Goddess of the moon bk2 “Last born”

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Chapter 2: Club night

The thought of seeing Liam tonight brought an excitement I haven’t felt in some time, or ever for that matter. He was the definition of an Adonis and the heat coming from his perfectly sculpted body was driving my sex wild. If not for that slight chance of seeing him, I wouldn’t even think twice about going to the club. I also wouldn’t be standing in front of my closet for an eternity.

Willow: Ugh.

I slam yet another outfit back in the closet. I’ve been traveling so long I forgot my wardrobe was limited. I was going to have to improve that if Snake River was to become a permanent residence for me. But that would never be a certainty. I shuffle through the closet one more time as if thinking there could possibly be something there that wasn’t before and sure enough there it was. A black plastic bag hanging in the very back. I swore it wasn’t there before. When I pull it out I notice a small note attached to the front zipper of the bag. It was from my grandmother Celia.

Celia: Thought you could use this.

She was always thinking of me. I lay it on the bed and pull down the zipper revealing a beautiful black velvet dress. I quickly toss it on and turn back to the mirror. The long fitted sleeves started half way along my palm and ended before my shoulders while the collar rested across my chest low enough and tight enough for a little bit of cleavage to peak over the top. The waist hugged my hips before flaring just slightly mid thigh. Luckily there were matching 1/2" slip on heels. I never liked heels and thank goodness Celia understood.

Being such a small town and the fact there was only one club, it was simply called just that, “The Club.” When I pull up to The Club I find Daniel outside waiting with Tom. Tom looks as if he could be Daniel's brother both with clean cut blond slicked back hair and blue eyes. Tom is an inch shy of Daniel and skinnier. Both dressed to impress in their dress shirts and suit pants.

Daniel: Celia still working her magic from the grave I see.

Willow: What is that supposed to mean?

Daniel: Don’t get me wrong the whole 70’s gothic witch thing looks great on you.

I slug his arm before giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Daniel: Willow this is Tom. Tom, Willow.

Tom looks me up and down with a one-sided grin and raised brow.

Tom: I would still do her!

He says, casually laughing when Daniel shoves him.

Willow: For a couple of warlocks the two of you act more like snobby vampires.

Tom nervously looks to Daniel unaware that I knew he was a warlock in training. Even though everyone knew my grandmother was a witch, no one knew about me. As far anyone knows, I am just one in a handful of humans living amongst mystical creatures.

Daniel: It’s ok Tom, Willow knows more about our world than either of us. Almost as much as Celia.

Tom smiles with reassurance.

Tom: Nice to meet you Willow.

He holds out a hand for me and I return the friendly shake.

Willow: Nice to meet you, too.

I take Daniel's arm as he leads the way into the club. The blue and purple light with a fog machine creates a blue glow that reminds me of walking through a meadow under a full blue moon. There was some newer pop music playing I didn’t recognize, but it was catchy and the dance floor was packed with bodies grinding on bodies to the slow beat.

Daniel leads us to a booth halfway between the floor and the bar, set back far enough to have a good view of everything.

Daniel: First rounds on me.

Daniel vanishes and I can feel Tom's eyes on me.

Tom: Sorry about Celia. She was a great mentor.

He leans in close so I could hear him above the loud music and other voices.

Willow: Thanks Tom.

Tom: You’re a good artist.

He compliments me as he leans back stretching an arm up and over the leather behind me. His thigh relaxes against mine.

Willow: Thank you

I smile not sure of how to react to his body language. He’s not bad looking, and he’s not as cocky as Daniel, but my body feels nothing. My mind is having a conversation with itself:
“Come on Willow it’s been a really, really long time.” “What are you thinking Liam could show up any minute”. “But he hasn’t claimed you and what if you're feelings earlier were false; come on have a little fun”......

The feeling of his fingers drawing small circles over my shoulder draws me from my own debate. I look over at his fingers before peering into his eyes with no expression. His body freezes as he removes his fingers.

Tom: I’m sorry. Daniel said you’ve been alone a while, and since it’s been a little while for me too, he thought we might....

He lets out a disappointed huff.

We both jump as Daniel slams three shot glasses of Jameson down on the table.

Daniel: Come on you two, drink up.

The young tipsy college aged girl hangs off his arm like he’s her life saver. She stands about my height, but polar opposite to me with her teased blond hair, seductive pouty red lips and a red dress low enough to show way too much detail of her fine young tits and high enough to show the bottom curves of her ass.

I raise my glass looking between Daniel and Tom.

Willow: To warlocks, and witches.

We all three clink our glasses and head out to the dance floor. The words to Post Malone and Swae Lee's "Sunflower" echoed in my ears. I haven’t been able to relax for a long time trying to evade my past. This was just what I needed. The music takes hold of my body as I shimmy to the lyrics “Callin' it quits now, baby, baby I’m a wreck”. Tom takes advantage of the crowd and dances up against me reaching for my hips. Lost in the beat wanting to dance without a care I allow it. Thankfully he keeps it PG13 with his hands keeping to just my hips and though his chest is against my back his lower body remains hovering at a safe distance.

A sudden chill blows through me as his familiar cinnamon and spice scent causse my body to vibrate as tingles shoot down my spine. ”Some things you just can't refuse, She wanna ride me like a cruise”. The music seems to stop and I abruptly with it. I could feel his eyes on me and tremble with desire as I turn. There he was standing at the entrance of the dance floor with freshly washed hair, a clean fitted grey shirt showing off his Hercules strong arms & jeans that fit snug around his unashamed bulge. At first glance there was a hint of rage at possibly seeing Tom's hands on me. Tom drops his hands suddenly making the corners of Liam's mouth lift slightly flashing those adorable dimples, as his golden eyes burrow into my soul.

Instant wetness shoots through my center as I suck in a breath biting my lower lip. His smile widens as he lowers his head standing his ground as if waiting for me to take the first step. I release my lip and return the seductive stare waiting for him, when I am suddenly overtaken with jealousy at the sight of some blond in a white spaghetti strap tank and daisy duke cut off jean shorts flinging herself onto Liam. Her arms wrap around his neck as she tries to kiss him. He keeps his eyes on me until he can no longer ignore the drunken bimbo and finally breaks to acknowledge her. I take the moment to make an exit when Tom grabs my arm.

Tom: Hey everything ok?

Willow: Yeah, I just need some air.

Tom: I’ll go with you.

Willow: No, no, I’ll be fine, really. Besides, that brunette over there in the little blue dress has been watching you.

He looks to find the girl I pointed out, and I flee. I walk swiftly to my car in a blind fury. Why was I so upset. We literally just met this morning. I have no idea if he has a girlfriend or a wife, or if his flirting was anything more than just that. I’ve been wrong before. I’ve made my mistakes in giving my trust and heart to bad people. But, even as I have these thoughts I somehow know in my heart it’s all wrong. There was something different about Liam. We had a moment, a spark, a connection like two fated to be together would have. Like a mate.

In my self- absorbed rambling I fail to notice the two drunk college jocks having a tailgate party at their truck parked next to my car. I hurry past trying to stay under their radar, but to no avail. As soon as I reach for my car door, the bigger of the two with over gelled short black spiked hair and dark blue eyes, built like a typical football defense player, stretches an arm past me leaning his hand on the door.

Big Jock: Hey sweetness what’s the hurry?

The shorter stockier jock with blond hair pulled back in a pony tail walks over to my other side as if to block my only other path.

Big jock looks down at my breasts filling out above my dress.

Big Jock: You look like you could use some company he says while reaching to move a strand of hair from my face.

Willow: Well I don’t, so if you’ll excuse me please.

I say kindly while attempting to put my key in the lock. Pissed off by my rejection the ogre slams his body into mine pinning my back against my car as he leans in. The smell of cinnamon and spice fills my nostrils just seconds before the jock's face bounces off the top of my car. Liam effortlessly lifts the big jock up by the collar with one hand. The jock grabs Liam’s wrist trying to escape his grip. His friend takes a drunken stumble towards Liam, but falls on his face with a little help from my foot.

Big jock: Come on man, what the fuck?

He struggles to yell with his vocal cords nearly crushed.

Liam: No one touches my girl!

Big Jock: I didn’t know, I swear.

Liam: Apologize.

Big jock looks my way with a pissed off look and whispers a grumbled apology. Liam lifts the guy higher tightening his grip on his throat.

Big jock: I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Liam shoves him in the direction of his friend causing them both to eat shit on the dark wet pavement. He waits for the two of them to scramble back to their feet and take off running leaving their truck behind before turning his attention to me. I should be thankful and I am, yet I am irritated by the images of the blond all over him. Not that I have a right to be. I mumble a thank you and reach for the handle. Liam leans against the door and runs a finger across my jawline to my chin turning me to look at him.

Refusing to look up at him I avert my eyes and it’s enough for him to know.

Liam: Willow!

Damn him and his sexy voice. I look up and our eyes lock, gold flakes spark like small ambers and instantly I am aroused again, but I hold my composure.

Liam: I’m not with her. Never have been.

Willow: Does she know that?

He chuckles at me.

Liam: I haven’t been with anyone for some time and haven’t had eyes for anyone till you.

My knees nearly give out at his words. He reaches, grabbing my arm to keep me steady. The touch instantly shoots sparks throughout my core.

Willow: I should go.

Liam: Let me drive you.

Willow: I wouldn’t want to be a bother.

Liam: You could never be a bother. Besides I live next door.

Willow: What?

His smile is wide and cunning.

Liam: I live in the cabin just north of you.

I stand there thinking about all the mornings I’ve passed by that cabin feeling like someone’s been watching me.

Willow: Have you been watching me?

Liam: Not that I’m a stocker or anything, but I’ve noticed you on your morning runs.

He stated rather nonchalantly, flashing me those damn dimples again. In a normal human world I should be creeped out, maybe a little, but knowing what Liam is I can’t help feel even more turned on. He drops his hand from my chin and turns his palm up for me to give him my keys. As if under a spell I oblige.

He walks me to the passenger side and opens the door, his eyes glued to the mountainous view that is my chest as I take my seat. I watch with fluttering lashes as he strides to the other side never removing his eyes from mine. After a few minutes of driving in silence I speak up.

Willow: So your girl huh?

He looks me over from the corner of his eye causing my center to twitch with need for him. He knew the effect he was having on me. Well two can play at this game. I slowly cross my left leg over my right purposely allowing my dress to ride up flashing him with more of my flesh. The car swerved slightly as he devours me with a glance. He whips his head forward trying to focus on the road while squirming a little in his seat trying to adjust the rise in his jeans. I don’t bother hiding the knowing smile.

Willow: So how come I haven’t met you till today. You don’t seem the shy type?

Liam: As hard as it was for me to resist, I wanted to give you your space. Give you time to adjust. Plus, my job does keep me pretty busy from time to time.

Willow: What do you do.

Liam: Snake River deputy.

Of course, he would be a hot as fuck protector. My every inch aches for his touch. I watch his lips from the corner of my eyes imagining them on me. The corner of his mouth rises to a mischievous grin.

Liam: I take it you approve?

I nod at him & then quickly turn my head looking out the window though there’s not much to see in the dark of night, especially on nights with only a sliver of a moon. Once we’ve arrived to my cabin, Liam walks me to my door. As he hands me my keys, he gracefully reaches back behind my elbow igniting the same spark from this morning.

Willow: Thank you Liam for saving me again. That’s twice in one day, I suppose I owe you.

Liam: I would do anything for you. But... if you insist perhaps a kiss would suffice.

He tilts his head flashing me his kissable cheek. I rest my hands on his forearms to brace myself as I stand on my toes to pay his due. At the last second before my lips could make contact, he turns his head so that my lips instead land upon his. His arms snake around my waist pulling me in against his solid Adonis sculpted body and massive hard cock bulging through his now tighter jeans. I open my eyes in surprise and yet satisfaction. I lean back licking my lower lip before taking the flesh between my teeth as if attempting to wake myself from a dream. Liam smiles while holding my lips hostage with his eyes. Then takes a step back. Adjusting himself without shame.

Liam: Goodnight Willow.

Willow: Goodnight Liam.

I open my door and slowly back in watching him descend down the stairs never taking his eyes off me till the door shuts all the way. I turn with my back against the door and let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. I can still taste his lips on mine, feel his warm breath on my cheek, the hardness of his cock against my mound. Never have I been so effected by a man. Of course Liam was no ordinary man. His inner beast was calling me, and mine was awakening.
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