Goddess of the moon bk2 “Last born”

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Chapter 3: Morning run

Per my usual routine I get up at the crack of dawn, have some coffee and head out for a run. This time as I pass Liam’s cabin I steal a glance hoping for a glimpse of that handsome face that invaded my dreams, but nothing. When I get to my usual turning point, I am hit with a chill though there is no wind. I feel eyes upon me, though there is no one. Acting casually I scan the area cautiously before turning my attention back to the trail. That eerie feeling grows stronger, like I am no longer being watched but rather followed. I look behind me and still nothing. Just as I turn forward ready to sprint, I slam into his brick wall of a chest, nearly knocking me back on my ass.

Willow: Liam!

I scream.

Willow: You scared the holy shit out of me.

I snap at him out of fear and a little anger. How the hell did he sneak up on me like that.

Liam: Are you alright?

He asked as he looks down at me to see if I’m alright, then looks over my shoulder scanning the area with alert eyes and flared nostrils. He senses something, too, but seeming unfazed he provides me with a calming smile and sense of security as his fingers linger where he still holds my arms.

Liam: Come on I’ll jog back with you.

He turns to my side moving a hand to my lower back pushing me forward as we jog back down to my cabin.

Willow: Would you care for some breakfast. Least I can do for the guy who keeps showing up when I need rescuing.

Liam: I would.

He answers simply with a wide grin.

Willow: What do you think it was?

I ask while throwing bacon into a pan and whipping up some eggs.

Liam: What?

I turn to him with a glare as he sits on the other side of the kitchen island, his hands folded under his chin and elbows resting on the light wood surface as his eyes watch my every move.

Willow: In the woods off the trail. I know you felt it, too!

Liam: Probably just a fox or raccoon? We don’t get too many big predators like bears or cougars in these parts. Maybe on a rare occasion.

Willow: Oh, and why’s that.

Liam: This is wolf territory!

The corner of his lip curls flashing a bit of K9 as his eyes bore into me.

Willow: I didn’t think Washington had wolves?

Liam: They stay pretty well hidden for the most part. It’s safer that way, for them and humans.

Willow: So, they're protectors like you? Always in the shadow keeping unexpected damsels safe.

Liam: You could say that.

I give Liam a reassuring smile while placing a heaping pile of bacon and eggs in front of him. Plopping down on the stool next to him I steal a piece of his bacon, and watch with great amusement as he looks at me from the corner of his eye with a smirk.

Liam: You’re the first person to have ever done that and gotten away with it.

I have no doubt his words ring true, had that been anyone else they would probably have a mangled hand or worse about now. It makes me giggle and feel butterflies in my gut, in a good way. I take a slow seductive bite of my victory bacon watching his eyes fall to my lips, wondering which he wants more, the bacon or my lips. I lift the other half up but instead of taking the bite I point it towards Liam luring him closer. His knee braces against mine sending tiny electrical shocks through me. With almost lightning speed reflexes he snatches the bacon from my fingers with his teeth and gives a playful growl. I laugh out loud as I jump back startled by his speed.

Willow: So what were you doing on the trail this morning?

I ask, chomping away on my own bacon. He looks away stuffing his mouth full of eggs avoiding my question.

Willow: Were you following me?

He freezes with his fork midway to his face for half a second. Yup, thought so.

Willow: Always in the shadow keeping unexpected damsels safe.

He does not admit it nor does he deny it. A noble guardian. I finish off my last couple bites of bacon and eggs before making my way back around the counter to clean up. When Liam finishes his food, he comes up from behind me, reaching around with his plate in front of me, taking my hand with the soapy sponge and guiding it in slow circles over the surface of the glass. The gesture is beyond sensual leaving me weak in the knees. He buries his nose in my hair near the back of my ear and takes in a deep breath making my skin hum with desire.

Liam: You smell of honey and lavender.

His bulging erection hardens against my lower back. I suck in a breath leaning into him and he quickly pulls away. A slight sting of rejection lingers for a second.

Liam: I have to patrol today, but there’s somewhere I’d like to take you tomorrow.

And just like that the sting is gone, it wasn’t rejection. He is a noble guardian with great responsibilities to protect the people of Snake River.

Willow: Where?

Liam: It’s a surprise. I’ll be by at 8am.

Willow: Ok. But what should I wear?

He scans my body with a devilish grin.

Liam: I would say nothing, but we would never make it to where I want to take you, so wear what you have on.

I can feel the heat rise in my cheeks and know by his smirk I’m blushing. God this man. As he’s about to step outside he pauses and looks down tilting my chin up with a finger before gently pressing his lips to the corner of mine then disappears down the road leaving me desiring him more than ever. I finish cleaning the kitchen and jump in the shower to cool off. My sexual tension is making me lose control. I want him. I need him. I think I love him. The cool shower helps very little so I head up to the loft to paint, but to no avail. I just stare at the blank canvas thinking about what happened in the kitchen. Feeling his erection against me. Fantasizing about all the what if’s.

Out of frustration I grab my keys and head for the gallery to hang out with Daniel. When I arrive, I find Daniel closing a deal with a client, so I take the time to wander around admiring the different pieces. I come to the wall where my newest painting now hangs, remembering the visions I had of times forgotten while painting it. I find my way down another hall stopping at an older painting of mine. My first Moon Goddess. It was the first painting I had sent my grandmother when she opened the gallery.

The full moon casts a blue haze over a vast field where a beautiful goddess stands facing away with her pale blue dress and long raven black hair flowing in the wind. The bottom of the dress is soaked with blood and mud. She holds a sword to her side with blood glistening down the blade. A pair of hands cover my eyes as a voice whispers in my ear.

Voice: Guess who?

Willow: Hmmm Harry Potter?

Daniel: Ha, ha! Very funny Willow.

Willow: Oh Hermione.

I laugh as I pull his hands down turning to look at his pouty face. He never cared for Harry Potter jokes. He looks nothing like Harry Potter and sometimes he acts more like the albino Slytherin character, Malfoy, or something? It was just the simple fact that he was a warlock and I got a kick out of his pouty reactions.

Daniel: This was your grandmother's favorite painting. She refused every offer ever made and I promised her for as long as I live this painting will remain a part of this gallery.

I reach out and give his arm a squeeze.

Willow: Thank you Daniel.

Daniel: For What?

Willow: For always being there for Celia when I couldn’t. She loved you so much.

Daniel: Yet I could never hold a candle to you!

Willow: That’s not true. She loved you like a grandson just as much.

Daniel puts an arm around me in comfort.

Daniel: So, you and the watch dog?

Willow: Who?

Daniel: Liam Reed. The two of you took off in a hurry just shortly after he arrived?

I cannot hide my blush or wide school girl crushing smile.

Daniel: Wow you have it bad.

I playfully push him.

Willow: He does have a way of showing up when I need rescuing.

Daniel looks at me with a curious gaze.

Daniel: You need rescuing?

Willow: Doesn’t everyone once in a while? Yesterday the damn painting was wedged in the back of my car and I almost fell, but he was there to catch me. And last night when I left the club, he beat down a drunken college guy trying to feel me up. Then this morning on my run......

Daniel turns me to him with concern.

Daniel: What happened?

Willow: I ran my normal route, but someone or something was following me. Just as I felt it get closer Liam showed up.

Daniel: Maybe it was Liam?

Willow: No, he came from the opposite direction and I could tell he sensed it, too.

Daniel: I don’t know, it seems a little suspicious.

Willow: Do you have a problem with Liam?

I question with irritation.

Daniel: It’s just, guys like him can get very over protective and possessive. With everything you’ve been through....

Willow: Liam is not Victor!

I snap with more anger.

Daniel: No, he isn’t!

He snaps back.

Willow: You can be a real snob sometimes you know that! If I didn’t know any better I’d think you’re a vampire!

Daniel bursts out laughing.

Daniel: Hey, I’m just looking out for you. You know I love you like a little sister.

Willow: Technically I’m older so...?

He shakes his head flashing an odd smirk and laughs it off.

Willow: Speaking of Victor, any luck getting a location on him yet?

Daniel: Not yet.

I sigh with frustration and guilt.

Willow: I shouldn’t have come here.

Daniel grabs my shoulders forcing me to look him in the eye.

Daniel: Willow of all the places this is probably the safest place for you to be.

I give him a half smile and quick peck on the cheek before leaving. Daniel was right, Snake River was a safe place if you weren’t being hunted by the most powerful vampire. Daniel has learned to be a decent warlock from Celia, but he didn’t know Victor. He doesn’t understand the wrath Victor will bring upon anyone who gets in his way.
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