Goddess of the moon bk2 “Last born”

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Chapter 15: The gathering

Nicoli arrives the next day with more Nevel members, while Vlad calls for a gathering in the main hall where he prepares a great feast in my honor. There are many questioning eyes as a silence falls over the crowd when Vlad introduces me. Some faces are in shock, some in awe, and some in disbelief, while others whisper. Liam gives me an encouraging smile as I take a deep breath and step forward.

Willow: My name is Willow Grayson, well technically it’s Reed now. But it is true, Luna, Goddess of the Moon and Thomas Grayson, the First Wolf are my parents.

Many gasp, while all bow their heads in respect.

Willow: I wish I could say I was here under better circumstances, but as many of you may have already heard, there is a great threat to us all. A warlock by the name of Daniel possess my mother's titan Dagger, and has an army of vampires at his leisure. Tomorrow under the full moon on the very field where Hades fell Daniel will summon his powers. It is for this reason my husband, Liam Reed of the second wolf blood line, and I are here now at your mercy, asking for you to fight with us, as some of you once did for my mother and father.

Unexpectedly Nicoli is the first to come forward placing a fist over his heart, and takes a knee.

Nicoli: I am with you princess.

He speaks honorably as he nods to Liam and bows his head. Soon the entire room follows suit. Even Luke and Vlad have taken a knee beside me and Liam. This was something I never imagined my life to be like and oddly It brought tears to my eyes. I wondered if this is what it was like for my mother and father. It’s not about being in power, it’s about respect. I step forward touching Nicoli's shoulder gesturing for him to rise.

Willow: Thank you Nicoli.

He nods as I step past him to do the same with the others. They all rise and I thank them as the great feast springs to life with food, music and dancing. Many of the elder wolves share stories of their pasts and how they came to be. One particular older wolf catches my attention. He stands alone watching like an observer. Eyes shifting to me every so often. My necklace begins to glow as I make my way toward him, but I am cut off when a group of young ones gather in giggles and curious questions. One little girl in particular stands out. She’s around 7 human years with light colored emerald eyes, curiously matching those of the lone wolf standing watch. She even has his golden colored wavy hair. Hers is neatly braided to the side, while his is chopped short and messy.

Little girl: Is it true your eyes can turn into the moon like the painting.

Willow: What painting?

Little: The one in the great hall of the lost princess.

She takes my hand and leads me down to the great hall full of paintings. The rest follow close behind, stopping at a painting from my memories. I'm being held in my mother's arms near the willow tree, my eyes reflecting the moon.

Small boy: Is it true, is that really you?

A young wolf pup with messy blond hair and almost yellow eyes asks with uncertainty.

Willow: It is.

Little girl: Show us.

I sit on the floor with my back against the wall and hold out my hands.

Willow: Take my hands.

Six little hands reach out touching mine. I close my eyes for a second allowing each one to see and hear my mother's lullaby. When I open my eyes, all of theirs widen as the moon reflects off each of them. The little girl with the emerald eyes draws my attention as she whispers the lullaby. Her eyes brighten as a faint glow surrounds her.

Little: You must go to her.

Her lips do not move, and I realize we have linked.

Willow: Go to who?

Little: Your mother, she waits for you.

Willow: Where?

Little girl: The sacred willow.

Willow: What is your name.

Little girl: Ana

Willow: You have a very special gift Ana. One that very few were given.

Ana: Please don’t tell. I’m not suppose to use it.

Her light dims and her eyes darken as she pulls away and runs down the hall.

Willow: Ana.

Small boy: You really are her.

He shouts with excitement. I watch as the lone wolf appears from nowhere and heads after Ana.

Small boy: Tell us a story.

Other children and some adults gather. I tell them about Celia the first white witch and how she raised me. I tell them the stories she told me about the battle of Hades, how the first four wolves came to be and finally the fall of Hades. Liam stood in the crowd watching like a predator waiting to catch his prey alone. His glare alone causes my center to heat and shiver at the same time. Suddenly images of the first four wolves and white witches flash before me. The lone wolf. He’s the fourth wolf, and the third white witch, an older version of Ana only with lighter green eyes like sea glass. A darkness clouds the images. Fear for her strikes my heart. I link to Liam letting him know my discovery making sure no one else hears, and follow in the direction they went. I turn down another hall stopping when I hear a man's smooth voice whispering sweetly.

The fourth wolf crouches in front of Ana who swings her little legs as she slumps in a giant gold and red velvet chair.

Ana: But papa, I had to.

Willow: Baron Kass?

He puts a fist to his heart and bows his head. I can see worry in his eyes. I kneel placing a hand on his shoulder linking to his mind only. An image of a demon like no other before drains the third witch of her inner light leaving her near death. Baron Kass the fourth wolf comes home stopping the demon from finishing her. The images flash quicker like a movie in fast forward. The third witch was pregnant with Ana. She used what magic she had left to stay alive long enough to give birth, but with fear the demon will one day return if it is discovered the witch's white light was passed to the child. I look into Baron's sad eyes, I know what I have to do. I explain to Baron the enchantment my mother used to mask my identity.

Baron: Please. I will do anything.

I hold out my hand for Ana, waiting for her to make the final decision. She bites her bottom lip looking back and forth between her father and I before placing her hand in mine. I sing the same lullaby my mother sang to me, masking Ana’s identity. Placing a kiss on her forehead, I give her little hand a squeeze.

Willow: If you ever need anything, you will always be able to find me.

She looks down with wondrous eyes finding a small blue glowing butterfly. It flutters its tiny wings before landing on the silver bracket on her wrist and turns to a sapphire stone. Her little heart beats loud, as her chest rises quickly.

Ana: Thank you princess. Thank you.

She hugs me in excitement before kissing her father's cheek and runs off.

Fourth wolf: After her mother died I sought the help of Alex Kauff.. He explained there was a new kind of demon with a sole mission to hunt white witches. If Ana did inherit her mother's inner light, it would only be a matter of time before they came after her. Time was all he could give. He helped mask Ana’s abilities by slowing down her growth beyond the normal mystical creature. She knew the second you arrived in Nevel. Which meant her magic was getting too strong for her own good.

He takes a deep breath.

Baron: Forgive me princess, for I came here with selfish purpose. Ana always believed the rumor of your existence and that you would someday return to help us.

Willow: Do not apologize. You are the fourth wolf. You have sacrificed so much of yourself to protect the innocent, and continue still. I am honored that you came to me and that I could help. She needs you and that should be your greatest purpose now. You owe me nothing. It is I and the world that owes you Baron Kass.

His emerald eyes gloss over as he thanks me with a silent nod. We stop in the great hall where he tells me about several of the paintings, elaborating on many of the stories Celia had told me, and I am most grateful for the personal ones he tells me of my father who he had fought beside as kings soldiers before the rise of demons. Soon he nods goodnight and I wander through the mass of beasts drinking, dancing, fighting, and fucking. My heart fills with fear and sadness when my eyes find Liam’s from across the room. He seems to be in a heavy debate with Nicoli and another wolf. I quickly slip out pulling Luke down another hall to reveal to him his role.

Willow: Luke I need you to watch over Liam, stay with him at all cost and do not under any circumstances let him intervene when it comes time for me to face Daniel.

He looks to me puzzled.

Luke: How can you ask such a thing. We are here to protect you, and die fighting beside you if it is our fate.

I place my hand on his shoulder firmly looking into his eyes with order.

Willow: Death is not yet fated for you. You are here to protect Liam, to remain at his side in the now and after.

Luke: After?

He questions me looking even angrier. He opens his mouth to speak again but quickly shuts it. Upset by my request he storms off as Liam approaches.

Liam: What was that all about?

He pulls me in to his side causing me to lose myself in his scent.

Willow: I think he misses Liv.

Turning to him with a playful grin I scrape my nails along his chest through his thin tight gray cotton shirt. He shares a similar grin before taking my lips and pulling me in tighter as I quiver beneath his glare. With flared nostrils he senses my arousal and instinctively shoves me against the nearest wall lifting me off the ground, holding me in place by his hard cock currently tenting his tight jeans. Lost in the moment we didn’t hear our pack members coming down the hall. Liam lets me down, but turns around blocking me from their view. Still in protective mode he gives them all his most dominate look, growling for them to move along quickly. They all nod their heads and disappear down the hall.

I pull away and make a dash for our room. Liam hot on my tail swoops me up kicking the door shut behind us and throws me on the bed. He leaps on top, pinning me down; pressing his very hard erection against my mound. His tongue sweeps mine into a dance. When he retracts, I bite his bottom lip. He raises a brow and smiles a devilish smile. Releasing my arms long enough to remove his clothing and strip me bare. I reach for his chest wanting to feel every movement of his rippling muscles.
He grabs my wrists again and pins my arms back above my head. Staring into my eyes he plummets his throbbing cock deep inside my core. He thrusts harder and deeper. Passion and fear dance across his golden glare. I tighten my legs around his hips bucking beneath, letting out hushed but primal moans. I open my eyes and am met with a glow as bright as a full moon reflecting through his. Liam's low gruffly growl vibrates through my soul as the light reflection grows.

He sinks his teeth into the lower part of my neck, and I feel my power surging within him as both our bodies begin to tremble with a shared feeling beyond ecstasy. With one final deep orgasmic thrust of his hard pulsating-cock my eternal light dims and I let out a gasp of pure pleasure. Liam remains hovering over me staring deeply into my eyes. The concern and love he shares almost brings me to tears. I slide my palm over his rough unshaven jawline. He leans in to my touch while closing his eyes and takes a deep breath. His eyes open and fix on mine again, this time with a sternness.

Liam: I know you’re keeping something from me.

I deflate dropping my head and look away. He grabs my chin turning me back towards him.

Liam: Willow! We are in this together. I told you, you would never be alone again.

Willow: I know.

Looking like he was expecting me to say more, he furrows his brows.

Liam: Tell me what the vision you shared with me means and what I’m supposed to do.

Willow: It is as you saw it to be.

His brows furrow even more as he becomes frustrated. Something he has never done with me. It brings a sadness to me which he sees and immediately softens his expression.

Liam: I am sorry baby. It’s just....I can’t help but think there’s more to it. That you’re keeping something from me.

Willow: Liam, the vision I shared with you must happen exactly as it has been foreseen. I cannot tell you what is beyond that. I have had no other visions of it.

Liam: But there’s still something. What happened when you linked to the fourth wolf's daughter?

Willow: She told me I needed to go to my mother.

Liam: What is that suppose to mean, does she see your death?

Liam growls with fear and anger.

Willow: No, my love. She only meant that I must find the sacred willow.

Liam: I don’t understand.

Willow: I’m not sure I do just yet either, but this is something I must do. If I’m not back when it’s time you must lead them to the battle.

Liam: What? Why wouldn’t you be back? And why would they follow me?

Willow: You are my husband, and you are their alpha. They will follow you, and I will be there when it is my time to be. I promise.

Liam: I don’t like this Willow!

I press my forehead to his, and close my eyes. He lets out a frustrating breath, but soon comes to an agreement before consuming my lips in an emotional passionate kiss.
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