Soul of the Immortal (Book 3)

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Battle of Castle Dracula

Sierra and a group of humans were able to come to an understanding. If left alone, immortals would without a doubt destroy mortals and thus destroy themselves. Sacrifice one to save the other, that is what she had told them, that is what she wanted to do. There was no hope of saving the current immortals, they were lost to their anger and it would be passed on, but if the spread could be slowed, if it could eventually fade out in time then there was a chance for the next generation.

She had hoped to tell her son and daughter before all this, but it too was too late. To prevent the rebirth, no to ‘stall’ it this sacrifice was necessary. Sierra walked into the basement, what was once a cave; her tomb, would now become so again. The flames of the furnace were not of personality, unlike her son’s, but with the deep magic embedded with the last of her strength it would do. There used to be so much more time...she wished there was...she does not regret the time given to her nonetheless. I pray that one day, the sage will be someone who understands the people. her nails dug into her breast, thru muscle and bone, gripping the beating heart she pulled. The next moment she watched it thrown into the fire burn and regenerating over and over soon to become one with the furnace; her consciousness would fade.

Up those same stairs, passed the two mortals: a man and woman she had passed her blood onto; the founders. Sierra heard the distance cries, felt the shifting of earth and water as her husband and son fought closer to the castle they had lost. So many memories in these walls: joyous, loving, the best memories in her eternity. In the courtyard the immortal passed her blood onto others who fought, bestowing onto them new strengths that they would pass onto their children and their children’s children. Amelia and Natas, armored to their fangs, collided with ‘converted’ (formerly mortal) who proceeded their immortal masters. Sierra called her children, once the last of the mortals had received her.

“Mother?” Amelia caught her before she fell.

Natas stared with teary eyes--yet again someone precious to him dies. He noticed imminently, mother’s power’s were no longer present, her core was gone, but the other remained.

“Amelia...” He breathed, having wiped away his tears, “Get away from her.” Flames danced around the man’s arm then condensed into a black sphere.

“Brother--!” Amelia felt her hand squeezed, “Its alright my child, this must be done. If it is not, then neither of you will be safe....” Sierra smiled lightly, the whites of her eyes now progressively losing to crimson.

“I am sorry--mother!” Natas clenched his fangs, feeling the same pain at the loss of Mina.

Sierra continued to smile and grabbed both of her children and hugged them. Her children, her family, everyone she has ever known she is grateful to have live this life for. Natas held up his hand--it was removed, chopped clean off by a slice of water which sent both he and Amelia in opposite sides of the courtyard. Damn-it, Dracula he--! His hand took moments to recover before both he and his sister attacked. Wind and flame, together they can overwhelm water, or so they thought.

Dracula was stronger, older, more experienced and against him they were truly children. I have to destroy mother’s body! He did not know why, but mother wanted it done therefore he will do whatever it took! His cloak was laced with fire, no they became fire, creating a light that blinded all in the shadows. Dracula went for Amelia first, an easier target he believed, but Natas was in front of him in a flash. The ancient immortal’s blade was burned to nothing, then a gash to his shoulder had him embedded in the castle’s walls. Amelia was in aw.

“Amelia.” Natas smiled, “While I take care of Dracula, leave this place.”

His back was broad, the nature of his armor rather than rigid, flowed gently in the breeze. Every inch of him, was yellow, orange and red, save for his snow-white hair that stood out despite the light. Amelia could not leave him now! Dracula would kill him without a second thought!

“Do not worry about me.” Flames, forming as tails, wrapped around Amelia, but did not burn as they lifted her and set her on her feet. Dracula’s wounds healed and he returned to their parallel.

“Mother and Mina saw a future where the two peoples could live again in peace. I will do whatever I can to ensure that future does not fall into darkness.”

Amelia said nothing, she nodded knowing no other words were needed. She was gone. Disks of water circled Dracula as he approached, parts of his body grew with ice more and more until armor took shape. Natas held such promise, with his gift the mortal’s annihilation could be done in a matter of weeks, across the world even. He was a traitor now, to his kind and his family just like his sister and Mina...even Sierra she--their fists collided.

Alucard saw the clash of fire and water from across the town. Father had sped straight thru, leaving all the hard work to his son and the others. What was so important it caused this hurry? It was not because of Natas or Amelia; mother? Father has always held mother in a different standard than his children, does he love her more than them? Such a thought was not uncommon now-a-days. Many people questioned Dracula, though in silence, at his personal vendetta against the mortals, whether it was for the sake of immortals or not.

Once the original people of this town were his neighbors; friends and comrades, now they had fled or were dead. How things can change so quickly, it takes a moment, just one, for all the light in a person’s world to be thrown into darkness. The mortals fell back to the castle, for some reason the earth beneath it shook. This was not his doing, a force was coming, breaking thru the rock Alucard could feel the ground cry out as it was torn apart. The immortals all stopped in aw as metallic vines broke from the castle’s center, fanning out and ensnaring all immortals around, rendering them dust.

Alucard blocked the throne-d vines with his blade and felt a violent volt to his body combined with the sight of mother. Mother, what did you--! The vines recognized the son and moved past him, targeted his soldiers rather than he. The eldest saw this as a chance to cover great ground and moved toward Castle Dracula.

Natas had not seen the attack, he was not aware that another watched from afar for the proper moment. If there had to be one that was certainly it, the one moment he had not been conscious of his surroundings. Natas hit the grounds with his knees, gripping the hole thru his right lung. The weapon was a spear, a very strange one, though crystal-like in nature it felt metallic and smelled of blood. The one who had thrown the weapon stood next to Natas, a dark-haired man with thin eyes and a piece of cloth over his mouth and nose. A converted, but something else was inside, an aura only Natas could sense because the same was within him.

Your light is, but a moment’s flicker. The resurrection is enviable; all will be consumed in darkness by the black sun of the blood moon.

He reached into Natas’s pack and pulled out the ancient book. Without a second thought the boy set the book ablaze sending the man into a state of frantic-cality before he disappeared. Whoever that was, the book was important and he would no doubt appear again which is why he must make hast. Dracula’s icy-spear ripped thru Natas’s chest. NGH! The immortal could say nothing, the pain in his chest combined with the expanding ice prevented words. Dracula stepped toward the traitor, creating another spear.

“You are a child Natas.” He lifted the spear, “You refuse to see the chaos mortals will bring upon our people.”

The flaming cloak dwindled until Natas’s original self was visible. The boy laughed, “No...I see what mother did...the good mortals are capable of...” He gripped the spear, “If only you saw it too then mother--!”

Alucard only saw what came after--the castle was burning, crippling into itself. The vines retreated into the depths of the castle leaving behind the first of what would become many weapons. Father sat on his knees beside mother, in the center of all chaos. The mortals did not come near, they too retreated to within the castle knowing they must protect the ‘heart’. From where Alucard was standing it looked as if father was crying.

The eldest’s attention was drawn to his little brother, now a bloodied body on the far end of the courtyard. Alucard went to Natas’s side holding his brother when futility trying to stop the gapping holes in his chest from bleeding out.

“Why...” Alucard whispered, “Why did it have to turn out this way!?”

Natas stirred, opening his eyes with a light smile, “ are here...” He sighed, “I was worried...something may have you as well...”

Natas was quiet, his wounds were not healing, but he no longer felt pain. His end had come. Alucard’s tears hit his brother’s face and then he realized neither Amelia nor Mina were present--they were safe! That slight relief was shattered instantly.

“I could not...keep my promise...I tried...but please do not hate them...Mina was”

“Stop talking!” Alucard shouted, readying to catch the first mortal he could find and force his brother to drink! Natas glanced toward Dracula and mother and noticed, She has not turned to dust. His hand twitches and lifted slightly, but there was neither the energy nor power to do so. It was too late, using the last of it to fight Dracula was a mistake. The boy shifted his eyes back to Alucard and squeezed his brother’s hand. There was still hope.

“I’m...about to...die...” Alucard hesitated, “Please stop...inside...mother...

Natas knew he was being unfair, that this was cruel to ask his brother, but Alucard was their last hope, the one who could fulfill mother’s dream with Amelia. The eldest clenched his fangs in regret and grief before sinking them into his little brother, the one he failed to protect.

“One day...lets be...a”

Natas fell thru his brother’s arms.

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