Soul of the Immortal (Book 3)

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I'll Show You a Nightmare

Kira’s eye returned to normal before she approached Eona. Her smile was relaxed, sweet and unwavering she displayed the perfect mask. The Queen was playing with her former-servants’ grandchildren; toddlers and young-ones no greater than eleven or twelve. She laughed. Lifting them up into the air and chasing them around tables, blowing their tummies--Kira was surprised, She’s great with children.

The only human among the vampires, she had never been fond of children--they were loud and undisciplined. The house had never been brighter, Eona was a gravity of positive-ity and the much needed light within this house and this world. The children migrated away, forming groups among themselves when playing. Eona and Kira were once again drawn together and engaged in conversation to bring the Queen up to speed.

Unless she wanted to re-establish the Nation there was no governing of vampires outside of an occasional meeting between Purebloods. Eona felt no need--the world had gone just fine, even better, without her. Now she could live a normal life, free from responsibility, duty, and obligation. She would be happy.

Kira’s attention was diverted again, in the western lands they were coming. They had been impressive in taking notice, in making it this far--Elisabeth. That was the only explanation of their presence, the only possibly one. Two? A black phantom rose from Kira’s back, releasing itself from its mortal form and towering over its possessor. This presence... Her eyes darkened. Kira looked to the phantom and issued its mission, Kill them.

The phantom vanished, appearing again behind the intruders, swinging its scythe breaking earth and wind. The stronger grabbed the scythe with both hands, stopping it before they are tossed like rag dolls.

“That’s quite a welcome.” The stronger adjusted her grip, and threw the phantom though it simply passed thru anything it touched.

This was not their world.

The skeletal phantom stood above them, a titan, a cloaked being, whose chains jingled and embedded themselves within trees, rock, and ground. Its features were demonic: crimson eyes, a pale complexion, claws for finger tips, and in its hollow chest was a hole. The vacancy of matter was occupied only by a burning inferno.

“Well they know we’re here, what next?”

The gifted fronted the strongest and banished the grim to oblivion with a single raise of her hand.

“This world may be theirs, but its under my domain.”

The stronger felt a chill crawl up her at the thought of having a ‘Dream Walker’ enter her mind. True their powers are limited in an aware mind, but in this world this girl could easily become invincible. The two ran forward knowing their time was running out. The walker recognized these lands, though changed to show elapsed time they were flawed. If one opened their mind they will see how twisted this place is.

Kira under-estimated them. Elisabeth has grown much and to dispel her phantom so easily...then again it was ‘only’ a phantom. She would have to deal with the intruders herself, but dividing herself further would bear no fruit. Leaving ‘whole’ would require--then again she could use this to her advantage.

Eona watched a gentlemen approach Kira, who then beckoned her to depart from her lover’s side. She followed closely after, interrupting the conversation the human and vampire were having.

“Is something wrong?”

The gentlemen excused himself having Kira and Eona to themselves.

“Its Elisabeth.” Kira sighed quietly, “She blamed me for Jake’s death and adding to the fact I killed her father...needless to say she desires retribution.”

Kira nodded to the civilian-ized guards and kissed Eona.

“I shall only be gone a short time, enjoy yourself.”

Kira had left for a time, then appeared briefly in the company of guards in similar armor to herself. Eona could not hear them above the crowd, but watched their lips: Western Woods. They left from the back doors and found themselves about a mile from the intruders.

“They are not to reach the house.” Kira stated as black haze emitted from her body, “And they are not allowed to live.”

Elisabeth and her companion noticed they were surrounded the moment they set foot in the clearing. Figures in the shadows pulled away taking shape into the guards sent by Kira who was on her way. The vampire had little experience in combat and even less in battle, but mind games were her specialty and that is all this was--a very deadly game.

From thin air she created a bow, as she drew back its string a blue light nearly taking shape formed an arrow and was released. One guard was hit and disappeared. Her companion did the same, each of them shooting arrows and erasing the guards that attacked. They would have to be careful, if they ‘died’ here they would be rejected and sent back most likely unable to return!

Elisabeth saw ‘Kira’ come into view, she looked different than when the real one existed, but without a doubt that was this world’s version. The fake did not act like the others, they were all systematic, like a copy of a program following the same commands. The fake charged then drew her swords, repelling the arrows coming near her.

“You don’t belong here--leave!” Kira swung her sword, evaded by Elisabeth and parried by her companion.

“Just as soon as we get Eona back!”

The young vampire ran forward, combating the swords with her bow. Her companion did the same, mimicking the same moves as Elisabeth. What?! Kira kicked her sibling back and turned all her attention to decapitating the copy! Its head rolled and the illusion steamed away before hitting the ground. SHIT!

Kira had been fooled! Elisabeth created a fake to replace whoever else had come with her and Kira had not noticed it!

“This may not be my world, but I can have a say in it!”

Elisabeth fired an arrow--it passed thru Kira landing in the bark of a tree.

“I won’t let you have her...” The black aura was visible, glowing off Kira’s flesh.

This fake is the source?! Cold rain dropped from her temple as the sky cried on them both. That’s impossible--Kira is dead! Elisabeth hesitated: could this be a projection of Eona’s inner world then? Before when she fell into a coma she awoke suddenly--is this the same? How so, the first time was the trauma of Kira’s passing, but nothing has happened like that has happened again!

She remembered...Emily was present inside of Kira, protecting them from Kira’s uncontrollable vampire side. She was not an illusion created by Kira, she was a fragment that existed from the organ that was transplanted. But how can Kira exist here?

“Here in this forest dark and deep, I offer her eternal sleep.” Kira mumbled as a part of her hand cracks.


Kira grinned, “Away from pain, away from suffering, away from a false world-”

This world is false! We won’t allow her to be trapped by you, you’re not real either!”

Kira tilted her head, “You won’t allow her?” The ground crack, collapsing under Elisabeth and causing her a moment of free fall. Kira appeared in that moment and removed her head, “I am going to save her from that false reality.”

Elisabeth was brilliant. She figured out how to create an illusion which allowed her companion to travel unnoticed towards where Eona was. There was a loud rumble and a shaking of the earth behind, but turning back was not an option. They wouldn’t know how long the illusion would last, nonetheless how long it would be before the creator of this world noticed.

There was one house she managed to find, well the only one intact that stood out among the rest. Gradually the vial of this world was unraveling before her eyes and its true nature was revealing. All she had to do was force Eona to see the same and then she would wake up...hopefully. If this did not work, there was nothing else that will--what a troublesome queen.

Arriving at the mansion she saw faces known and unknown in the real world, but the one that was undeniable was the Demon. While all others were smoking shadows her form was colorful and clear, but on occasion a reflection to a surface nearby would show a ravaged body. Broken, bloody, beaten, and burning, it was the same appearance before she died.

She stepped back a few paces, then rammed the window crashing into the main hall; rolling, running, she went for Eona, then was thrown into the wall.

“I did not expect there to be two--” Kira’s eyes widened.

Sasuymashia pushed a broken wall from her side and freed herself from its trappings. Why--! Guards appeared out of nowhere and fronted Eona, pushing her back as Kira instantly clashed with the huntress. What is going on--why is she here?! Sasuymashia’s red spear filled the vacancy of the collision, giving form to the force that blocked Kira’s sword.

“Eona listen t--” Another blade thrust-ed at the huntress’ head, cutting off her sentence as she dodges.

Eona struggles to break free, to help Kira, but notices that the person she fights is someone she knows. This is wrong... Searching thru her memories, feeling she was being pushed back, what she was remembering was crossing what was real. It hurt. Her head pounds, a hammer smashed the back of her head over and over--the guards caught her before she fell over.

She’s remembering! Kira kicked Sasuymashia back and ran to Eona, silently ordering the guards to become combative.

“Eona’s look at me!” She grabbed the vampire gently, desperate to maintain a failed composure.

“That woman she-”

“Is a bitch named Sasuymashia.”

The huntress laughed holding her arm as it bled. This may not be real, but it feels like it. Kira grew quiet, her arms dropped to her side with the realization that that woman had ruined everything again. Eona stepped passed Kira and when she walked to the huntress the guards faded. Again.

“You always like to cause problems.” Sasuymashia growled when spitting blood to the side.

“Why are you here?”

Eona was piecing together broken memories, the wall they were placed behind was breaking once again.

“You still don’t get it do you?” Eona’s shirt is grabbed, “This place isn’t real--you’re dreaming!”

The sights around them crumbled and broke apart, consumed by flame all who were within faded away as the mansion was engulfed. Sasuymashia grabbed Eona’s arm and pulled her behind, watching as Kira became the last person in this illusion. She hasn’t disappeared can she be the source if--

The human’s form changed. The falseness broke apart revealing the last appearance she had truly been. Flames licked at her skin, finally lessening to what they had been in their final moments.

“Kira-!” Eona was held back by her guardian, “That isn’t her! Its an illusion created by your mind!”

Kira chuckled darkly, cracking a finger, “First I gave you the dream you always wanted...” Another cracks, “You rejected it on your own.” The mansion’s flames rush the two, but do not touch and the scene around them changed to a grave.

“Then I gave you the dream you would believe, but once again you reject it...” Kira turned around, taking the appearance of something Eona had never seen before.

“Why don’t you just stay with me forever? Away from pain, from heartache and that false reality-”

“This world is what’s false.” Eona spoke boldly, “The real Kira would never want me to live a lie and she would never force me to.”

Kira stood motionless as she touched the scarf around her neck. She isn’t real, is that what she believes? How would she know which Kira was real anyway? The person who stands before them now, after-all, is an imprint of the original.

“How would you know what the real Kira felt..." Her face showed the sadness and pain of admitting it, "If you were the one that broke your promise?” She muttered when clenching the scarf and pulling it off.

Her breath became shallow, the suffocation was returning as her own power burned away her life. This is... Sasuymashia looked around and realized where they were. Eona grabbed the spear and dashed forward.

“You’re a dream, my dream, to have her back.”

The spear rotated in one hand and then into two, bracing just as the Reaper brought down her sword. I tried to save you, as the last piece of the old me. Reaper kicked her back and swung, throwing out a wave of flames that rolled toward the woman.

They were blown away, cast out by the crumbling rock that protruded at the force of the spear stabbed into the ground. The white-haired immortal jumped back and spun to meet the spear behind her. She was then pushed and thrown into a broken section of the building that still held some shape. The Eona flashed in front of the Reaper, relentlessly thrusting her spear over and over, cutting her prey like ribbon. Annoyed at these attacks the Reaper grabbed the spear.

The attacker’s expression confused the Reaper: she looked as though the Reaper should not be able to touch the spear and yet could. They separated again and the Reaper found herself searching for breath and holding the wound that cut deeper than others. She was weak already and it took everything just to preserve this much of herself. Nightmare. Though memories of her original purpose had been obscured if not faded away she still retained an idea of reasoning when she was sane. After all sometimes the only way to stay alive is to kill your mind.

The Reaper remained silent as she revealed herself from the opening in the section of building she created. That world is a nightmare. She did not want to die for that world’s sake, but she had been killed nonetheless. Living was a struggle and everyday was a battle to survive and the Reaper was often caught on the brink between extreme intelligence and insanity. This struggle she had known all her life when she was human and now in hindsight she sees the consequences of those choices.

The Reaper moved in front and snatched the spear again only this time she did not move. Her eyes had changed, they were not of two people, they were a single entity and one overfilled with disparity and resentment. The feeling of the fingers came, but not for Eona they wrapped around Sasuymashia’s throat wanting to choke the life out of her. A black skeleton encased the white-haired woman and lashed out its claws in a painful roar. She chose to exchange pointless words.

“You know what the difference between you and me is Eona?” The spear is snapped by the Queen, seized by her free hand she snatched it and thrusts for the chest, “When you wake up your nightmare ends.”

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