Goddess of the moon bk2 “Last born”

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Chapter 6: A glimpse into the past

Liam stands and carries me back to the bedroom curling his body around mine in the comfort of his bed.

Liam: Willow, who’s Victor?

Willow: He’s a complication!

I let out a breath contemplating how much I should tell. He’s told me so much about himself, but the difference between us is that my secret can jeopardize our way of life. It could affect all humans and mystics, and if Victor finds me..... sensing my hesitation Liam tightens his arms around me in protectiveness.

Liam: Willow please.

Willow: Victor is an ex. The one from New York to be specific.

Liam: The obsessive, controlling, asshole?

Willow: Yes that one. What I didn’t tell you was that he’s a vampire.

Liam growls under his breath at the thought of it.

Liam: Why would you be with someone like that.

Willow: We all make mistakes from time to time, he was one of mine.

Liam: Did he hurt you?

Willow: He tried once.

I take a deep breath resting my hands on his arms across my chest.

Willow: When I told you about the ex in New York stalking me and that he was the reason I’ve been on the run and I couldn’t come here, well, that was only a sliver of the story.

Liam: I’m listening.

Willow: Victor was out of town on a business meeting so I had decided to go out with friends from the art museum I worked at.

Glimpse into the past:
Radiohead “creep” blared through the club as I danced seductively between my friend Blake and his friend David. I don’t know how long he had been standing there for, but I felt his gaze burn through me from across the club aimed for David who’s hands were on my hips. I quickly pull away making my way to Victor, but it was too late.

Willow: Victor no!

He had David by the throat and like a twig he snapped his neck. Victor turned on me with his fingers digging into my cheeks. Eyes blackened like a demon, lips twisted. Blake came after Victor. He never took his eyes off me and with little effort he threw up his left hand. The sound of bone breaking and blood instantly bubbling from Blakes nose could be heard above the music. I peeled away from Victor's grip running for Blake. Within seconds I was being swung by my hair over Victor's shoulder. The second he set me down once back at his town home in Manhattan I shoved him and ran for the door. He pressed a hand against the door keeping me from being able to open it. Trapping me in between both arms he lowered his eyes to mine. His eyes grew angrier as he continued to stare me down. I realized at that moment he had been trying to compel me.

Victor: How are you able to refuse me?

He seethed through his teeth. I quivered in fear shaking my head in refusal. De je vu hit me. This happened before in Paris. I could feel the energy of my power surge through my body

Willow: Victor please.

I pleaded with him to let me go. His eyes grew darker, more angry, and yet confused.

Victor: What are you?

He asked as the reflection of my eyes turned grey like two full moons glowing. Without warning his fangs sunk deep into the side of my neck. My body suddenly jolted and lit like a fuse. The room engulfed with a blinding light.

(Back in the present)
I never fully understood my powers, so it was a bit of a shock to me when I looked down to find Victors body burned from the inside out. I fled before knowing his fate. It was stupid of me. I should have made sure he was dead, but I was too scared. Celia sent me to stay with some old friends down In New Orleans. With all their magic she thought I’d be safe. At first, I thought I was.

A few months passed and nothing, I thought maybe he had succumbed to his injuries. I thought wrong. Victor unleashed his fury on the family that had taken me in. He was stronger and more brutal than ever before.

I take in a deep breath, shaking as the images of the past surface. Liam's touch reminding me he was still there to keep me grounded.

Willow: They were all dead! Generations of ancient dark magic witches dead. Their magic was no match for his new found strength. Granny Taya had managed to hang on long enough to confirm that it was Victor and had trapped him in the swamp. But it was clear that even the belly of a gator wouldn’t hold him for long. No matter where I went, he would find me and kill anyone who helped me. It wasn’t until Canada that I finally lost him and it’s where I’ve been the last 6 months. Daniel told me Celia used up what magic she had, to make it safe for me to come here. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

Liam: He can’t hurt you anymore. I won’t let him.

Tears flood my eyes as I bury my face in the sheets.

Willow: I’ve put you all in danger.

I cry with muffled breath.

Liam: How? You know what I am, and as you said, 90% of the people here. Daniel was right, this is the safest place you can be.

Willow: You don’t understand, he’s more powerful than any vampire ever born.

Liam: Then explain it to me.

Willow: Let me show you.

I hold his face and gaze into his eyes watching as the reflection of mine become images of two full moons before vanishing into a blinding light as I link to Liam the way usually only pack members or fated mates can, taking him into my memories. The soft sound of a baby's cry fades with the soothing sound of a lullaby. A beautiful woman with long flowing raven black hair holding an infant, kneels beneath a willow tree. She rises and whispers to the infant while placing a gentle kiss on her forehead before handing her to a beautiful young woman with dark red wavy hair. The infant opens her eyes revealing two moons.

Suddenly a loud thunderous boom snaps us from the memory. Liam looking confused for a moment becomes aware there’s someone pounding on the front door. He pulls me into him kissing me before leaping out of the bed to answer the door. Sensing a another male wolf with a familiar scent, curiosity gets the better of me. I throw on his shirt and make my way down the hall to see who it is. Liam growls and slams the door before I could see and turns to me with a fury of possessiveness. The presence of another wolf has his inner beast lusting with desire to mate.

Willow: Who was that?

He grabs my hips pulling me into his growing erection and kisses my neck.

Liam: No one.

He growls again as he nibbles and sucks on my neck. Feeling his hunger and desire I decide to have a little fun. Slipping from his grip I run darting around the kitchen island, laughing as he gives chase. Liam effortlessly leaps over it scooping me up in his arms. I scream out into a fit of laughter before he lowers me on the counter, wedging my thighs apart with his hips. He tears the shirt from my skin as if it were made of tissue paper. I suck in a sharp breath from the coldness of the counter as it sends chills up my body making my nipples hard. Liam sucks on one while lightly teasing the other before pushing me back and making his way down to my mound with his mouth. He props his shoulders under my thighs squeezing one nipple between two fingers and circling my hard clit with his thumb. His tongue flicks teasingly up and down my wet center causing me to curl my fingers in his hair.

Willow: Liam.

His tongue flicks and twists its way up to my throbbing clit sucking on it in a way that has me screaming for more tightening my fingers in his hair. His hand ventures down with a finger sliding through my sex and then another.

Willow: Oh fuck

I cry out as he makes me cum. He stands with a satisfied smirk, and an animalistic hunger unzipping his pants exposing his massive erection. I slide off the counter kneeling before him and take his huge tip in my mouth swirling my tongue around the thickness. Caressing his shaft with one hand squeezing his ass cheek with the other. I slowly take his length further. He grips the counter with one hand and gently slides the other through my hair letting out a few muttered curses. He is already so close, his body tense and on fire. He quickly pulls me up turning me over the counter, pumping into me like a wild beast.

Liam: I must have all of you.

Willow: Then you shall.

He pulls out drenched with our fluids and lubes my anus before slowly inserting his head in the new territory. I hold the other side of the counter taking all of him. He covers my hands with his, gripping the counter and continues his slow descent till I’ve relaxed enough for him to pump a little faster, a little harder. An unknown pleasure flows through my body like little waves of electric shocks. Liam quickens his thrusts as if feeling the same pleasure flowing into him. He brings one hand down holding my mound in his palm while sliding two fingers deep into my core while he continues deflowering my ass. I whisper in a perplexed submissive state of ecstasy as we both begin to climax.

Liam: Oh my goddess you feel so good.

Letting go of my hand he grips my throat gently and pounds into me harder. His forearm keeping my hips safe from smacking the edge of the counter, my tits acting as cushions on the cool hard surface. His balls slap my center as his fingers curl inward and my body revs with an overload of sensation. My knuckles turn white as I release a whisper of a moan. Our bodies shake from the orgasms while he rests his chest against my back pushing his hand further up to my jaw turning my lips towards his.

Liam: You are mine Willow.

He pulls out and turns me to face him. I stroke his rugged jawline, placing my forehead to his, inhaling his scent, still feeling the effects of our love making.

Willow: And you mine.
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