Soul of the Immortal (Book 3)

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The Last of the First

“Have you lost your mind?!”

Alucard ignored the question as he paced down the hallway. She (being the current heir and not the original he knew from many more before) appears out of nowhere for the first time in nearly a century and this is all she says.

Her voice continued to be raised, “The darkness has not only awaken, but ‘escaped’ and you are here planning a wedding?!”

The entire castle could no doubt hear her, but Alucard was sure no one would raise a fuss seeing how familiar the two acted. Eventually Lizzy heard, but knew better than to interfere with that kind of argument so she went to Eona instead to check on her.

“You know, your grandmother was much more agreeable than you.” The king growled, feeling he was being nagged at or reprimanded.

“They are not also alive to see the mistakes you are making! You can’t hold off this assault so you can play your petty game of politics!”

Alucard rebutted, “Perhaps if you and the rest of Amazonia were not hiding in the jungle, then a different plan would have been formulated.”

Back an forth they argued. The man knows he was wrong with his comeback--those of Amazonia are guardians, they do not pick sides, their purpose is to protect the world as a whole. Their time was spent in waiting, their entire history and existence was for the purpose of protecting the world from the ultimate evil. Some called it the ‘world-eater’, others ‘Diablo’, but to Amazonia it was ‘the darkness’.

It has come back to cover this world in endless shadow and will not cease until all belongs to it; willingly or not. She had made the mistake to delay hunting down another who would become lost in those shadows and for that many innocent souls were carried to Paradise. That was a discussion for another time, a reflection on Alucard’s actions would be judged when the fate of the world did not hang in the balance.

“We do not even know where it is or for that matter ‘what’ it is. I cannot fight what I cannot see.”

Alucard was right. There are no records, no depictions of the darkness’s true form, only a pitch-black abyss that coated a stone relic. The wedding is a formal trap, a lore for this darkness to make an approach. They must think they would be a threat, even an irritation would do--they could handle it, they can handle anything. Everything had been for this: sacrifice and suffering; loss and longing; hatred and harboring. They will not fail, he will not fail--for the memory of everyone who was, is, and will be. For the future that exists beyond prophecy and legends.

Eona peaked outside the door and saw the two storms just as they turn toward her room.

“So you’re the famous Eona Nightraven.” The bronze-skinned woman huffed sarcastically, giving a disgusted glance.

In turn she was returned with an equally offending expression.

“Alucard may trust you, but do not think for a moment ‘I’ am so easily swayed, by a pretty face and ‘good’ intentions.”

The four-hundred-year-old Pureblood laughed once and crossed her arms, allowing her eyes to shade crimson. What ‘is’ her ‘problem’? Not a minute and she is already being threatened--reminds her of 17th century British colonies.

“Did I offended you in a past life?”

The king placed himself between the two knowing this was not about to end well. Those two were exact opposites, oil and fire they would certainly killing the other simply because they pissed them off. Alucard had hoped to avoid this meeting just yet, but in the long run it was likely best that they got used to each other now.

“No, but you have certainly have in this one! By allowing that monster to roam around--”

The woman rose her weapon just in time, blocking Eona’s hand before it reached the human’s face. Such an enraged gaze this woman gave, for someone who allowed such a thing to exist they held no right. She acted as though the human’s words were false, that they were a lie and a crime to that thing’s ‘memory’. Arrogance. Blindness. Anyone who allows a monster to rampage as she had is no different than the monster them self.

“If you ever disrespect her in front of me ever again I will kill you without a second thought.”

The human just laughed. That’s rich coming from the person said to be her exact opposite!

“I see where she got that personality of hers.”

Alucard separated the both of them, angered by that same comment meant to offend the queen. She had no right to push blame onto Eona--that woman has endured enough.

'Do not place blame for Kira’s actions on her. If anyone is to blame it is I--'

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten about ‘your’ part in all of this. But I guess doesn’t matter now, I cleaned up your mess.”

Cleaned up? Eona looked to Alucard, hoping he could provide an explanation to what she says. He gave none. For a time all were quiet, no one shouted or argued--they all collected themselves before speaking again.

“Moving on...I trust you have come to agree to my request?”

The woman laughed humorously, 'By request you mean the only option we have, then yes.'

She looked to Eona with a smirk, “As long as her majesty here doesn’t wonder too far, I can handle it.”

“Handle what?” Eona felt like a third wheel in this conversation.

Alucard rubbed his eyes, forgetting that he failed to mention this ‘before’ she had arrived.

“This is Sasuymashia (sa-sue-me-a-she-ma), an Amazonian and your guardian from now on.”

Eona was never alone--again. This woman whose name she did not care to remember would not leave her side for a moment. Privacy was something Eona had to make a demand of or else she would make the effort to lose the Amazonian. Personally the human did not want the trouble of looking for Eona (rather she would not even care), but per Alucard’s request she obliged those demands.

Eona hated her. Her presence, her scent, her personality--she hated her because she passed judgement on someone she did not know. She did not know Kira when she was fully human; her loyalty, her compassion, her will to protect people. Its the same with everyone else, they only know the Reaper, misunderstanding as to the ‘why’ of her actions. Do I even know why? She sat at the window of her room and watched as the first snowfall of the year began.

It was the first snow she had since moving back to this castle. During the balls she left before or after the snow, it was just how it was there no reason or meaning to avoid it. Kira would have liked it...the snow here is different than in the states. She could not describe it, but it was silent, peaceful and an excuse for Kira to come outside during the day.

The queen’s smile caught the human’s attention. What does she have to be happy about? The human had not realized what she thought in her head had been spoken aloud and to receive an answer made her jump.

“I was thinking about how she would have liked it here.” Eona continued to smile, “She loved playing in the snow, it was the only time she could be outside in the middle of the day without any problems.”

When she was little, Eona would take her by the hand and run outside to play in the snow. Though normally she was busy she always made time to go outside with her precious human.

Kira would be playing with the maids, her favorite and only scarf was large on her and it had to be wrapped around numerous times to avoid dragging it. They built snowmen and forts, but the moment her master came outside she would run and hug her tightly. Eona would caress her short black hair and then lift her up and over her head, sitting the child on her shoulders. If Kira was still alive, she would possibly be the same height or taller than Eona. If she was still alive--the Amazonian gave a sigh then spoke.

“What I said before--I have nothing against her personally, however the weight of her actions are what I judge.”

She returned to reading her book, but Eona continued,

“Alucard said you are an Amazonian, where are the rest--”

“They’ve gone ahead of me.” Said in short.

Eona somehow felt sympathy, but she could not help it--she understood her. They both have lost all of their family, but then again Alucard remained (if any of you dare count).

The atmosphere was weightless, without motion, only the sound of each others’ heartbeats. Eona wanted to know more, it would be better than hating an unknown stranger. If the queen judged this woman now she would face hypocrisy.

“You seem to know everything about me, but I don’t know anything about you.”

“Don’t brother getting friendly with me. I’m here to ensure you stay alive long enough for us to destroy the Darkness, beyond that I don’t care about you or anyone else.” She cut Eona off with an agitated glare.

The queen did not think, she spoke what came to mind because she felt she must say it or none other will.

“That sounds painful.”

The huntress was lost.

“If everyone has gone ahead of you and you refuse to know anyone else then I think that you being alone is a painful thing.”

The human was quiet. She stared at the vampire, having lost her sharp tongue for the moment. All she wanted was for this conversation to end--talking about bothersome things was annoying.

“I’m used to it.”

The only time the huntress was not near Eona was when Alucard was beside her. Many did not understand how the Lord trusted a single human woman over an army of vampires, but they knew he had reasons. They trusted him, the Pureblood King never led his people astray and never betrayed them--he was fair and just to those who were not so loyal.

Nonetheless Eona was furious she had to deal with that bitch’s attitude. She was temperamental, insulting, uncivilized, and just plain annoying. Alucard thought her complaining was childish considering the gravity of the situation and ignored it. Sasuymashia has her reasons for ‘disliking’ vampires and humans, but the reason she was focused on Eona in particular was out of character. He did not care to put too much thought into it, as long as she protects her that’s all that matters.

The huntress entered as usual and collected the reports for surveys on ‘energy’ concentrations. If they found a random spike, (if their tools picked up their energy levels) then they could investigate and mobilize. The huntress herself was of great help, her senses of ‘chi’, as her people called it, she could know exactly if the source was the Darkness or not. Her people were born with this radar, this gravity towards what has been their sole purpose since the beginning.

'I understand why you are not fond of her, however there is no need to take that out on Eona.' Alucard leaned over the survey projection letting out a breath.

“She allowed for your ‘experiment’ to go free; continued to have it go unchecked; even now she defends it as if it was anymore than a monster!”

Alucard dropped his head, who was he to judge her? He killed many more than she had, the only difference is that it was spanned over ten thousand years and not as...public. He won’t pretend to be a saint, he is only a sinner and will on day pay for those sins. Redemption was the dream of a child. Sasuymashia who had lost many of her people to a similar monster, has every right to have a twisted ‘justice’.

'Is that why you hate her?'

The huntress crossed her arms and abruptly sat back in her chair.

“I have nothing against her personally--”

'Do you against anyone?' The vampire snickered.

“If she is going to survive, these naive dreams of hers must end.”

The king smiled, his gaze lightened when remembering times he secretly visited Eona as a child. Back then and onto today she always stood in the light, reflecting just that in her presence and personality.

'They maybe naive, but those dreams are what have made her into the woman she is today. She believes in the light that exists in the hearts of everyone she meets. Even in monsters such Kira and I.'

Sasuymashia frowned, there was a ‘clear’ difference between Alucard and her. He was no monster, what he has done has served a purpose, for the greater good. ‘Kira’--as it was called--was a demon out for blood. She hunted innocents and strived for power whatever the cost and eventually lost all sanity.

“Light did not exist in that monster’s heart, she had no heart.”

No, that was false. Kira was not heartless, she just learned to use her heart less.

Sasuymashia herself was similar on that manner. As the last of her people she refused to allow their deaths to be in vain. She was bound to the destiny of her people: fight to the death. The huntress has lived much longer than ordinary humans, but it is to be expected of the bloodline of the ‘First’. She will wonder this world without the release of death until she eliminates the Darkness.

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