Goddess of the moon bk2 “Last born”

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Chapter 5:: The wolf

Liam’s perspective:

I knew there was more to her than she was letting on, but who was I to judge when I had been keeping what I was a secret from her. Or so I thought. I’ve heard of some humans having certain gifts like those that can see ghosts, or psychics. Though most everyone just considers them to be witches without spells. This was different. I never knew a human that could sense a mystic creature before.

Liam: I still don’t get it. I’ve never met a human that could sense a mystic. Can you see their mystic creature, or do you see them in their human form?

She giggles at me like she has this power over me. A knowledge that only she knows and doesn’t wish to give up so easily. Slightly frustrated I try quickly thinking of ways to make her talk. Her giggles stop abruptly as she looks up at me eyeing me with question.

Willow: What are you.....

She has no chance to finish her question as I attack her with my fingers tickling her ribs until she screams out for mercy.

Willow: Ok, ok.

She crosses her arms over my chest.

Willow: It’s kind of like seeing an aura. All mystics have one just like with people. Only it’s more of a projection of what they are beneath their human flesh that appears as an image in my mind. An image of their true form. Like you. When I first saw you outside the gallery I saw a beautiful black Wolf, and I could see it in your eyes. Or like the drunk jocks outside of the club the other night. They’re ogres! And Sweet old Miss Tinzel down at the tea shop, she’s a rare werebear.

Liam: Polars are very rare and unfortunately her only pack was murdered.

Willow: What happened.

Liam: Her only son fell in love with a young siren, but he had already been betrothed a bride from another bear pack. When he broke the betrothal and pledged his love for the siren, the bride to be went into a jealous tirade killing the young siren. The sirens in turn murdered all the werebears, accept for Miss Tinzel. They spared her, only so that she would have to live forever grieving the loss of her son as they would have to for their only daughter.

Tears and a look of remorse filled Willow's eyes as she looks down at my scars.

Willow: Who was he?

She asks again wiping her tears still wanting to know about the wolf that gave me the scars.

Liam: My uncle.

I growl as I let out a huff before sucking in a deep breath. I grab her hand bringing it to my lips and resting it on my chest.

Liam: I was still nearly a pup at 16 years old when my uncle tried to overthrow my father to become the Alfa. It was his second attempt and still he was not much of a match; no one to this day has ever been. In my uncle's defeat he secretly created an army of rogue werewolves that killed innocent humans. Humans our pack swore to protect. They fled up north to Alaska and my father followed, but it was a trap. With my father temporarily out of the way my uncle and his remaining strays attacked our pack, picking us off one by one. My eldest brother Rolin was the only one bigger and stronger than my uncle, but we were outnumbered.

It took 5 of my uncle's strays to pin Rolin down. I tried desperately to break free of the rabid dogs holding me back. That was when my uncle left me these, not to kill me though. No, he wanted me alive to watch him kill my brother.....I watched helplessly as he did. My uncle rambled on about his victory. How my father fell so easily for his trap and that he was going after my two youngest brothers next.

I remember the moon. It was full and brighter than I had ever seen it before. It called to me, not like a wolf's first shift, this was different. It was like the moon goddess herself was calling to me and something took over me. A raw unimaginable rage consumed me. With what strength I had left I pulled free and ripped out my uncle’s throat before turning on the others. I was still outnumbered, but I stood my ground until those that remained heard the booming howls of my father and ran like coward dogs.

Willow: What happened to them.

Liam: The second my father saw Rolin's lifeless body and my state, he alone went after them, slaughtering every last one.

Willow: Why didn’t your wounds heal?

Liam: I was still young and hadn’t gone through my full shift yet. I’m also not a pure blood. My mother was human.

Willow: Was?

Liam: After she had Luke she got sick. Celia did her best to heal her, but the cancer was too far spread.

Willow: I’m sorry Liam.

Her delicate fingers laced through mine as her body wrapped tightly around me. Her pale skin seemed to glow in the darkness like the moon as if blanketing us in its healing light.

Willow's perspective:

He lets out a sigh and kisses the top of my head. We lay in comfortable silence till we both drift off to sleep. That is till I am startled awake by a familiar voice echoing in the far distance. I quiet my panicked breaths and listen to the silence. The only sound to be heard was Liam’s soft breath and soothing heart beat as he lie beside me still in a peaceful slumber. My eyes adjust to the darkness landing on a painting I hadn’t notice before. I slither out of bed wrapping myself in a small red throw draped over the foot of the bed and wander over to the painting.

It was one of mine! One I had painted years ago from a dream. It was me standing on a hill with a huge black wolf by my side overlooking a lake glowing with the reflection of a full moon. My eyes widen at the realization that it was the very place Liam took me just this morning and even though I haven’t seen him in wolf form I know it to be him.

Liam: Fate.

Liam’s voice startles me, but I am quickly comforted by his low chuckle and arms wrapping around my chest. I lean my head back under his chin and squeeze his forearms.

Liam: I came across this painting when I was helping Celia with some restorations to her cabin. I immediately recognized the lake and strangely the wolf, But the girl? I was drawn to her by some invisible force. Your grandmother started laughing and mumbled something about fate. She wouldn’t explain it, or tell me who the artist was no matter how many times I begged her. “Celia: Fate always finds a way” was the last thing she said to me. The first day I saw you jog past my cabin I thought I was crazy, how could the girl from that painting be here?

I feel his eyes shift down to me.

Liam: It is you isn’t it.

I nod in response.

Liam: But how? How did you know about that place, about me?

Willow: I paint what I dream. Sometimes they’re of the past and sometimes, though seldom, are they of possible futures. Now I know why it felt so familiar being there with you today. And why this feels so natural.

Liam: Fate!

He turns me tugging the throw, letting it drop to my feet. The tip of his bare erection brushing against my lower belly. One hand tugs at the back of my hair to meet my lips with his. The other hand fondles my breasts causing my nipples to stand erect. I take his large cock in one hand feeling every detail like a marvelous sculpture. He lifts me like I weigh nothing. His tip braising my wet center in a tease as he lies me on the bed kissing down my neck stopping at my breasts briefly. Further still taking in my tingling nub. I shudder from the sensation of his touch bucking my hips with anticipation. He looks up at me with a devilish grin wrapping his hands around my thighs before sinking his tongue through my center. My body convulses as I scream out from pure pleasure of his warm mouth on me.

Without warning he flips me over pulling me up on my knees reaching for another condom, while stroking my ass. He enters his hard member through my sex slowly while drawing circles with his thumb on my back side occasionally pushing through the rim. I flex my inner walls around his girth, arching my back with need for more. He pulls back just to the tip. Thrusting forward he pounds me with primal urge. Deeper, harder, faster he drives me into another fit of orgasm.

He pulls me into his chest releasing himself before lying us back down on the cool sheets, holding me like he’ll never let go.

I wake to the smell of coffee and Liam waltzing in with a mug wearing only his jeans hanging way below his hips causing me to lose myself in his V.

Liam: Who’s Victor.

He asks sitting next to me on the bed kissing my neck. I grab the coffee cup hiding my face as I drink. How would he know.

Willow: Where did you hear that name?

Liam: You were having a nightmare and yelled the name.

He replies with concern. My breathing becomes erratic as tears begin to fall. Liam holds my head in his hands wiping the tears with his thumbs searching my eyes.

Liam: Willow It’s ok, I’m here, you're safe.

He presses me into his chest and the beating of his heart soothes mine as they fall into sync. I take a few deep breaths and pull away.

Liam: I will never let anything happen to you.

After a while of silence he kisses my temple and walks out. Within moments the smell of bacon wafts through the air. Throwing my hair up into a messy bun and tossing on one of Liam’s shirts I stride out to the kitchen. He stands over the stove flipping pancakes. I trace a finger from the low of his back up his spine causing him to twitch. I slide my hands around his front resting my cheek between his shoulder blades. He takes one of my hands sliding it up to his lips. After he flips the last cake, I help him set the plates. He sits pulling me onto his lap as we feed and tease each other until we can no longer control the sexual desire. I turn facing him while unfastening his buttons and pull down the zipper releasing his growing solid member.

Liam: Condoms are in the bedroom.

Willow: I’m on the pill.

His eyes widen full of raw desire as he lifts me by my hips, guiding me down his full length. I pull his shirt off over my head gripping the back of the chair. I ride him slowly lifting to his massive tip and plummeting to his base.

Willow: Oh Liam.

Liam: Yeah baby, say my name.

Willow: Liam

I roll my hips like subtle waves of the ocean, before slamming my breasts to his chest like the ocean against a cliff's edge. Each movement amplifying our ecstasy till we both cum and I collapse on his chest out of breath.

Liam: God you're sexy when you cum.
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