Soul of the Immortal (Book 3)

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Sinister Reaper

Kira was asleep nearly for a week before she completely recovered. Her body had simply been preserved and moved around, it did not function until her heart started again--even then it was a gamble if her ‘mind’ would follow suit. Kira is strong there is no doubt about that, but her mind had gone well beyond sanity and the Goddess wondered if it would return.

She soon realized her concerns were both necessary however wasted. Kira is not the type to show that kind of weakness, not to anyone. A few exercises of memory, Hei often checked on both her and his Goddess ensuring that all had gone well despite an early resurrection and eviction. While the Goddess was growing as expected, Kira’s was strange before, but to see it manifest black flames--Hei did not know what to make of it. While vampire powers themselves were a mystery in which form they manifest and by who, its odd that a half-immortal would be as strong as she is.

Hei did not speak against the Goddess’s decision, he was only curious as to Kira’s motives. He has always been fond of her presence; she was a fun conversationalist, always wanting to place herself in the shoes of others. She was an interesting person, a truly kind-hearted child...with a black soul. Hei did not know the woman now, well to put it into perspective, he didn’t understand her. Perhaps that is why the she and the Goddess were connected; two people cursed to walk this world alone, without anyone to feel as they do.

Hei walked in the room, Kira sat beside the Goddess’s bed as she slept; reading a book long since finished.

“You haven’t slept for days.” Hei passed herbal tea to her.

“I've slept long enough.” Hei was good at reading people, humans especially, but Kira was a blank canvas.

A slight smile allowed for him to finally see, that same smile she wore when she accepted the Goddess inside her. The root of suffering is attachment, hm? He did not need to understand her, to read her, she would do what is necessary to accomplish her goals and since the Goddess believed in her he would too.

“A light can become the dark. A child can be a victim. An optimist can lose all hope. The powerful can become the powerless. The hero can fall.”

Kira shut her book when looking out the window to the sea with a single eye that reflects its color. Her other had been bandaged, for an unknown reason the changing eye would not open. It was no handicap.

The Goddess woke after Hei left, her form now close to one being Kira’s own age.

'Is that what you’ve been thinking about? How much the world has changed since your death? Syndicate and the Nation uniting, the weapons ceasing to exist; Eona bearing the child of the man who made your life hell?'

The wall broke first, its cracks traveled reaching the window.

'That was out of line, forgive me.'

“No, you’re halfway right.” Kira is still regaining control over her strength and had not meant to break anything.

“If that child lives it will bear the curse and the nightmare will continue.”

'What will you do?' The Goddess leaned closer, tracing her fingers along the tattoo on Kira’s neck. She felt the body tingle and its pulse race, a very tempting urge to consume that rich taste.

'You who has awaken, are the reaper of souls who has stolen the principles of death from God. Will you walk in this world and be its savior, or will you be the one to bring about its destruction?'

Kira cracked a finger knowing that now there was no longer need to hold back, to restrain because next time it would be a death match.

She breathed, weighting down the gravity of her words, “Nothing has changed.”

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