Soul of the Immortal (Book 3)

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Till Death Do Us Part

No had any idea how an imprint found its way to Eona. Elisabeth purposed that rather than an imprint that it was an echo, a ghost-like feeling where the ‘regrets’ of a person at the moment of their death latches on to their last thoughts. It seemed easy enough to understand, but the thought of that fake being Kira’s ‘regret’ frightened Eona. It was over nonetheless.

Sasuymashia stayed closer to Eona than ever before, even though she didn’t show it the vampire could feel the anger. What was she angry about? Surely not because Eona was trapped in a dream--they hate each other too much for that. Alucard explained it was a personal pride and it was hurt while being parred against an imitation. Of course that was not the whole truth.

'You are sure of this?' Alucard hung his head between his arms when leaning over the table.

“That animal of yours is dead. Its as your daughter said--that was nothing more than a ghost--”

'I’m not interested in what it was, I want to know how she managed to trap Eona not once, but twice and why.'

Sasuymashia shrugged uncaring because in the end a ghost cannot is nothing more than that. They will be forgotten, lost to memory and history as they should be. That monster in particular is someone who should and will be forgotten--she would ensure it. No one would remember or repeat that horror ever again.

“Don’t you have a wedding to prepare for?” She motioned to the closet where a dress uniform hung.

Alucard huffed. It was for show, a visual political move to show that vampires were united and humans could follow suit. Neither had any love for the other, rather the Ancestor was sure Eona hated the thought of marrying him even for appearance. She agreed nonetheless, which showed a great amount of tolerance and acceptance of the situation--and restraint.

Sasuymashia would remain in an eagle position, able to see all of the great hall and sense anything within her range. If the darkness were to come they would know it.

Many felt uneasy about this plan, this gamble, that was not thought to be the best course of action. Adam was one of those voices, he spoke to Eona, pleading, begging her to reconsider--marrying Alucard...Kira would never want that!

The woman was quiet when looking out her window. She watched the snow fall and visualized watching Kira be driven from her home. A small trail of blood followed and as her back grew distant it took everything to remain still. The members of the house also watched, each one of them feeling the pain of watching a person they cared so much about walk out of their lives. They didn’t want this, no one did and as the night fell and the guards retreated to the house Eona stood alone.

She held the scarf tightly in her hand wondering if she could stand Kira being loved and loving someone else. Now the same is done in this castle, she holds the scarf within her palm wishing that somewhere Kira may give her strength. In her memory Eona would protect this world, everyone her precious lover fought for--it was her turn now. Though she could not make the same choice Kira once had, Eona will do this her way because that is all she can do now.

Adam saw that same woman in a different light. It was not for the world or anyone else it was just Eona and he was sure in Kira’s mind protecting the world was a side effect of protecting Eona. That’s how she was before the mansion...after...he wasn’t sure what she wanted. Adam clenched his fists. one would want her to do this!

“This is not your way...”

Eona smiled lightly, “No, but its the only one there is for me.” She wrapped the scarf around her neck, “This is how we save the world.”

Adam was without words.

He stood beside Sasuymashia who sat in the raptures of the Great Hall. Where she was held the perfect viewpoint of the doors, windows and aisle. At any moment she could jump down and be able to react to any area of the hall, but which area was the question.

“Have you ever thought about it?” Adam asked out of the blue, “Getting married, having a family...surly fighting is not all you think about.”

“It is. That is all living is--fighting to survive.”

Adam sighed, folding his arms to his chest, “That seems to be the cost of living in this era. People grow so used to surviving they forget what it means to live.”

Sasuymashia glanced toward the vampire than back to the hall, “I thought about it once.”


“Falling in love, having a family.” She tugged on her shirt and showed discoloration on the shoulder, “The day I thought about all of that was the day I nearly died and my people’s legacy with me.”

Music sounded. The hall was filled to the brim with humans and vampires of all ages and places, but not many were aware of the truth behind the wedding. Alucard stood in the front, wearing a traditional garment, the same his younger brother wore at Mina and his wedding. Alucard thought it was appropriate, seeing as his brother is the reason he decided to wall this path. I’m almost there brother. Its not exactly how he wanted to handle the situation, but its better than the alternative. We will be a family again, I’m sure of it.

The doors of the hall opened to a blinding light. From it emerged Eona Nightraven in an equally blinding dress. It was not large and white, it was formfitting, decorated on one side with spark lying beads that traveled from her hip, across her breast and ended on her left shoulder. A vail covered her head, decorated in lightly colored flowers.

Adam was one of many in awe of her beauty and whispers hummed under the music as Eona walked. Elisabeth set flowers before the queen and took her place across from Jake who stood uncomfortably to Alucard’s left.

“This is how the world ends...” Adam felt the scarf in his jacket, “This is where all her hopes and dreams die.”

Sasuymashia looks at him confused at his statement. Who was he referring to? The queen’s family; friends? The huntress understood that feeling, perhaps not on a dream, but the will and legacy left for her to fulfill. Adam should not be hard to judge the queen’s choice, she is doing what is necessary with what she has--at least she has a choice. Sasuymashia felt the leather bracer on her wrist. Sometimes you cannot fulfill the hopes and dreams of others, no matter how hard you try.

“Take this from experience...” The huntress breathed, “Binding yourself to the will of others is nothing more than a way to chain yourself to them.”

The ceremony began. It was different than a human’s version, rather than making vows--empty words to the undying--one vampire passed blood to the other. This exchange was a true ‘till death do us part’, taking a part of your lover into yourself and you into them.

It was sacred, more than a vow; spending eternity together meant standing beside your lifemate until time itself withered away and the two of you would disappear together. In the vampire culture marriage was highly regarded and often times people would not marry because of the uncertainty of time’s future.

Jake looked passed the two to be married and noticed how stunning Elisabeth looked. He was in a daze, captivated by her beauty and finally his stare was noticed. Lizzy blushed, mouthing: ‘Stop staring’. Maybe after this is over they could do the same one day.

“I don’t agree with this at all.” Adam growled, remembering not too long ago he would have made a joke of the same.

“I don’t care either way.” Sasuymashia cracked her knuckles.

“You don’t care about anything.”

Sasuymashia rebutted, “I care about things that matter--the sake of the world outweighs a single person’s happiness any day.”

Adam snickered, “You’ve never dated anyone have you?”

Sasuymashia hesitated at the question and showed a discomfort. Oh? Adam grinned evilly, “Don’t tell me you’re still a virgin?”

A knife zoomed passed his hairline, trimming it when embedding in the ceiling. Touchy.

Shut up. She hissed in her native tongue.

Alucard and Eona wrapped their arms around each other. Eona was first, she bit into the King’s jugular and drank his thick blood. Next was Eona. Alucard wanted to be gentle, he knew this was uncomfortable and uneasy for her. He tilted her back, easing her neck to the side; his fangs reached out--the window shattered.

The moon was luminous as it bled thru the broken window. Its light blocked the sights of the two shadows who stood in its way, but they were not easily seen until one walked forward.

'It seems that while all others received one, my invitation was misplaced...then again...'

A woman with long snow white hair gave an amused smile when tucking her banes behind her ear.

Sasuymashia and Adam leaped down, they went to charge; they froze in place the moment their eyes fixed on her. All were in silence, there was an absence of thought as raw power kept them all in place. It suffocated them, a vortex that destroyed all rationality and emotion.

No... Alucard felt a cold sweat fall, he had never felt anything like this.

Adam, Elisabeth, and Jake were the only ones able to shake that feeling--they had felt it before, in the caves, it was same as those shadows that attacked them!

'Throwing such a celebration--you might as well have hung a sign with my name on it.'

The lights of the hall, rattled by the force of the blast began to settle, allow for all to see who stood above them.

Eona broke the silence, "Kira?"

The woman glanced to the would-be bride and rose her finger to her chin.

“You’re alive...” Tears began to flow down, she knew it--Eona’s heart sank when seeing her eyes were both crimson and cat-like.

The woman giggled sweetly, 'You must be Eona, I have heard so much about you.'

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