Soul of the Immortal (Book 3)

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The Tablet

Alucard had not felt this emotion for an uncountable amount of years. He did not know what this feeling was, he understood it was a dark one, a cold sinking in his chest where everything around him seemed to close in. It was worse than anything he had felt before: his lost both of his wives (one he didn’t even care for) his mother, father, brother, sister; their daughter.

Eona touched his face and brought his head into her shoulder. She knew exactly how he felt and though he would be the last to deserve this empathy she could not help, but give it. The command center was empty for the moment, people walked out when Triss motioned for them to do so.

“They’ll come back.” The queen whispered, wrapping her arms around him hiding his tears.

“I trust Jake and Adam, they’ll bring her back I know they will.”

Hours went by in wait, causing the father to have more and more fear of his daughter’s passing. Alucard sat on a chair, curling over his legs he dropped his head into his hands and silently weeped. All the power he possesses and there is nothing he can do to protect his precious daughter.

She insisted on going, she wanted to help; how like her that was. He smiled lightly, chuckling and choking on his tears how like his old self she reminded him of. Nothing like her mother and sister, at least the one he knew, she was innocent, kind-hearted, when she asked for a pet her mother disapproved, but he allowed it. A small sick hamster that was sure to die, but she nursed it back to health. That little runt lived out his days happily and was buried in the rose garden.

Elisabeth wasn’t a fighter, she wasn’t violent and never could be, no matter what happens to her she would not change. Why did I let her go? She was just a child, the youngest of them all, not even an adult by human standards. He loves his daughter, his pride and joy, the only thing that brought color to his long, never-ending life. Though the reason for her birth was obscured and twisted, the moment she opened her eyes, that her tiny hand held his finger she was only family. Though he would have her help in the end, the reason for his fight was not to make up for his own family, but to protect the current one; everyone.

The helicopter roared, beating like a heartbeat with each rotation. The flight crew grabbed each, keeping their heads low and guiding them safety to the command center. Alucard ran, embracing both Jake and Lizzy tightly in his arms. Adam received the same from Eona, but quickly he broke free, walking past them holding something tight in his hands. The Noble was surprised to have been hugged by the Pureblood, Alucard was taught to have disapproved of him.

Eona followed the Frenchmen and watched them set down and unwrap a stone block.

“What is this?” She questioned when a scent pulled her away from it.

Eona caught the scent of blood, finding it, a trail from the door that followed to a pool at Adam’s foot. She continued to follow the trail, to his arm and the weapon embedded in his flesh. The Queen acted hastily, prying the gun from his fingers and ripping the vines from within. Adam shouted in a restraint pain, hitting the ground and clenching his arm as it struggled to heal itself.

Doctors came, taking him and leaving the blood and gun--humans grabbed that later on--Jake and Lizzy were sent soon after allowing Alucard to regain his composure and gander towards the stone. Adam’s blood coated the ‘tablet’, as it was named, and was wiped clear. Eona alone inspected the tablet as Alucard paid attention to the recording given by his daughter.I can’t read these very well...its old-script.

“Alucard can you read this?” He nodded, switching places with the younger Pureblood.

Closely Eona watched the video, the shadow that broke, darkness that was darker than black. The recording was paused, played back; normal time; paused again and slowly allowed forward. Stop. Right there, in the depths of that darkness are crimson eyes. She stared at those a eyes that stared back. What is reflected in those eyes? Something familiar yet foreign; seen yet unnoticed; understanding, but never understood. Eona knew those eyes because they were the same ones Kira possessed; those that saw everything that no one else saw.

'Your light is, but a moment’s flicker. My resurrection is enviable; all will be consumed in crimson. I will return; reclaiming what was to be mine with the embrace of a black sun.'

Alucard spoke these words aloud, though it was only understood because he translated the scrip into a tone modern immortals would know. This was his language, his words; the vampire’s first and original written language--a dead one now. This made no sense however, he never hear these words and to his recollection his mother was the one to create the first ‘written’ language of their people. Someone put this tablet where his mother was, someone knew where she was; someone ‘alive’.

His fear was realized. There was another within mother and someone else knew it. No doubt whoever it was knew the thing within mother because clear they recorded its last words. To think those were its last words; they made a threat and a promise, but what could they mean by black sun? Eclipse? Was that to be the day they arrive? No. They had already arrived. Mother’s body was ‘empty’. No doubt that was them, that endless darkness was them, they could have killed everyone--perhaps there is still time; that’s right time; they could have killed Lizzy and the others, but they didn’t. There is still time.

“What do we do?” Eona continued to watch the video, studying each painting on the wall, trying to recall anything within her long memory.

A sun--a normal sun--and a red moon. People, with powers perhaps, animals, crops, buildings; civilization. Eona felt she could see their history herself. They worshiped the sun and the moon, it brought them life and light. The sun and the moon seemed to fight, or there was a battle over them resulting in much death and those who remained went their separate ways. At the end of the wall were the people, all possessing a yellow mass within their chests. Heart?

The Queen zoomed into the frame and clarified the image. Their hearts were colored differently, nearly all were yellow and a small few were red. Eona zoomed out and notice at the end there was a single person who stood apart and held no color for a heart, or that their color was the same as their body--black. Why are you alone? Every time she thought about being alone Kira always appeared in her mind--she was so far away; covered in the world’s shadow she refused to take the hand that would have raised her from that abyss. Maybe that person was like that. Different than everyone else, alone; making themselves alone.

'This changes nothing.' Alucard said in short, 'It only accelerates the plan, now we have to act now if we are to be prepared for it.'

The video continued, rolling to when they come to the crystal. Perfectly preserved was her great grandmother, Alucard’s mother, who gave her life to the furnace so humans would have the means to protect themselves. If her mother and father saw this they would certainly weep.

Carmella never met her grandmother and hardly knew her own mother, to be able to meet another woman of their family would mean the world. Of course none of them exist in the world now--only Eona and Lizzy remain; Lizzy probably has not been told her and Eona are extended-sisters in a twisted way. The vampiress shivered--she would rather not explain that, or talk about it...ever. In a sense it was only natural, Pureblood are known to inter-marry and breed in order to keep the bloodline pure. Still the idea bothered her.

That could not compare to the hatred Eona holds against this thing, this evil they are ‘suppose’ to fight. If it didn’t exist this world would not have suffered, her family; Kira would not have become who she was in her last moments. If only it didn’t exist...they are the reason...for everything until now! Eona’s fists would not stop shaking, her rage, her anger; the console cracked under her fingertips. For her--I will kill you!

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