Soul of the Immortal (Book 3)

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Ten-Thousand-Year Dream

'Did you know that even though my heart and powers were stripped from me, though I was sealed away, I was still aware?'

The shadow moved its darkness around its hand like water, allowing it to weave between its fingers then back into a ball.

'The state you were in, I could only imagine how you suffered--'

'Suffered?' The shadow giggled, leaning and stretching their back, 'It was enlightening. I was connected to her, able to see the world thru her eyes, thru the weapons she lived as.'

Everyday awake and yet un-moving, unable to sleep, unable to unseen the history of everything. Eventually it became a never ending dream; the reality of one was the illusion of another. What was seen as truth from one perspective was a lie to the other.

Seeing the world for what it became when left without their rule. How low the world has fallen, without order, left to divide among themselves the world is broken. Vampires have lost their honor, engulfed in their self-pride; humans have forgotten to treasure each other now they bathe in greed and envy. They are all a disgrace and must be purified.

Such a long dream. Watching them make one mistake after the next and be doomed to be unable to do anything to stop it. If there was suffering it was surly in those moments. All the power in the world, the world itself was theirs and now...they will change it all back. The rightful place, all will return to as it should be.

'It was a nice dream.'

'Dream?' The other rose their brown quizzically, trying to make sense of the shadow--this person was different than when last awake.

It was a nice dream, a time to reflect on mistakes--all mistakes. It was not those they watched, but the people that were slain. Vampires, immortals who lost all sanity. Drinking that tainted blood was perhaps the reason their sanity was retained in such a state. Hopes and wishes, they watched the lives of the slain of the wielders and all those around. One person, one woman in particular...the shadow smiles. In such a long, dull dream, that woman is what made things interesting. Every time she held one of those weapons she also held the hearts of two others. One sought to use that woman and the other to free her from this dream.

'The dream is over now, its time to wake up from this world and for the real one to return.'

The other smiled lightly and bowed, extending a letter to their master.

The shadow gave disapproval, 'Oh my a wedding?'

'Its said to be a momentous event, the conclusion of a ten-thousand-year-old blood feud.'

Naive. The word does not come close, this is a political move, a lore for the shadow to come to light without a doubt. Why not? Why not appease them, giving them their false hope for the perfect moment to rip it from them? They have lived in these shadows long enough, its time to futile the wish that was promised.

'And you just happen to be invited?' The shadow snickered tossing the paper away.

'Of course, in your absence I integrated myself well in preparation for your arrival...I see that was unnecessary--'

'Have you enjoyed this life?' The other was cut off.

There was a moment’s pause, hesitation as to whether this question was a trick or not.

'I have, though I have seen the ugliness humans and vampires are capable of it was quite enjoyable seeing under their masks.'

That is true, it is a ‘gift’ though it was a last-minute, quick-decision, in order to ensure there would be at least one loyal subject to free them. Eternity is never-ending and can be too much for the weak-mined, choosing this one--no other could live up to the task as they had.

'There is reason within all action, do not doubt that. To reach where we are today, the past is necessary, even if it means going back to it.'

This world will return to its rightful place, that is fact. There will be no lies, no deceit, only truth and reality; that is a promise. Lies created this world and the truth shall set it free, regardless if a few of those truths currently existing die in the process. The shadow’s reality is the true one.

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