Soul of the Immortal (Book 3)

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I'll Show You a Sweet Dream Tonight

Her eyes had opened to the light of the sun. On a bench she shielded her eyes from its radiance only to see what was around her. What a beautiful light. To her left as a large oak tree, its leaves a forest green that blanketed half her body in its shadow. On the right was a play ground where dozens of children laughed and ran around, fleeing from the girl who was ‘it’.

Eona sat up and watched her closely--her short black hair fluttered in the gentle breeze as she tagged another, releasing her position as ‘it’. This continued for hours until one by one, as the sun died down, the children left and then only the two remained. She ran to Eona with a wide smile, into her arms no higher than the woman’s waist; hugging her tightly. The child’s clothes were dirty; shorts and a t-shirt giving the impression of a more tomboy-personality.

With their hands locked they walked back to the house on the beach front, leaving behind a kindling shadow ignored by Eona. For an odd reason her throat was not dry; hands did not reach for the girl; the sun did not frighten her still. The air was salty in scent and taste, the sun dying down behind the western horizon. When they entered the house Eona froze. While the girl ran ahead, lifted up into the air by the old father the woman stared shocked at the one inside the kitchen.

“Kira, your mother said you can stay over; she has work with Emily and won’t be home until later.” Carmella smiles as her husband lifts the child into his arms and hangs her over his shoulder.

Eona continued to be motionless until her name is called out, “Will you help me with dinner?”

Her mother was alive, in front of her, talking to her and her father...for the first time she can call him such. This could not be real--Eona, Carmella, Wolfgang, and Kira all sat at the table and talked about their days. It somehow felt natural--warmth of a family. Kira had no stigma on her neck, her parents ate normal human food; humans together eating dinner.

Eona had to know for sure, she jumped on a computer and searched for the Hunter’s Association; the Nation; vampires did not exist here. Kira peered thru the ajar door, crept in, then jumped on the unsuspecting browser. The woman noticed that she could be no older than seven, but the Kira she knew could barely speak a few words nonetheless play in the sun or be so friendly with humans. Although, Eona giggled when caressing Kira’s head, her clingy-ness has not changed in the slightest. Carmella opened the door fully, commenting that it was time for a bath which was met with a low growl.

She sighed, “Eona would you mind?”

Kira was lifted up and taken to the bathroom in one motion. She threw a fit, but with the promise that Eona would join her Kira settled down. Later that night they snuggled into the same bed, Kira was less than half Eona’s size and curled up into a ball fast asleep against her breast. She awoke to Kira throwing the door open with a frustrated tone, “Eona you’re going to be late!” She glanced at her clock and scurried off the bed in efforts to get dressed; A minute later Kira zoomed past the door again this time she grabbed Eona and bolted out the door.

“Why is the one with the car the one always late?!”

They drove to the university and parked, one off to attend classes the other to teach. Just before they separated Kira leaned in and pecked Eona’s lips before getting out. Not long after she also departed from the car, walking to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to conduct her classes. Again in the corner was the shadow, following her every move until it was called out for doing such.

Eona was a professor of Inter-Cultural Affairs, a subject dealing with the connection between cultures and people from all around the world essentially to discover a grey line to where all could live in peace and coexist with one another. Kira herself studied Ancient Civilizations with the hopes to work in Archives throughout the world, unlocking the secrets of the past to learn from what the forerunners had done. After classes had concluded Eona often found Kira in the dark corners of the library, researching all she could, primarily on myths and legends of times. Eona was quiet on her approach, she tip-toed behind, knowing that her victim became oblivious to all around her when studying. As Kira listened to music and jotted down the scribbles of European Myth her eyes her suddenly blackened and a weight over her head had her tilt her own back to be met with a kiss. Her eyes were uncovered as she touched her predator’s cheek and she was enabled to see the full view.

“We should probably stop doing that during the weekday.” Eona tucked her hair behind her ear and kissed again, preventing Kira from saying more, “But you’re so tempting...I can’t hardly contain myself from wanting to eat you up.”

Kira turned bright red and hid under her book. That would not do; Eona removed it and gives another kiss, ignoring the shadow in the corner. Go away already. Once again time moved on, allowing for Eona to prepare to walk down the aisle in a beautiful white grown, in anticipation to be given away to the tall, slender women in a white tuxedo at the end of the church. Once more the shadow came, this time its kindling took a shape, this time becoming an unrecognized woman with hair as pure as the dress Eona wore and yet her clothing and eyes were the yang of her color--she wore an eerie mask. The only true color was the scarf around her neck that took flight by the wind that entered thru the windows. Eona and this woman were alone and all the air and happiness of the day grew still and silent.

“You need to stop following me.” The doors opened and Wolfgang entered, having no sight of the figure Eona spoke too. They departed, making way down to the live Eona always sought, a dream come true. The shadowed continue to follow close behind until at last Eona took Kira’s hand and for a final time she looked back to the following.

“I’m going with her.” The masked woman, though her face could not be seen, smiled as she spoke, “If that is what you wish.” She pulled off the scarf holding it in her hand as its length touched the ground, “I came only to fufill my promise, for the last time.” As she watched the scarf fall the woman had shifted to the church’s doors, those whose light had gone completely out, absorbed by the darkness. Kira?

Eona pulled her hand free as the masked woman was taken--“Eona!” The vampire ran, “I’m sorry, but someone else is needs me.” The woman was lost to the darkness leaving Eona with the scarf and waking up to a nightmare.

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