Goddess of the moon bk2 “Last born”

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Chapter 14: Honeymoon's over

I wake up to Liam’s hardened cock against my belly as his fingers roam my back side massaging my ass.

Liam: We have about ten minutes before room service gets here.

Willow: Well then, what are you waiting for?

He devours me in kisses and quickly plunges in deep and quick. We lay entangled and spent, separating only when breakfast arrives. We spend the next two days making love in every part of the room and even out on the balcony overlooking the ocean.

Willow: I could live like this forever.

Liam: Wouldn’t you miss making love in the fall leaves at the lake?

Willow: You’re probably right. That might be better than sand. That stuff gets everywhere.

Liam: Everywhere?

He chuckles tickling my ribs as we sit out on the balcony overlooking the ocean, with half of a moon high in the night sky like a lazy eye, dancing off the water. All too soon the honeymoon is over. Not long after checking out of the hotel and arriving back at my cabin, Mr. Reed calls Liam with the details of our departure for Russia by the end of the week. We spend our last night in Snake River making love at the lake, absorbing what time we have left. Though nothing is certain, a part of me feels as if I am saying goodbye. Liam senses it too as we watch the sun set behind us. With our bodies wrapped in intimacy, my skin begins to glow. Dozens of little blue butterflies swirl around us leaving trails of moon dust in their wake. Liam holds my stare as we succumb to the tidal wave of cosmic pleasure rippling through our bodies as our inner beasts take hold.

Sometime in the night I find myself standing in my loft staring at the last painting I had done of the white wolf and the blood moon. Feelings of grief consume me. Not for myself, but for Liam. I head back down to our bed wanting to feel his heat. When I get to our room, he isn’t there. I call out to him, but he doesn’t answer. My stomach begins to twist as fear begins to grow. The room is no longer our room and I am alone in total darkness. A sudden gust of wind swooshes past me and with it the sound of a hundred faint screams. Another gust of wind, another hundred screams. A sharp shooting pain pierces my chest. Shivering from the coldness, I fall to me knees drenched in my own blood with the titan dagger lodged in my chest. His menacing joker laugh echoes in the dark.

Daniel: There is only one way this ends princess.

His voice a whisper in my ear.

Liam: Willow

Liam's voice cuts through like the flicker of a candle lighting a path.

Liam: Willow.

His voice draws closer as the light grows brighter and the darkness fades, and his body blankets me with his warmth. I find myself standing in the loft once more, this time in Liam’s arms.

Liam: Willow.

I turn to him reaching my hands around the back of his neck capturing his lips with mine like there will be no end.

Liam: Willow, I know you’re keeping things from me about the night to come, but please do not shut me out, we’re in this together.

Willow: It was just a bad dream. No vision, no premonition. A genuine bad dream, manifested from things that have happened and the weight of what’s to come bearing down on me. I worry I guess that if I fail....

I hide my face riddled with guilt and doubt. Liam, my strength when I am weak, my light when I am lost, lifts my chin and palms my cheek with a grin.

Liam: Just proves you have a mortal side. Come, let’s get some rest.

Before sun set the next evening Liam and I meet with Luke and Liv at his cabin along with a few others from the Reed pack. While the pack talks briefly of the best routes into Canada Liv pulls me aside.

Liv: I wish I was going with you. I feel like I finally just got you back in my life and now I’m losing you again.

Willow: I know, but you have Luke now.

She looks over at Luke with a catlike grin. He glimpses over with the same lustful peer.

Liv: He’s....

Willow: Perfect

I finish her statement as I catch Liam staring.

Liv: Willow...

Tears fill her bright blue eyes and I know what it is she wants to say. I take her into a tight hug.

Willow: I love you too Liv.

We swiftly cross into Canada where we meet a handful of the Cordova pack and board a private ship to Russia. From there we travel by train into an ancient town called Nevel once a part of old Prussia, unknown to the human world and forgotten by most mystics. Home to the first four wolves. We arrive under the cover of night with all but two days till the full moon. Nevel looks like something out of ancient times and seems to be deserted aside from many curious eyes peeking through windows and hiding behind closed doors. The pack spreads out to clear the perimeter and keep watch while Liam, Luke and I head to a Tavern at the edge of town. Silence falls as we enter, bringing a current wolf brawl to a halt while all eyes turn on us.

A large grey eyed werewolf with black hair slicked into a pony tail approaches. Eyes piercing mine, his nostrils flare as he flashes a K9 through a raised lip. He’s a good size, looking like a college aged guy that lives at the gym, but he is young and arrogant. Liam and Luke move in front of me protectively, causing the shorter brown scruffy wolf that had been in the brawl with ponytail to join his comrade.

Ponytail: Outsiders are not welcome.

he comments in a thick Russian accent, flexing his pecs as if to impress me.

Ponytail: But woman can stay. I have special seat for her in my lap.

He grabs his bulge through his pants, lifting a brow my way. Oh big mistake ponytail. Without warning, Liam grabs ponytail slamming him face first into the floor, twisting both arms behind his back with a knee pressed to his neck.

Liam: No one speaks to my wife that way.

He growls ferociously. The shorter wolf lunges for Liam, but Luke quickly pins him. Two more average size dark haired wolves appear out of nowhere making their way to Liam and Luke. My turn to have a little fun. I quickly leap feet first over Liam and into the chest of one knocking him into a nearby table. I quickly cartwheel to the other wolf, locking my legs around his neck and catapulting him to the ground like a ton of bricks. I snap his arm back and I begin glowing out of rage. Small electrical currents spark from my fingertips. The wolf beneath me trembles as the smell of burning flesh rises.

Elder man’s voice: Luna?

I release the wolf and my light goes out as an older grey haired, grey eyed wolf approaches.

Elderly man: This can’t be.

Willow: Luna was my mother.

His eyes widen! Liam and Luke let the wolves up and all four fall behind the elderly man. He bows to me and they follow, but not ponytail. The elderly man smacks ponytail upside the back of the head and immediately he bows. Not with respect to me, but out of respect for his alpha.

Elderly man: Forgive us princess we don’t get too many visitors in Nevel. I am Vlad, this foulmouthed one is my son Nicoli.

He smacks ponytail upside the back of his head once more for good measure.

Willow: This is my husband Liam and his brother Luke. My apologies for the unannounced visit, it was imperative that our arrival be kept quiet. We did not come looking for trouble. We only wish to speak with you.

Vlad: Of course, please follow me.

We follow him to a large private room in the back. Vlad gestures for us to sit at a long old wooden table like something out of an old Vikings movie.

Vlad: What can I do for you princess?

Willow: There’s a new threat to our world and to our kind. A warlock by the name of Daniel has in his possession my mother's titan dagger. He plans to summons Hades' powers. If he succeeds....

Vlad: Demons will rise again.

He looks down for a moment before bringing his eyes back up to meet mine with a hint of sadness.

Vlad: Demons took my wife and daughter from me. I prayed for death when I saw their bloodied bodies. But, I would not die before avenging them first. I fought and killed many with all the human strength I had, but it was not enough. I found myself outnumbered and near death. One of the pale grey skinned creatures towered over me, staring down at me with his blackened demonic eyes, jagged sharp teeth and snarling like a rabid beast. He looked like a man with no soul, deformed by darkness. He stretched his black claws as he raised them high ready to strike, when a sudden gust of wind and a massive blur of grey fur passed between us leaving the demon headless. I had only ever seen a dire wolf once, this magnificent beast was much larger with almost humanlike eyes. He pounced on each demon till all were dead and then turned to me.

I could feel myself succumbing to my wounds, but even near death I could not believe my own eyes as this wolf shifted to a man and came to kneel beside me. I had heard few rumors that there was a goddess from the moon that had created a manbeast to fight the demons of hell, but I never would have believed had I not seen with my own eyes. That was when I first met Drake Duncan.

Willow: The third Wolf?

Vlad nodded.

Vlad: He explained to me how he came to be, confirming the rumors were true. He praised me for my bravery and strength, and gave me an opportunity I could not refuse. I could die knowing I fought gallantly for my family, or I could join him and continue fighting for all innocents.

Willow: You chose to fight?

Vlad: I did, and I will gladly fight again for the daughter of our creator. We are at your service princess..

Willow: Thank you Vlad, though I’m afraid there’s not much time to prepare, it happens the night after tomorrow under the full moon on the very field where Hades fell. Please let it be known Daniel has an army of vampires at his beck and call.

Vlad takes my hand with a smile and a look of nostalgia.

Vlad: I’m looking forward to it then. Now come, you shall stay at my estate.

With tensions high between ponytail and Liam, Vlad thought it best to send Nicoli to gather the rest of the Nevel pack. Our pack soon rejoins us at Vlad's estate where we share a few stories and some laughter before some much needed rest. Unable to sleep, I venture outside to a garden where the moon's glow falls upon the sculpture of a beautiful woman and small child.

Vlad: Helena my first wife and my daughter Sophie.

Vlad came to stand beside me.

Willow: They’re beautiful.

Vlad: They were my world.

Willow: Do you ever wish you had chosen not to turn.

He sighs with great thought.

Vlad: All of the time, but being given a gift such as this with a higher purpose to do good.... I just wanted to keep making them proud.

Willow: They are.

I pat his shoulder gently.

Willow: What of Nicoli's mother?

Vlad: Cynthia....she was a young beautiful mortal. Sweet and innocent, even when she discovered what I was, she chose to remain by my side. Shortly after I took her as my wife she became pregnant, but she was so frail, and Nicoli was so big. She did not survive childbirth.

He took a deep breath. His eyes filled with sadness. I rest a hand on his arm.

Willow: I am sorry Vlad.

He pats my hand and smiles.

Vlad: Please do not hold it against my son. He has always blamed himself for his mother’s death, making him a bit unruly at times.

Willow: He remembers?

Vlad: Sadly. What about you princess, how have you kept hidden all these years?

Willow: My mother put an enchantment on me masking my identity, and entrusted Celia to raise me.

Vlad: Celia is alive?

Willow: She was, she died only a few months ago.

Vlad: How?

Willow: I fear it was because of me. She had been working on a cloaking spell to cast over the town where we live, so I could escape a very dangerous vampire. But to use so much magic came with a price, she began aging more rapidly as if cursed. Now after what Daniel has done, I can’t help but wonder if he had something to do with it.....in fact I’m sure of it.

Vlad: We have all suffered great loss, but continue to gain great friendships.

Willow: Indeed.

I smile as my heart flutters with a knowing sense that Liam is near.

Vlad: The garden maze can be quite magical at night for young weres in love.

Vlad winks with a knowing grin and wanders off to leave us alone. I glance over my shoulder to see a wicked smirk on Liam’s face, while feeling the heat from his desire. I disappear through the entrance stripping off my clothes, leaving a trail as I go. My own giggles echo, while Liam’s low seductive growls rumble through me as he nears. I feel him getting closer. Though the moon is near full the skies remain dark, covered in thick darkened clouds. Even my eyes deceive me as I turn each corner, stopping when I come to a dead end.

Liam: Gotcha

I scream as Liam’s arms wrap around my waist as I tried to run past him. My screams turn to laughter, and soon laughter becomes moans of ecstasy as Liam takes me there in the middle of the maze, beneath the stars now dazzling like moon dust as the clouds clear.
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