Soul of the Immortal (Book 3)

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Living on

Alucard wiped his mouth of the thick blood that had been his brother’s. He felt a surge of power with him, a burst of warm that erupted from his chest and spread throughout his entire body. It would take some time to get used to this new strength, but time is what he possessed. The sole brother stood up and walked toward his motionless father, with these new heightened senses he caught the scent of burnt flesh and a heartless body. Natas regretted doing this, not because Dracula was once his father rather he could have destroyed mother’s body with that same power.

“Do you regret it?” Alucard stared at mother’s body and saw that though the heart was gone there was still the notion of ‘life’.

“No. Everything I have done was for what I believed to be for our people, even if it wasn’t for our family.” Dracula lifted his wife and held her in his arms, “I don’t have the right to regret anything.”

Pieces of him were floating away with the wind, but his form remained true and his consciousness present. Dracula was not angry at his defeat, rather he was quiet happy that the next generation had surpassed theirs. The next generation will no doubt continue to do that from now on and who knows maybe the futures both saw will come true. Its no longer for him to decide, father only hopes that his eldest son knows of mortal’s true nature and will not be lead astray like the others were.

“Despite the differences in our views I’m happy to have been the father and lifemate of all of you.” Dracula huffed when looking at his disintegrating arm.

“Whatever you do from now on, your choices are your own and no matter what I will always love you.”

Father died with a smile on his face leaving a pile of his remains beside mother. Alucard continued to watch his mother’s body and found no matter how hard he tried he could not raise his hand against the person who he loved. Instead he locked her in a coffin of crystal, pulling her deep inside the earth to some unknown region in the world; Alucard neither knew nor cared only that she must be sealed away.

The remaining immortals arrived having no knowledge of the events except that Prince Alucard stood alone in the courtyard with no sight of the King, or any members of the First Reign.

“M’Lord...?” Damerious, youngest of three sons to the Knight Commander was the only one to speak.

Alucard faced his companions and explained, “The king has vanished from this world, from now on I will assume his crown.”

The mortals were gathering below, he did not know why, but for now he would spare them. Mother saved them for a reason, Natas died for them and Mina was killed; all of this tragedy was for their sake. Why? Why was it his family that suffered for their weakness, their fear and arrogance? They had done nothing wrong, had never been unfair or unjust and treat both peoples equally! The raw power dropped the immortals to their knees, this rage and hatred, all of this caused by the foreign mortals who created the doubt within ‘their mortals’. Yes, it was their fault that this utopia had fallen and they would pay for it!

“These mortals are traitors, weak and greedy they will do whatever is necessary for their own means. They took our kindness for weakness, but now we will remedy that!”

Now only two remained, Amelia and Alucard, one to protect mortals and the other to punish them. Amelia had fled to the east, beyond their mountains to lands of green that descended to a vast blue sea. With the book in hand she ran with her lover, taking a handful of loyal members mortal and immortal who saw the same future she did. In the time that followed the news of her younger brother’s death and her elder brother’s rise to power was all that reached.

Soon her departure at Natas’s urge turned into flee-ment from Alucard. He was relentless, following her and her lover throughout the lands, from one hideout to another. Eventually she could run no more and stayed behind in wait, preparing to fight to the death. It was not death Alucard brought with him, no he brought the remaining curse that would follow Amelia’s line till the end. They spoke, Alucard told what he knew, what their brother had been able to tell him and combined with what Amelia knew it was still very little. They came to one conclusion: whatever was inside mother must not be allowed to bring destruction to their world. They would wait and prepare, knowing that however mother had kept it at bay the first time must either be created again or something must surpass it. Their family was weak, divided, it takes a great amount of time for another to be born and even then they may not possess the necessary strength. Amelia proposed a plan, a lengthy one, to keep their bloodline strong and to recreate their family in a sense.

After many years Alucard changed his mind, Amelia who lost her will to live at the death of her lover gave birth to a necessary child and doomed their family to the fate their parents created. They would always fight against it for some reason, it was in their genes perhaps to defy the fate of their roles in this game. It was much bigger than them however, they were young and could not understand and after a while Alucard stopped trying to convince them. The world labeled him a villain, not he. For centuries he did not change, did not faultier from the path he had chosen that would save this world.

The Pureblood King held no love for the humans who betrayed his family, his kingdom, but after such a long time their faces and names blurred and he could no longer recall them. So many faces. Within his long life he knew many people, immortals and mortals he called friend, but as always those he cherished died. When the time came for the next seed to be planted it had been too late, their daughter, who did not know the whole truth, tried to defy her fate and gave birth to a child between a mixed-blood (noble immortal and Pureblood) and herself. It mattered little, he loved his daughter, there was no doubt about that, but his will to protect the world she lived in was stronger. Even if she hated him for it it was alright, he was used to being hated.

Carmella surprised him in the end. Rather than allow herself or her daughter to be taken by him she instead killed herself shortly after passing her blood onto a fellow immortal. Alucard followed this immortal’s line unto his most promising mortal descendent many centuries later--a Spanish woman named Catherine De Sandres. When he found her she was, but a child too young, too unaware to be taken. He waited. Catherine became an ambitious woman in that time and quite heartless. She cast aside her first child which, at first, matter none to the king. Once Catherine was turned and no significant gift blossomed Alucard was sure the genes could be passed on. Five years later Elisabeth was born. His goal had been realized, his second daughter possessed a splendid gift, greater than her sister’s. If her latent abilities could be developed then they would surely suceed.

This was to be the generation, the one that would determine this world’s fate. Its good that he kept tabs on Catherine’s human child--all that would be necessary is a nudge in the correct direction and the rest would fall into place. Just one more, they needed, he needed, one more to be born...or created.

Everything was going as planned until one fatal decision threatened to destroy everything: that child stepped off his ‘path’.

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