Goddess of the moon bk2 “Last born”

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Chapter 18: Yours forever

The butterflies dispersed and yet the light from behind continued to glow. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it would burst as I turned once more, and there she stood glowing like an angel. A beautiful naked angel.

Another cruel trick by the gods. I clench my jaws and squeeze my watery eyes tight. I could not stand the thought of seeing her as a ghost. To add to my delusion, I am startled at how warm and soft her touch is as her palm settles against my cheek. Her delicate fingers glide across my jaw reaching into my hair. Her soft lips press against mine, while her tongue takes advantage of a moan that escapes me. The warmth of her body and the form of her breast against my ribs causes my cock to swell. She pulls slightly back and I begin to lose myself in the distance. Her bright blue eyes staring back at me, her sweet smile enchanting me.

I reach out slowly to touch her face. She feels so real! I searched her face for something, an indication of some sort that this was all a dream. She leans into my touch as the glow from her body dims and with it the color of flesh returns to her cheeks. With flared nostrils and widened eyes I whisper her name.

Liam: Willow?

I grab her face with both hands closing the distance between us, reclaiming her mouth. Her nipples hardened against my chest. My erect cock presses heavy against her belly. Her taste, her smell, her familiar touch, it was real. She was real. I pulled back just enough to look deep into her eyes, our lips just barely a whisper apart.

Liam: You’re.......you’re really here.

I stuttered. She nods with quivering lips and glossy eyes, bringing back to life her beautiful smile. I pull her to my chest, with no stopping the over-joyous tears as I bury my face in her soft black hair that smells of her familiar scent, honey and lavender. With her fingers tangled in my longer than usual scruffy hair, her nose brushes against my ear, her hot breath on my neck. She whispers.

Willow: I’m really here.

My knees give slightly as she speaks for the first time. Her voice like an angel is music to my ears. I squeeze her tighter, afraid if I let go she’ll vanish again. Her hands slide down my chest teasing my ribs. She lightly strums her fingers up my back pulling gently on my shoulders. She tilts her head back to look at me. I wipe my face on my arm and return her gaze. I take her face in my hands again, kissing her with everything I have, parting only when we both desperately need a breath. I kiss her frantically from her lips, to her cheek, down her jaw, across her chin, and down her neck causing a fit of giggles. I make my way back up locking onto her pouty lips.

Lifting her naked body in my arms as if she weighs nothing, I carry her home to her cabin and lay her gently on her bed. Taking a step back to admire her goddess beauty.

Liam: Don’t ever leave me again.

I growl with dominance. She places one hand over my heart and the other on my cheek.

Willow: I am yours forever!

She slides my pants down with her feet, freeing my incredibly hard cock. I soon melt into her, sinking my moist tip through her wet center slowly at first. Absorbing the feel of her walls clamping down around me my body trembles with need as lust and desire riddle through me. The thought that I had lost her forever causes me to tense. Weeks of loss and built up emotions come crashing down. Unable to control myself I take what is mine and claim her. Driving my cock hard and deep inside her like a savage beast, making her cry out my name in pleasure as I crash around her, holding on to my goddess. My life line.

Luke: Fate!

I whisper the last word she said to me, remembering what Celia had said, “fate always finds a way”.

Resting my forehead on her, the one question I’ve so desperately needed answered escapes my lips.

Luke: Where have you been my goddess?

Willow's perspective:

My mind's eye opens a link to his as I curl my fingers in his longer untamed hair. “Where have I been? I have been everywhere and nowhere; in between realms, the past, the future, the present. Liam my love....our story has only just begun.”

I bring his hand down to my belly and watch as his eyes gloss over once more. Choked up with emotions beyond words he simply smiles and lowers himself to kiss my belly.

(Two years later)
I lean back on my hands with Liam’s head resting in my lap. Stroking his long scruffy hair humming to Imagine Dragons “Stuck on You”, as we watch 1-1/2 year old Thomas pouncing on frogs near the water's edge. A warm summer breeze kisses my cheeks as I embrace the beauty of our favorite lake and rejoice on my new discovery.

Willow: This really is the best place to raise a family.

Liam: Speaking of which!

He flips over pinning me on my back, sucking on my neck.

Liam: I miss you have a round belly, waddling like a penguin. Let’s have another one.

His prominent bulge presses between my thighs as I giggle.

Willow: Oh it’ll be plenty round in another month or two.

His eyes lift to mine like a child who just found out Santa Clause is coming. The corner of his lips hidden by his gorgeous dimples, his golden eyes sparkle with bliss.

Liam: Yeah.

His voice cracks.

Willow: Yeah.

He attacks my lips before peppering my belly with kisses.

Willow: Um Liam.

Liam: Yeah baby.

Willow: Thomas has a frog in his mouth again.

Liam glances back over his shoulder and shakes his head with laughter, before flying to his feet. I watch in amusement as Liam chases our little rugrat, desperate to hold onto his prize. My feeling of contentment becomes shadowed by a darkness, as I rub my belly calming my little rilled up pup.

Willow: All will be as it is meant to be my little Max.

I know it is only a matter of time before a new evil shall rise, but that will not be my story to tell.

Re write 9-3-21
Shelly Gray
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