Soul of the Immortal (Book 3)

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Union of the Im and mor

The fighting had been constant, the Nation was winning and approaching the path to Castle Dracula. Syndicate had not kept their line they abandoned them, they were organized, they were ‘ordered’. Nonetheless the Nation sized its chance to push forward. To their Queen, their protector; it was time to return the favor.

Jake led from the front, to many surprises the humans were keeping up, they ran beside him. They were fighting for their friends now, not vampires, not for the sake of survival, they fought for each other. Unlike the reaper they would change the world for the better and they would do it together. Humans and vampires could live together and they would prove it.

The Noble ranked ice-user suddenly stopped, he grabbed the human directly beside him and leaped back. He didn’t know why he had done so, it was instinctive somehow, a sudden wall a ‘Pureblood’ aura was approaching. Knowing who was not possible now, but they were exceptionally powerful--Lord Alucard!? The king would certainly kill the humans! Jake released the woman, allowing her to regain her footing and a proper grip on her rifle. Without orders she gestured to those behind. With her singles everyone spread out, climbing the cliffs and finding concealment knowing of they could not fight directly they could at least surprise. With every human a vampire followed, the teams were evenly sent on both sides of the path. Trees surrounded, large rocks stuck out from the ground on the sides and it was realized this could have very well have been a trap--why wasn’t it?

Syndicate could have placed themselves among these concealment and seeing as they were all vampire they could have easily removed humans from the equation. Something was not right. Jake proceeded forward caution and a couple Nobles and Purebloods. If someone was coming they would handle it.

The morning fog was thick and made visibility difficult, no greater than twenty feet in any direction. From what they could sense it was a Pureblood, alone, or strong enough to cover the presence of any others. The forest was eerily quiet, no birds chirped, no deer ran or wolves howled. Tensions were at their peak. The snap of a twig sent the Nation into readied positions, but the moment they laid eyes on the approaching each dropped to a single knee. Their heads and eyes were fixed on the figure who wore rather informal wear, then again a queen may dress as she chooses. Jake had prepared for this moment, but for this moment to be now; a rush of emotions rendered him speechless. Rather, a young Pureblood by the name of William spoke on the Noble’s behalf.

'Lady Eona, we have come for your protection.' He did not know what else to say, but saying it seemed foolish after seeing as she was unharmed and before them now.

Lady Eona smiled approaching Jake who remained neutral and silent. She keeled to the boy, truly a man by actions, and wrapped her arms around him.

'I know.'

Jake’s face was hidden, the tears that rained down would be seen as a weakness to some, but not to her. They were an expression of his feelings, the ones of being able to accomplish this task for his best friend. There was regret, she knew that, she understood that because the person they both wished to be here had already left this world.

Lady Eona stood, “Hear me.” Her loyal subjects followed her back to where the others had hidden; all would know this day.

“All have you have fought for the Nation. Dying to save me, to protect me and those who stand beside you.”

This day would be the end of this fight, of every fight until now whether between one or many people. Their history is soaked in blood of friend and foe alike and that pain has brought hatred within every heart and soul involved. This pain will not heal to as it was before, it will not be erased; this pain is what reminds them they are alive and as a memorial for the future.

They have fought long enough, this cycle of war cannot continue and only they can break that chain. Only together can they accomplish peace--not thru lies or manipulation, but by understanding. These past ten years have changed the entire course of the hidden history and ideology of those who were originals of stone. Change is possible, she sees it now, in the people of this world and even those of the predecessor.

The world is ready now, to unite together not for an individual sake, but for that of their friends; family; now even enemies. Revenge stops when people learn to forgive, Eona has forgiven and asks that others may do the same. They are free to choose their own destinies because they are free as they should always be.

“You all have proven that peace and cooperation between the two people is possible and because of you this war is over!”

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