Goddess of the moon bk2 “Last born”

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Chapter 9: Days pass

Days pass quietly! Though Daniel and his vampire minions seem to have vanished, the pack prepares for another fight. Liam and I train together learning our knew strengths and weaknesses while finding time to have a little fun. It is a crisp foggy morning. I am flying through the trees near our favorite place at the lake in wolf form. His heavy paws pound the earth, hit on my tail, I zigzag like a quick little fox losing him in the thicket near the water's edge. Using a little new found magic I create a small gust of wind rustling up some leaves nearby, distracting him away from me while I shift into human form and sink into the cool water.

Peeking just above the water's surface I scan the forest. Unable to see him, I close my eyes and listen. The only sound to be heard was that of the multiple chirping to the morning sunrise and my own beating heart. A sudden swoosh of air brushes across my back followed by a huge splash. I turn quickly expecting Liam to come up in front of me. Seconds pass and nothing.

Willow: Liam!

The water is still. Fear is my weakness. Fear of losing Liam. Just as I am about to go under two hands grab my waist from behind twirling me around into his hardened erection. His lips claim mine as his hands take hold of my body.

Willow: Don’t do shit like that to me!

I splash water in his laughing handsome face. Immediately he attacks my neck, tightening his grip on my hips and thrusting me down onto his massive cock. I raise his face to mine capturing his lips as the water slows our movements building the desire. His hands lower, gripping my ass while thrusting himself deeper. Our eyes remain on each other as I let out small moans with each thrust. The gold in his eyes swirl and dance like flames under an autumn moon. He grunts and growls as the lust of his beast grows restless with need. I throw my head back releasing a gasp as the waves of new found pleasure shoots through my body. Though my blood runs in his veins he has never once attempted to mark me sealing our bond in blood. He slows his thrusts as though knowing exactly what I was thinking, watching me carefully waiting for my permission.

I smile and close my eyes as I turn, exposing my neck and collar. He thrusts as far as can possibly thrust inside me as he sinks his teeth into my flesh. His tongue soothing the wound as he draws blood and trembles beneath me. His cock pulsing and twitching from his own release. I feel my own fangs lengthen as my body vibrates in an epiphany of orgasmic bliss. The moment he unlatches from my flesh I lick the dripping blood from the corner of his lip before raiding his mouth with my tongue. The flapping of a dozen little wings fleeing suddenly pulls my attention away. Peering over Liam’s shoulder I catch a glimpse of movement. His familiar scent invades my senses and a low warning growl escapes me.

Willow: Luke

I whisper in Liam’s ear. Liam turns and barks at his younger brother with a booming authority, shielding me from his prying eyes as I follow close behind him exiting the water.

Liam: What the fuck Luke.

Luke stands towering over the bush, the sun glistening off his golden flexing pecs. His biceps straining as he nonchalantly finishes releasing himself, refusing to take his eyes off of me. Liam growls and puffs his chest pulling me closer into his back.

Luke: Would it really be so bad to share brother?

Liam: Fuck off Luke.

Luke shakes his head and chuckles.

Luke: Father’s called a pack meeting.

He shifts into his large rugged brown wolf form and darts away. Liam turns around holding my face in his palms, resting his forehead to mine inhaling deeply before letting out a frustrated breath.

Liam: Never would I share you, my queen.

Willow: You better not!

Liam: That’s not what your pussy was telling me as it strangled my cock at the thought of his eyes on you.

My cheeks heat up, but it is definitely not for the thought of being with Luke. It is simply the lust of the beast that was turned on from being watched. I strum my fingers down his washboard abs, taking his massive erect penis into my hand, pulling it towards my wet center.

Willow: It is now and will always be only your cock that I desire.

His mouth captures mine, his fingers tangle in my hair as he lies me in the grass devouring my every inch, claiming me again and again.

Eventually we join the rest of the pack at Mr. Reed's cabin.

Mr. Reed: There was a rouge vampire caught near the Canadian border. While he claims to have nothing to do with Daniel and his clan we must remain diligent. Daniel's motive for his deceit and attempt to kill the princess is still unclear, but what we do know is that he possesses the titan dagger making him an even bigger threat to us all. No one is to approach him alone.

An image of this rogue vampire comes to me. He is tall and handsome with eyes so pale they are almost gray. His black hair slicked back neatly. His black suite perfectly tailored and cared for. There is something familiar about him, and by his looks and demeanor I can tell he is of an ancient blood line. In my gut I know he has nothing to do with Daniel, nor would he. He has his own purpose, a future I cannot decipher at the moment, but one that will be of great importance.

Willow: What of this rogue vampire?

Mr. Reed: He will be dealt with.

Willow: But he is an innocent!

Shocked looks and gasps fill the room.

Mr. Reed: Princess, right now we cannot risk...

I hold my hand up interrupting the alpha.

Willow: There have been a great many honorable vampires throughout time who fought alongside weres and gods to protect their way of life and that of innocents. This vampire you have imprisoned is of an ancient blood line. I know it in my heart he has nothing to do with Daniel. He must be released at once.

Mr. Reed: But princess.

Velora: She is right you know. I myself have fought alongside these honorable ancient vampires. Willow is our goddess and your alpha. Do not forget your place my son.

I give her a nod of gratitude.

Mr. Reed: Forgive me princess. I will have him released at once, but please allow me keep a watchful eye.

Willow: As you wish.

Liam: What is it with you and vampires.

Liam growls in my ear. I pat his arm that he has wrapped tightly around my waist. My small victory of saving an innocent, is short lived as my thoughts turn to my other visions knowing that my own future is uncertain. Liam senses my inner battle, pulling me further in protectively as his eyes lock on Luke’s who watched from a nearby door way? Most of the pack members disperse while a few of the sheriff deputies stay back with Mr. Reed to discuss other issues.

I wander out to the back porch settling onto the porch swing, gazing up at the Cheshire cat in the night sky, laughing at the thought of when I first saw the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland all those years ago. Always there and never there at the same time. Living life in riddles, like my paintings. My small moment of humor is interrupted by his haunting masculine smell. A disobedient pup in need of a lesson. He plops down beside me causing the swing to stop abruptly. I curl my legs under me giving him a sideways glance.

Willow: Why must you bait your brother.

Luke chuckles, brushing his fingers through his hair.

Luke: Why not.

Willow: You do realize Liam and I are fated and I bear his mark.

He shrugs while looking me over with hunger in his more hazel eyes swirling with splashes of emerald green.

Luke: It is not unheard of for one to have two mates. Especially a goddess such as yourself.

His nostrils flare as he leans in closer inhaling my scent.

Willow: Even if I were to want a second mate which I do not, what makes you think I would chose you.

Luke: You can’t tell me you weren’t a little turned on knowing I was watching.

Willow: Conceited much? Why do you follow me?

Luke: Just doing my pack duties watching over the princess.

Willow: Oh, and what about before you knew who I was. All those times you followed me on my morning jogs.

For a second, he looks almost shy with embarrassment. He quickly shakes it off. Looking into my eyes flashing a charming smile.

Luke: Liam kept going on about Celia’s human granddaughter being a goddess in his eyes. I had to see for myself. What can I say, he was right, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you princess. How that wet pussy of yours would feel wrapped around my cock.

I roll my eyes not at all shocked by his bluntness. Nor am I amused.

Luke: How sweet you would taste, like honey on my lips.

He says with a cocky grin as he traces a finger up my arm. Before he can fathom a coherent thought as to what has happened, I have his hand twisted behind his back with his face planted in the dirt at the bottom of the porch. He growls seductively, followed by his sideways smirk. I lower my lips to his ear and whisper.

Willow: You may think you’re the big bad wolf, but deep down you’re just a scared little pup.

I release my grip and stomp past a grinning Mr. Reed and a fuming Liam, slamming the front door behind me. Needing to release the tension I shift into my wolf and run for home. I stand in my loft taunted by visions while blasting Twenty-One Pilots, getting lost in the sound of “Blurry Face”, blocking out the pounding on my front door. I paint in frustration and fear. “Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol' days” the music flows through me as paint bleeds across the canvas. Tears blur my eyes as memories flood in. Daniel, Victor, Paris, Celia, my mother. “My names blurry face and I care what you think”. Liam’s sweet face comes in view and my chest tightens, my heart palpates, my breath stills as the guilt for the secret I hold becomes too much to bare and darkness consumes me.

I soon I feel myself being lifted. Through blurry eyes I see Liam’s face as he carries me to my bed, where I drift to sleep in the comfort of his arms. I open my eyes to the morning sun casting its hazy golden colors through the curtains. With Liam’s muscular bicep as a pillow I roll over taking in the glowing adonis features placing a kiss on his bulky ripped chest.

Liam: Morning Beautiful!

I lift my head kissing his scruffy chin and trail more kisses back down his Adam’s apple, n,oticing his morning arousal tenting the sheet, I graze my fingers lightly down his washboard abs, along the formed V and under the sheet across his long shaft, wrapping my fingers around his girth. Giving it a few strokes before continuing my kisses down to his tip. Liam lets out a moan, his hard member pulsing in my palm. I swirl my tongue around the tip in a tease before slowly lowering my lips around the head and back up. He hisses and bites his lip keeping one arm behind his head, the other on my shoulder.

I lick down his length and then up before taking his head back in my mouth, going a little further each time and sucking my way back up.

Liam: Oh fuck

He twists his fingers in my hair and slightly thrusts his hips. With every thrust and pulse of his hardness he lets out a gruffly moan and mumbled profanities.

Liam: Jesus baby I’m gonna cum.

He tightens his grip on me and I take everything he offers. In seconds he has me flipped on my back ripping my panties off. My top follows.

Liam: Spread your legs for me.

I do as he demands spreading my knees for him. His eyes remain on mine as his thumb circles my clit. His smile widens at my readied wetness. His fingers slip through my sex finding their way to the most sensitive parts. He slows the movement to a torturous speed while taking a nipple in his mouth, squeezing the other with his free hand. He pulls his fingers from inside me just grazing the outer edges teasingly. Moans escape me as my body begins to tremble. He kisses and sucks the other nipple before leaving trails of kisses down to my inner thigh. With his thumb pressing lightly against my clit, he pushes his two fingers back inside my wet pussy spreading me open. He flicks his tongue lightly from my clit down through my wetness.

Willow: Liam.

I scream his name as he drives his tongue and finger deeper making me cum. He licks and kisses his way up along my side across my chest. He places his arms alongside my head. His gaze is loving and affectionate. My heart palpates with love and desire as I wrap my legs behind his hips easing him down. With little effort he fills my insides with his fully erect cock. Slowly pulling back just to the head and slowly pushing further in. I tighten around him eager to have more, but he continues the slow torture till even he can’t take it anymore and begins to pound me deeper. Without warning he pulls out leaving me empty. He leans back motioning with his finger for me to roll over.
The lust filled flare in his eyes pulls me to his command.

I roll over on my knees while he slips off the bed pulling me into him. I lay my chest flush gripping the sheets in fists as his readied cock begins it’s slow descent deep in my ass. He wraps a fist in my hair pulling as he submerges deeper. His other hand grips one hip as he pounds even harder with pleasurable force. Every hair on my body raises with electricity. It pulses through me and surges into Liam, connecting us through such raw energy, till we scream each other’s names in pure orgasmic bliss. He rests his chest on my back kissing my cheek.

Liam: I love you Willow.

Willow: I love you too, Liam.

I catch a glimpse of concern in his eyes and roll over.

Willow: What’s the matter?

He takes a breath drawing his finger along my jawline before bringing my chin up to kiss my lips.

Liam: My brother is a ticking time bomb of testosterone with a mouth. But I never.... I mean he would never...

I put my hand on his face to reassure him.

Willow: He didn’t do anything to hurt me.
He does have a mouth, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I spent the last 50 years In New York.

I let out a snort. Which causes me to laugh more.

Willow: With everything that’s happened and the vision I keep having it made me a little edgy, so when he touched my arm as innocent as the touch was, it just caused me to snap. But really you don’t have to worry about Luke.

Liam: What vision.

He scowls down at me and I still. Surprise hits me for a second then reality sinks in that I let it slip. Shit! I squeeze my eyes shut and turn away. His finger grips my chin bringing my face back to his, His golden eyes filled with worry. I know I should tell him of the latest vision but how much of it. If he knows too much he could try and change it. This could alter the future and our way of life. Not just mine and his, but everyone's.
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