Soul of the Immortal (Book 3)

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Goddess of the Moon

“Don’t you recognize me...?”

Eona stepped once, her voice trembled that all this time Kira was alive. If she does not remember, could she have lost her memories? Why come now? What happened? There are an infinite amount of questions, but right now what she cares about is: ‘Kira is alive’. That was the reason she saw her in her dreams--Kira was trying to remember, that must be it!

Sasuymashia was only able to move when Adam broke the fear that kept her still. She walked up the aisle and stopped beside Eona, readying to react at any second. You’re dead. Repeatedly the huntress ran those memories thru her mind, that animal was dead there was no doubt about that. Visually she inspected every inch of the white-haired woman and noticed that in comparison to her body language from back then this was different. When she looked at the woman’s eyes she recalled a memory from years ago, common knowledge shared by members of her tribe that was passed on orally: Their eyes burned by the sun’s light serried a forever red, only able to look upon that light again, thru a tiny slit out of the darkness.

This is the Darkness.

Eona stepped again, “Did you...forget everything?”

The white-haired woman curled a devilish smile, brushing her hair between her fingers to the back of her head.

'Sweet Eona.' She extended her free hand and Eona was possessed to take it, had Sasuymashia not grabbed her she would have.

The huntress pulled Eona roughly behind her and formed a crimson spear in her hand. The invader continued to smile, but she tilted her head back, speaking to the man behind her.

' think that there would be another of the First People living today.'

The man glanced at the huntress and then to those surrounding. She was of the same bloodline, yes, but they were no kin to one another. He serves the true Goddess and ruler of this world--Sasuymashia’s tribe, her people were betrayers, standing against the Moon in favor of the Sun.

'Had we met on different terms, I would have enjoyed making you a mask.' Said the man behind.

Adam pushed people out of the way when recognizing the voice--Hei. In hindsight the reveal of his true allegiance is not surprising at all. Amelia possessed the book after the fall, not a woman who could see the future. He diluted the whole truth with subtle lies, allowing for it to be obscured to those who were unaware. The book was stolen into his possession and when seeing its usefulness run out he returned it to Wolfgang, relaying that it was his late lover’s final wish.

Adam almost was not surprised to see Hei betray them--Kira did not trusted him and said as much, suspicious of his actions for a reason she never told Adam. The Asian always kept to himself when they were younger, his gaze was far seeing and never fixed on those in front of him. It was like he knew what was going to happen and accepted it, staying out of fate and destiny’s way.

He was the one who wanted to leave Carmella in the first place. Wearing so many masks of his own--Adam doubted Hei even knew which was his real face.

“Jean.” Hei was relieved to see his only friend, “Its good to see you old friend.”

Adam huffed, “I would say the same under different terms--What have you done with Kira?”

The white-haired woman was impressed at least one of the masses had noticed. True this body is misleading, but she wanted to see their reaction; to see the expressions and emotions when seeing this woman they feared and loved. What did she mean to everyone, what place is she held in their hearts?

Eona’s voice choked panicky, “Adam what do you mean that’s--”

“He’s right that isn’t the Reaper.” Sasuymashia memorized every aura every presence of those she encountered and this was not the same.

The Frenchmen saw the hearts of every person in this hall. Sasuymashia’s stalking black tiger, Eona’s constrained angel; Alucard’s weary knight; Elisabeth’s graceful swan; Jake’s icy dragon; Hei’s detached and masked Buddha, everyone’s turn nature was captured in his eyes. Adam had never seen his own, he refused to do so or simply was afraid of what he would see. This woman was different. When she was looked upon there was nothing over her--Adam came to three conclusions: she had no heart, ‘nothingness’ was her heart, and that was with certain not Kira Nightraven.

Now they all wondered why this person appeared as her. This person was the Darkness, an evil that has existed since ancient times, since before the First Reign. Why was Sierra intent on concealing it, why was she willing to sacrifice herself for humanity to protect them from it? Alucard has lived his life for this day; his reason for being alive was for this! That was not Kira therefore there was no reason to hold back and no reason to hesitate--Hei’s spear collided with the king’s punch, preventing it from reaching his Goddess.

Sasuymashia pushed Eona into Elisabeth and ordered the daughter to take the queen far from here. Eona would not have it. The huntress held no care for Eona personally, what mattered was that she held the only chance this world had should they fail today.

“You’re useless here.” She growled, “Even though she looks like that woman, but isn’t--you don’t see it that way.”

Her crimson-crystal spear formed in her palm.

“That makes you weak.” She said running straight for the white-haired Darkness.

The Darkness continued to smile and seeing as Kira had never shown one like that before Eona knew she was right--Kira is dead. The woman she knew and loved, that risked everything for her sake--that person is gone. Eona stared at the impersonator and watched her lift her hand and Sasuymashia fly back into benches. Kira is dead. Kira is dead. Why couldn’t she see thru this illusion, but could the dream one?

The Darkness turn her attention to Hei and Alucard.

'Such a violent grandson you are.' She was beside Alucard, touching his head affectionately, 'You remind me of Sierra when she was younger, although Natas was practically the spitting image of your grandfather.'

Alucard hesitated when jumping back and opening his hands to break ground. Grandfather? No one in their knew their grandparents, father told them his were mortal and passed long before he met mother. This woman could not be a vampire--the first generation were his parents’ generation and they were all accounted for.

'You seem confused--ah...that's right she never told you. That doesn’t surprise me, Sierra was quite adamant about concealing her roots. I never understood that.'

Hei spun his spear behind him then relaxed his position. No doubt the Goddess is reminiscing about the past, one long forgotten seeing as the Great White destroyed any evidence of its existence. Well almost. She probably remembers her own family, a tragic ending met them seeing as they too held different views.

Hei wondered all these years why he had been saved--a human, but then again the only survivor and one who could not be turned. It does not matter. He knows what he must and will do--fulfilling her wishes and seeing how this journey ends...that’s what he wants. The immortalized looks at those who remain, people he had watched grow and change during his journey and in all that time, Jean was the only one who he felt who understood him and the only one he would call ‘friend’.

Jake created element-ed weapons and prepared himself; this time he would protect Elisabeth! That woman is not Kira. His best friend died, this woman would pay for taking on that appearance and it would be with her life. The woman seem content with the situation--she was not worried or remotely interested in the odds; she was far above them.

“Hei I want to know how you’re involved in all this?” Adam ignored their situation for the moment.

“She is my Goddess; my master; my savior--pick whichever you like.”

Adam continued his questioning and was answered with the truth, “She saved me, a human child, when she could have let me die--she had every reason to.”

A boy who watched his parents die protecting him, left to die and there she was; standing in the ruins of another fight. She probably would have left him, she noticed his presence, but was going to leave him had he not reached his hand and tugged on her gown. Perhaps it was pity, or an act of mercy, but regardless his life became hers to command.

Everyone wore an unbelieving expression on their faces, which was expected. He had lived two lives simultaneously therefore what reason would he have to be believed? Why wouldn’t he be believed? How much of what he had said been a lie or simply neglecting to mention a few things?

Hei shrugged, “If you don’t believe that then when I tell that the body before you is Kira Nightraven it will also be a lie?”

A vessel? Sasuymashia flashed her knife under the woman’s breast, only tearing the clothing when skipping across. The fabric fell limp, showing flawless skin, but there were two different tones. Then she--

'Why didn’t she turn to ash then?' The woman mimicked the exact words the huntress thought, perhaps not now, but back then.

She grazed her hand across the fabric, repairing it as it was prior to the blade, 'Kira is not an authentic vampire, therefore even in death her body would not turn to ash.'

A chill crawled up everyone’s spin--the Darkness didn’t take Kira’s form, she took Kira’s body. If that’s the case, I can kill you as well. Sasuymashia was not going to take chances, this time she’d destroy the body as well. However would she be able to jump to another host before that could be done? Is she limited to hosts because she has no physical form of herself? If she could jump between hosts...Sasuymashia knew she would have to cut down every person in this room to avoid that--in a perfect world she would.

'I can, but I won’t.'

All wore a confused expression--when she looked at the huntress they were further quizzical.

'You probably wondered if I could change hosts: I can, but I won’t; this child is precious to me and I won’t cast her aside...' Her gaze turned to Eona, 'Unlike others.'

Eona fronted her, wrapping her fingers each around her throat; eager to rip out her voice box. Do not use her voice. Do not use her posture. Do not use her body. Eona squeezed progressively harder and harder until her nail punctured the flesh of the tattoo. No blood flowed. The resident was not in pain, nor resisted, rather she rested her hand on Eona’s head and pulled it to her breast. Silence.

'Isn’t it sad? The sound of a beat-less heart is lonely and cold--this was no better than how she felt when you betrayed her.'

Eona pushed her into the wall with a gust of wind, her eyes illuminated the shadows with a burning furry. That bitch dared insult her choices; her love of Kira; a woman who knows nothing, who seeks to destroy everything they built. A drop of blood; two; three; Eona noticed her arm had been cut when the woman licked her fingers of the rich thickness of the pure blood. She felt energized, completeness after a lack of substance.

The first immortal pure blood she has consumed in millennia-s and for it to be directly of her lineage was splendor--at least to her, then again her powers and senses are dulled when possessing another therefor its easy to appease. It will be easier to continue now, with her blood the Darkness will have what is necessary--more will be required.

Hei had already pushed Alucard thru the ceiling’s railings and kept Sasuymashia back by the time the Darkness took her seat at the cracked thrown. She rested her cheek on one hand and raised the other parallel to Jake.

'You, ice-wielder, come here.'

Never in his life had a Pureblood used their power to control him. Eona had not done it to him nor in front of him and from another Pureblood he had only witnessed it. The feeling was alien, like pushing ‘Jake’ into a cage and having another inserted to take his place. He walked forward, hypnotized by the woman’s voice, hearing and feeling nothing else. Obey. He had no will, no resistance, only the knowledge that he will obey.

Elisabeth saw him walk toward the woman, his eyes distant and without emotion. She ran to Jake, wrapped her arms around him; calling his name and purging his mind of alien influence. The woman’s hand rested in her lap as she felt her tether cut. That was unexpected. The white-haired woman fixed her eyes on the young vampires, shadows snake across the ground, curling around Elisabeth’s own locking her in place. They continue to crawl, wrapping around one leg, then the other until Elisabeth could no longer move on her own.

The Darkness brought Elisabeth to her, forcing the child to her knees as she herself stood and approached. ‘This’ child is interesting. She traces her finger along Elisabeth’s cheek, now realizing there would be no need to draw blood from this one.

'Don’t worry sweet child, I won’t hurt a member of my family.' The shadows withdrew, releasing and allowing Elisabeth the chance to breathe easy.

“You say that...” Elisabeth swallowed her fear, the cold chill when being face-to-face, when being touched by this woman, “But showing up with this appearance...”

The woman became intrigued by her family member. At last someone to appease her curiosity. For the meantime Hei could keep the others at bay and her shadows would help if needed, just for a short time. She returned to her throne, brushing off some dust on the arm rest. When leaning back she motioned for Elisabeth to come closer, but the young one refused to move. Understandable.

'I cannot change this appearance...' She was happy for that, twirling the long hair that dropped to her butt, 'After all this is not my body, I believe we have already said as much.'

She planned borrowing it for quite some time, however a couple events occurred, that were not taken into account, leading to the previous occupant’s...vacancy. That was not ideal, but nevertheless it was not an issue she could not overcome. The woman would care for this body and quite honestly it would be a shame for it to be damaged--it is lovely, a warrior’s figure.

Jake broke past Hei. He froze the shadows and broke them, reaching for his lover. Spikes broke from his own shadow, stabbing thru his body; Jake slipped, hitting the ground as his ice shattered by his fall. Elisabeth screamed running--spikes came up aimed at her throat, the rest wrapped around her body locking her in place.

Hei threw Alucard back, though he possessed little power the asian-man’s his skill far surpassed and closed the gap between them. All he wielded was a gift from her, from the Goddess of the Moon and it would continue to be so for as long as he drew breath. Sasuymashia was like him--devoted to their own God, her and her people had lived their lives for him. Goddess of the Moon and God of the Sun, two forces whose influence has continued for over a thousand generations. Only one remains.

“Please stop!” Elisabeth struggled against the shadows.

This is my limit. The goddess loosened her hold on the ice-boy, feeling it would be wise to tighten her hold on the child.

The vampire’s eyes blinked red, “DON’T--KILL--HIM!”

The goddess was surprised at her sudden change, but then again she was embracing the vampire’s instinct. Hers happen to be connected to that boy--a lover? Eona flashed behind the throne, they swung, colliding with a black wall meeting eyes with an annoyed crimson who was forced to remove the restraints from the child. Adam grabbed Jake, taking him to Elisabeth who already moved away; this gave him the chance to fall back and collide with another wall in the goddess’s front. Eona’s wind came from the sides hitting a thinner wall to the goddess’s left and right.

'I won’t allow this body to be harmed again.'

Elisabeth slipped between the walls, she kicked, launching the goddess from the throne across the hall.

Sasuymashia came, shouting to Elisabeth how they could achieve victory.

“Eject her from the host! She may not be able to maintain physical form without one!”

If they could react fast enough, kill her before she could reach another host then she maybe close enough for them to finish off. When fighting the goddess Eona ensured to look only at her eyes because her eyes are the only thing that isn’t Kira. Why? Sasuymashia came between them when shadows shot up. Why did it have to be Kira? The huntress twirled her spear, breaking the shadows and forcing the goddess back again. Adam was shot into the ground, his clothes shredded to the point the scarf fell out of his coat prior to impact. Eona watches it flow down, its color reached out in her memories each when Kira wore it unto the point when she pulled it off.

“EONA!” The someone called.

The goddess knocked Sasuymashia down and with a lance stabbed her thru the leg, pinning her to the ground. Eona used her gift and caused the goddess to brace herself, Adam grabbed Sasuymashia, just before Hei cut them in half.


The goddess broke her own wall, grabbing Eona by the throat in her moment of hesitation. Elisabeth came from behind, grabbing the same arm, meaning to break it, but in that moment they all were dragged inside.

Elisabeth was thrown into a dead space, an unused section of mind that is only active when a person is dreaming. Eona was nowhere around and in whoever’s mind this was that could be dangerous. The queen was in a black void, a place where she was not comfortable being in, especially without knowing where the goddess was.

'You should be proud, no one has ever managed to force their way into my mind before.'

Her voice whispered in small echoes, causing ripples from all areas in the water Eona noticed she stood in. Would she try to kill her now? End it once and for all, if she can? What is her angle, her reason for coming back, for taking on Kira’s appearance--did she know Kira? Did Kira try to stop her? Is she why Kira died? Eona felt something from behind, a slash to her back, though it healed quick enough for her to retaliate.

'Kira is special.'

The goddess fought in physical form, colliding forearms with Eona.

'Do you know what happens when you hurt people?'

Kira was alone, drowning in despair she was a broken soul. She watched the man she considered a father die; she killed her brother, her birth mother and father. Failing to make it in time to save her former-lover, just after another had given her life for Kira. She couldn’t take it anymore--she lost hope; the future; her strength; the world. There was no one who could understand her, the pain she felt was unlike what any could hope to fathom. Kira was strong, but the problem with being strong was that no other asked if she was okay. The goddess did.

Eona bared her fangs, rejecting the lies. The goddess loathes lies, the very thought of them twisting truth for another’s gain. She never lied, not once, and she expected the same in return. Liars are the worst kind of demon. The goddess wrapped her shadows around Eona, restraining only for a moment before engaged in combat again. She wished to understand the immortals of this age--how far they are willing to go to meet their ends.

In all her years Kira, a half-human half-vampire, was the only one to truly understand her. They shared each other’s pain, sorrow; having been betrayed by the one they loved most, but evidently Kira may have suffered more. Everyday was a living nightmare and all she did was wish for its end--it did end. Eona’s perception of sorely out-dated and it was by her own foolish naivety this happened.

'They begin to love you less and less until they forget the original reason they loved you in the first place.'

Lies. She was lying. Everything said was a lie. Kira is not like that, Kira saved people; she protected people and her heart was kind enough to take on all that pain on her own! Everyone has their breaking point. Kira reached hers. If anything the goddess saved her, collected all the pieces that broke along her path and brought her back together.

“I never betrayed Kira!” Eona shouted in anger.

The goddess shielded herself, from the wall tentacles wrapped around Eona’s arms; they were blasted away sending both on opposite sides of the void. Elisabeth locked the goddess’s throat within her arms, shouting for Eona to attack. I can’t break free?! She noticed it--wrapped around Elisabeth’s arm was the scarlet scarf. Of course. The goddess burst into black smoke, the shock wave kicked both vampires from the mind sending them the same distance in reality. Elisabeth was caught by Alucard and Sasuymashia cushioned Eona’s crash into the wall.

The goddess was on the ground--no Kira’s body was on the ground...‘she’ stood beside Hei who offered her a quick alternative of clothes.

'Are you quite certain about that?'

A child. A small blonde-haired girl with bronze skin, having a tattoo of something similar to Kira’s stigma on her hand. This was the same women, her eyes ensured that, remaining their crimson devil and cat-like iris. Adam narrowed his eyes--the Child of Prophecy. No wonder Kira thought herself not to be it because she wasn’t a child--two worlds was meaning the ‘past’ and ‘present’.

“Give her back!” Eona’s rage had boiled over, she threw Sasuymashia’s grip and bolted toward the goddess with a fist full of wind, “Give her back to me!”

Shut up.”

In the corner of her eye a figure stood, it was a glimpse, but enough to divert her attention and be protected once again by Sasuymashia. They room froze, another presence breathed to life systematically overwhelming the goddess’s.

Adam turned his attention to Eona first, then to ‘it’. Impossible. One by one the vertebrae formed, then the rib cage, shoulders; arms; hands--a massive black-skeleton hissed and hung over the figure copying its stance of trying to stand, yet pinned to its knees for whatever reason. You can’t...

'Adam what is that?' Alucard armed himself in stone preparing for whatever trick she had up her sleeve now.

Give her back?” She staggered, trying to find the means to stand on her own after being gone for so long, "I am no one's property."

The goddess and Hei moved, they needed to act now before other did. She was not meant to be brought back this way and it was possible something went wrong. It hurt to move, everything was painful: the touch of ground; breathing, but at the goddess’s touch all that pain melted away. Hei monitored the others, knowing they were going to attack eventually.

'Do you remember me?' Her voice was soft and tender.

There was a positive reaction, she remembered, but her mind was scrambling to put all back in its proper place. It still hurt.

“I...died?” She was finding it difficult to breath, almost as if having to teach herself to do what was taught to be natural.

' a sense, but I have brought you back.'

“Why...?” She grabbed her head, cringing at the increasing throbbing as disordered memories crashed into one another.

'To fulfill your wish.'

Eona cast her wind knocking Hei into the wall, she moved in on her target.

'Do you remember your wish?'

If this is Kira then this time Eona would save her!

“My wish...?” The pieces were coming together, “My wish...”

She opened her eyes, both of them were as blue as the sky when looking at her hands her memories collected themselves and all was as it had been back then.

The white-haired woman chuckled, “My wish is to destroy this false world.”

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