Goddess of the moon bk2 “Last born”

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Chapter 7: Victor

Just before sunrise I wake up to the sensation of a rather enormous glorious hard cock rubbing its pulsing veins across my wetness between my legs. A strong arm looped under my thigh allowing access. Soft lips hovering below my earlobe. His broad solid chest pushes into my back while thrusting his cock deep inside.

I gasp trembling beneath him taking it all the way as he fills me completely. His other arm is tucked around my chest with his hand squeezing my breast pinching the hardened nipple between his fingers. I reach my arm back around his neck pulling him even closer. His cock pulses as my walls constrict around him.

Willow: Liam.

I whisper his name softly. He inhales deeply as his muscles spasm from the building orgasm before releasing his fluids inside me as he climaxes. I scream out as my own orgasm roars through my body.

Liam: You are a goddess!

Willow: Maybe?

Liam pins me on my back searching my eyes.

Liam: You linked to me!

I shrug like it was no big deal even though I do know very well how big of a deal it is. It means we are fated, or my powers are growing stronger. Which I sense they have since being with Liam. He looks down at me with a bewildered look as I bat my eyes at him with a cheeky smile.

Liam: How? Only packs and fated mates....

He trails off at the realization.

Liam: That memory of the baby. It was you?

Willow: Yes.

Liam: The young red haired woman was Celia?

I nod.

Liam: Then who was the other woman?

He was about to ask more when his phone goes off with an alarming beep.

Liam: Shit!

He reluctantly pulls away in search of his phone. Fear creeps up my spine while the vision of a young woman’s body in the forest flashes before me. I recognize her. She’s the tipsy college girl from the club hanging on Daniel's arm. She is pale and drained of her blood. I grow cold from a chill in the air as another body comes in view of a man in a suite. His back is turned to me but there’s no mistaking the blond hair. I feel myself shaking. My heart beating rapidly. He’s found me. A hand grabs my shoulder startling me, I spin throwing whoever it is back.

Liam: Willow!

The vision clears as I see Liam scrambling from the floor. He cautiously takes me in his arms setting us back down on the bed cradling me into his chest.

Liam: Babe it’s me.

As much as his touch calms me, I have to know.

Willow: The bodies in the woods do you know who they are?

Liam: There was one body and how did you...

I pull away from Liam before he could finish, swiping my phone from the nightstand, pacing the floor as the phone rings. It rings and it rings.

Willow: Daniel, pick up.

Finally, he picks up.

Daniel: Hey Willow.

I let out a breath of relief at the sound of his voice.

Daniel: Willow?

Willow: Thank God you’re alright.

Daniel: Why wouldn’t I be?

Willow: No reason.

Liam wraps his arm around me with great concern.

Daniel: Willow?

Willow: It’s nothing just a bad dream. I’ll come see you later ok.

Daniel: Sure?

I hang up the phone and turn to look at Liam. His brows furrow but he has no time to question.

Liam: I have to go. You stay put and lock the doors. When I get back I need to know everything!

He demands as he takes me into a passionate kiss before running out the door, ripping down the driveway in his Ford Bronco. Of course I don’t stay. I wait for Liam’s truck to be out of sight before running down the road to my cabin locking the door behind me, leaning my back against it trying to catch my panicked breath and calm my pounding heart. I know Victor is here. I can feel his presence as if he....
The room grows cold as the hair on the back of my neck stands on end. I run for my room slamming the door shut and locking it as if it could keep him out. I search my room frantically for something I can use as a weapon freezing when I hear footsteps clapping down the hall slowly, casually.

The thought of leaving Liam breaks my heart, but I have no choice I must try to get Victor away from Snake River. My eyes swell with tears when the footsteps stop outside my door. Trembling with fear I stand frozen in the center of the room. The door knob jiggles for a split second before it’s torn away and the door slowly creaks open.

Willow: Victor.

I whisper with shaky breath. Quicker than I can blink he has an arm around me pulling me into his tall frame. The scent of his expensive French cologne mixed with a hint of fine oak invades my senses.

Victor: Where are you going love.

He whispers into my ear in his English accent, running his mouth over my neck breathing me in. His other hand grips tightly around my throat. His breath burns like fire on my skin.

Victor: You’ve been with another.

Out of anger he throws me across the room. I crash into a wooden rocking chair. Victor kneels down hovering over me inhaling loudly before letting out a harsh breath.

Victor: A god damn fucking wolf.

He grabs me by the hair dragging me across the floor.

Victor: You’re fucking a god damn wolf.

I find myself being thrown onto the bed. Just as Victor pins me down gripping my throat I make my move plunging the splintered wooden piece I snagged from the broken chair into his neck. It buys me a second to pull my legs in and kick his chest with a force that sends him crashing through the wall. Jumping to my feet I run out of the room and down the hall, barely reaching the front door. Victor has already recovered. He pulls me back so hard I slide across the floor. In seconds Victor has me by the arms pinned against the wall. Hissing like a wild animal. His eyes glowing red.

Victor: You belong to me Willow.

Willow: I will never be yours.

He lets out a low sinister laugh.

Victor: You already are mine love, so this can only go one of two ways. I could drain you near death and kill the beast you fucked or you can come with me willingly and maybe I’ll let your pet live.

Willow: You aren’t as strong as you think.

Anger rises like the red flames in his blackened eyes as he pushes me harder into the wall. Drywall cracks around me as he runs a sharp nail along the side of my throat. His eyes widen in shock when the small cut heals before a single drop of blood can spill. His lips retract exposing his fangs. Before his fangs can penetrate my flesh, the front door comes crashing down. In one swift movement Victor is torn away. A massive black body of fur flashes past with Victor in his jaws slamming through the back door. I take off after them watching nervously as Liam, now in his even larger beastly werewolf form, hovers over Victor's body impaled on a broken tree.

Liam stumbles as he shifts back.

Willow: Liam!

I scream running to his side to help him stand watching in horror as he pulls a dagger out of his ribs, freezing when I recognize the blade. I look over to the tree to find Victor is gone. I think to grab the dagger and run after him when Liam lets out a horrible painful moan and collapses, his wound wasn’t healing. He closes his eyes as his breath becomes shallow.

Willow: Liam

Grabbing the dagger I slice my wrist allowing my blood to flow directly into the open wound before placing it at his lips.

Willow: Please Liam. Don’t you die on me.

Within seconds the wound heals and Liam springs back to life with a deep gasp of air.

Liam: What the fuck was that.

He snaps looking at me in shock.

Willow: You were stabbed with a titan dagger.

Liam: A what?

Willow: It‘s a dagger made of a special metal forged by the gods to slow the healing process causing a god to weaken, to become vulnerable. To an ordinary were or vamp it is almost always fatal.

Liam: How is it then, that you healed me?

Willow: I will tell you everything, but right now we need to get somewhere safe before Victor comes back.

We jump in the Bronco and drive deep into the woods to a small cabin near a stream bordering Snake River and Spokane. Liam sniffs the air cautiously, listening, and watching intently before letting me out of the truck. I am hit with a familiar scent as we enter the cabin.

Willow: The wolf from last night!

Liam: My youngest brother Luke. This is his place. We should be ok for a bit.

I walk to Liam lifting his shirt to examine his ribs which have healed completely. Looking up at him I force a smile as the fear of losing him hits me deep. He looks me over checking for wounds.

Liam: Are you alright Willow?

Willow: I’m fine.

I nod with a half-smile. He takes hold of my chin kissing my lips.

Liam: The vision you shared, your blood, what does it all mean?

I stand at the window staring off into the darkened woods.

Willow: You’ve heard of the legends about the goddess of the moon and the first wolf?

Liam: Luna and Thomas? My grandmother used to tell me stories.

Willow: During the decades long battle of Hades they had lost their only children but one; a baby girl Luna had given birth to in secret. Desperate to ensure the last born survive she entrusted the help of her closest friend and most powerful witch.

Liam: Celia!

Willow: Yes

Liam: So the other woman in the vision that was your mom?

I nod placing a hand on his chest.

Willow: Luna the goddess of the moon and Thomas Grayson the first wolf are my parents.

He looked to me with wonder and love as all the pieces fell into place. I stand on my toes and kiss his jaw.

Liam: My goddess.

He turns into me capturing my lips with his, deepening the kiss with his tongue, till we are both breathless.

Liam: Why do you smell only of human? Are you not Wolf?

Willow: The lullaby you heard my mother sing was an enchantment spell sealed with a whisper to conceal my true identity. No god, nor mystical creature would ever know who or what I was. But the enchantment had also suppressed my abilities. Though I am still immortal, with incredible strength and speed, I do not know my full potential. What I do know is that since coming here, something has changed, you have awoken my inner beast I wasn’t sure existed.

Liam: Why didn’t you come here with Celia sooner?

I blew out a breath and turned away from him.

Willow: Paris!

Liam: The Paris history professor. Don’t tell me he was a fucking vampire, too.

Willow: Yes. But he wasn’t as lucky as Victor. Markus discovered an ancient painting of my mother and grew suspicious about me with the uncanny resemblance. Needless to say his attempt to drink my blood was his undoing.

Liam: Barbecued bat.

Liam chuckles behind me.

Willow: No, he actually got the old-fashioned stake through the heart followed by decapitation before he turned to ash. Celia sent me to America and promised she would follow when it was safe, but it never was. She had a vision that she couldn’t quite decipher, so I stayed in New York and she eventually found this place. The gallery was our only way of keeping in touch over the years without raising suspicion, with the help of Daniel of course. She was really more like a mother to me. But since she aged and I didn’t it made more sense to call her my grandmother.

Tears begin to fill my eyes as memories of Celia flooded my heart. Liam holds me from behind resting his cheek in the curve of my neck.

Willow: I miss her.

Liam tenses as two wolves appear from the tree line. A massive grey wolf an obvious alpha, and a smaller brown wolf.

Liam: Stay here.

Liam steps outside as the two wolves shift to human form. The grey taller one with long peppered hair stood a good inch over Liam with some resemblance. This must be his father. The brown one shifted into a smaller version of Liam though not much smaller. His hair was lighter and longer. After a minute they follow Liam inside with all eyes on me. His father is taken back at first.

Older man: Impossible?

Liam: Sir this is Willow, Willow my father Sir William Reed.

I hold out a hand and bow my head out of respect. He slowly cautiously shakes mine with a look of shock.

Mr. Reed: Forgive me it’s just..... You look like...

Willow: Luna?

He nods in astonishment.

Willow: She was my mother.

Mr. Reed: So the rumors were true, you’re the lost princess.

Willow: I am.

He bows to me with respect as I look over at the second wolf whose eyes have been devouring me since they walked in. His smell is? I recognize his smell as the wolf that came to the door last night and then it hits me he was in the woods the day before; he’s the one that had been following me! I narrow my eyes at him as Liam pulls me into his side possessively.

Liam: My youngest brother Luke.

Luke: Princess

He takes a step closer but stops as Liam warns with a deadly deep-chested rumbling growl. We all sit at the table where I retell my story to Mr. Reed answering all of his questions.

Luke: If you’re a goddess why don’t you just use your godly powers to kill the blood sucker.

Willow: Celia spent hundreds of years making sure my mother's enchantment held. This also suppressed my abilities, and not just for my protection but for the protection of others as well. I still don’t know what I’m capable of?

Luke: Yet you risked Liam’s life?

Liam stands abruptly roaring and puffing out his chest showing his dominance over his brother. Luke does the same knocking his chair across the kitchen flashing a cocky grin.

Mr. Reed: That’s enough. Luke you will show Willow the respect of an elder, as she is your goddess by right he snaps gruffly. When his phone goes off his face falters. My heart thumps in my chest as I hear his voice mumble Daniel's name. He gives me a look of grievance.

Mr. Reed: They found another body. They think it might be Daniel.

Liam catches me when my knees give out.

Willow: Please take me to him.

The second we pull up to the gallery I fly out of the truck running for Daniel’s office, coming to a halt when an arm flies up blocking my path.

Deputy: Excuse me Miss I’m afra.....

I effortlessly and blindly throw the deputy out into the hall and proceed slowly over to Daniel's tall office chair. There’s a commotion in the hallway, I hear Liam yelling at the deputy to stand down. I take another step reaching for the chair. I let out a breath I had been holding as I look down at the pale face feeling relief and yet sadness.
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