Goddess of the moon bk2 “Last born”

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Chapter 4: A special place

Morning comes and butterflies fill my insides as he nears the steps to my cabin. Like an eager teenager I open the door before he can knock. His smile reaches from ear to ear. His eyes drink me in as mine him. His dark hair tussled at the top like he ran to get here.

Liam: Good morning.

He wraps an arm around my waist pulling me closer as he leans down capturing my lips, and stealing my breath.

Willow: Good morning.

Liam: Ready?

Willow: I was just going to pack us some food for later.

He chuckles lightly.

Liam: I already got it covered babe.

He gestures to a pack over his broad shoulder while stretching an arm out for me. His sweetness touches me deep and his claim on me makes me want him more. I smile coyly as I step into him. His hand goes to the small of my back sending an over load of goose bumps. I swear I hear the low rumble of a growl so deep it vibrates through him, into me, making me quiver. If I could be spelled I would think I was. I look up at him out of curiosity as he leads us towards his cabin.

Luke: What kind of a guy do you think I am.

He chuckles. I raise a brow to the obvious sexual tension and playfully nudge him with an elbow. We keep walking behind his cabin, across a field leading into the forest. I look back at the cabin and back up at Liam. He winks at me while grazing his fingers down my arm into the palm of my hand inner locking his fingers with mine.

Willow: So deputy huh. What made you chose that.

Liam: My father's the sheriff, my eldest brother and younger brothers have all followed in his footsteps.

Willow: An entire line of noble guardians.

This brings me a feeling of security and warmth as he continues telling me stories of his family and past relationships. He was being very cryptic about certain details and time lines. Was he afraid of what I would think of him

Liam: What about you.

Willow: Not much to tell I’m afraid. I’ve traveled around most of my life.

Liam: Life of an artist?

Willow: Yeah

I giggle nervously. Now I was the one that needed to be cryptic and with great purpose. I wasn’t afraid of what he would think of me if he knew the truth. I was afraid of putting him in more danger than I already have by being with him. I tell him about my time in Europe, New York and Canada leaving out certain details. I tell him about my best friend Liv who lived in London the last I knew.

I wanted so much to just tell him everything, but isn’t that just how it is. You think a secret is protecting those you care about when in reality it sometimes becomes their demise.

Liam: We’re here.

Liam stops at a break in the trees at the top of a hill overlooking a small lake. He wraps his arms around me pulling my back side tightly against him resting his cheek on the side of my temple. I inhale the smell of pine and morning dew mixed with his rugged cinnamon and spice scent. I take in the beauty as the sun rays dance off the water creating a golden glow. It feels oddly familiar as if I’ve been here before.

Willow: It’s so beautiful and peaceful.

I feel his warm smile against my cheek.

Liam: I come here when I need a place to clear my head or just relax.

I feel the thumping of his strong heart beat against his chest echoing mine as it begins beating more rapidly. His breath becomes heavy on my neck. The days old stubble along his jawline tickles my ear as his lips tease the sensitive part just beneath. The growing bulge in his pants hardens against my lower back pressing into the valley above my ass. He holds me in place with one arm across my chest. The other hand gently slides down my front creating goose bumps down my belly coming to a stop at my mound. Applying the slightest pressure he eases me back against him, making certain I feel the girth of his erection. I let out a small whisper of a moan from the sensation of his hardened size pressing against the crevice of my backside.

I turn into him running my hands up his rocky biceps and up along the sides of his neck to his jaw guiding his face down to mine. I gaze into his eyes glowing like wildfire from the morning sun. So full of passion and lust. His hands make their way down squeezing my ass pushing me into his full length making me gasp with pleasure as it runs against my sensitive little rose bud. Taking advantage of my parted lips, he raids my mouth with his tongue. My fingers find their way up into his thicker waves a top. He pauses with a smile resting his forehead on mine and catches a breath.

Liam: There’s never been anyone like you before. The things you do to me without you even trying.

He lets out a low growl kissing above my brow. I place a palm to his cheek and smile while slowly lowering my lashes as if I’m suddenly shy, feeling the heat rise. Liam releases me just long enough to drop his pack and spread out a blanket guiding me down next to him. He takes out a container of blueberries and feeds me a few before leaning back on his elbows. I lean back propping up on one hand and I pop a few berries in my mouth before feeding a few to him slowly. His teeth graze my fingers as he sucks in my thumb. My heart flutters, my sex tingles. His smile makes me swoon and it takes everything I have to turn away, staring out at the view. Watching the colors change as the sun rises higher, listening to the musical display of different birds chirping all around us.

Willow: You bring a lot of girls up here?

I speak out of curiosity without looking back at him.

Liam: No! You’re the first.

I look back at him with a raised brow.
He chuckles reaching out to push some fallen hair behind my ear.

Liam: This place means too much to me to bring just anyone here.

My face softens as I lean into his knuckles.

Liam: There’s something about you Willow. I found the same kind of comfort when I first saw you, that I did the first time I found this place. Being here with you feels right.

His hand reaches around to my shoulder gently pushing me down on my back as his lips capture mine. His hand slides up under my shirt pulling down my black sports bra freeing my hardened rosy nipple, teasing it with the tip of his tongue, grazing it gently with his teeth before sucking it in hard. My fingers find their way under his shirt taking in every indent of hardened muscles, tracing the v shape through a trail of hair downward. His lips feed along my collar bone back up to my neck before his darkened eyes set on mine in a secret language of lust that my body reacts to. Pushing my hips up to meet his is the only reply he needs as he lowers himself grinding his cock against my mound.

Liam: You are the most beautiful woman I have ever set eyes on.

Suddenly a cold breeze blows through us. Liam perks up listening intently and inhaling the air. The Sky darkens above us and I begin to laugh. The sun has been consumed by massive rain clouds. Liam looks up to see what I’m laughing at and joins in with a vibrating chuckle applying a quick peck on my lips before jumping up and pulling me with him.

He looks again back out to the forest knowing something was there. I wasn’t afraid though. Not while I was with Liam. We grab the blanket and he leads me quickly down the trail.

The thunderous rain hits us just as we reach the open field leading to Liam’s cabin. I look up at him playfully and begin twirling under the drops. My hair drips down my face, and my shirt clings to my every curve. Liam's eyes darken like a predator locked onto its prey causing me to shiver with desire. I give him a wicked smile and turn to run. He takes chase like a wild beast. Within seconds he has me flung over his shoulder making his way into his bedroom. He tosses me on the bed and tears at his own shirt like a werewolf about to shift. I wiggle out of my shirt and bra then reach for his pants, releasing his ever enlarged erection.

He tosses me on my back ripping off my jogging capris and stops suddenly with a grin full of lust. I shimmy further onto the bed smiling back up at him seductively.

Willow: You said you preferred I wear nothing so I thought I’d compromise.

His grin lifts to a smirk. Desire grows as he grabs a condom from the night stand sliding it over his godly sculpted penis while crawling over me. The gold flakes in his eyes glow like the sun rays off the lake. I catch a glimpse of his elongated canines as a low growl rumbles deep in his chest driving me into a wild frenzy. With one quick thrust he fills my insides deep with his full length and girth.

Willow: Liam....

I cry out in pleasure. He grunts and growls quickening each thrust driving deeper. I buck my hips taking him even further. He wraps his arms tightly around me nipping gently at my ear.

Liam: Willow...

He whispers near my ear breathless. My body trembles beneath him as my inner walls convulse around his member holding onto the raw orgasmic climax shooting through me like a cosmic explosion.

Willow: Oh fuck.

Liam: Hold on to it baby.

He demands as he drives his cock harder and further into me. My nails dig into his rock solid triceps as he gives one final thrust sending us both over the edge. His massive body stays tangled with mine as he gently pulls me with him rolling onto his back. I rest my head on his chest running my fingers up and down his 8 pack abs before tracing the three long jagged scars running parallel to each other down his side. He winces at first then relaxes to the softness of my touch.

Willow: Who was the wolf?

I stay focused on the scars and sense his tension.

Liam: What?

I glance up at him with a knowing look leaning over kissing the scar above his eye.

Willow: The wolf that left these scars!

He chuckles nervously.

Liam: What makes you say that.

Willow: My grandmother was a witch, and I happen to know that about 90% of the people that live here are mystical creatures like you.

His eyes widen at my confession.

Liam: You know what I am?

I kiss his lips while grazing my nails down his middle.

Willow: A werewolf.

I smile looking fondly in his golden eyes. He looks surprised and yet relieved.

Liam: Your grandmother told you.

I shake my head no.

Liam: Daniel?

I smirk and shake my head no again. He looks puzzled tucking my hair behind my ears keeping a palm on my cheek.

Willow: I can sense things. I know what lies beneath the human flesh, and no, I’m not a witch. Celia wasn’t my biological grandmother.

I pepper his face with kisses.

Liam: You knew what I was and you weren’t afraid?

Willow: Quite the opposite actually.

I kiss the top of the scars on his side.

Liam: So, if you’re not a witch then what are you? A seer?

Willow: Something like that?

I rest my head back down on his rock-hard chest drumming my fingers in circles on his biceps.
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