Soul of the Immortal (Book 3)

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Awake and Alive

She had been asleep for six months, the trauma of the Reaper’s death had forced her into a coma-like state with no hint of wake. Alucard had kept her safe, but gave no indication of allowing her to leave. He came daily, watching over her reminiscing about his long lifetime and what part he played in their family’s life. The king was not present when Eona awoke; nonetheless he arrived with haste, met with the saddened eyes that were the queen’s. He could not afford to allow her to sleep again so he hid the scarf and made no mention of either Kira nor the Association; not even what her own nation had been up to.

They were acting as spoiled children who had a toy taken from them, but give them another and they will calm. Eona was not fatigued and retained her marble beauty therefore it was of no concern when Alucard dismissed the doctors and staff. Her sudden waking was a surprise, then again there is no way to tell when a vampire will awake when forced into a slumber. She had not spoken in days; refused any blood or food of any kind and would not move. Her mind was fragile, a single wrong word or action would easily shatter and she would lose her value to him. Alucard has waited long enough, but as time would not touch either he could afford to wait a bit longer. The Hunter’s Association was no more, their weapons were in his possession and soon ten thousand years of planning would at last be fulfilled. The only thing that remains is to enlighten Eona on his vision--this would come later of course, after she learned to trust him; no easy feat.

“How long...” Eona clenched the blanket, “How long have I been asleep?”

'Six months...I was afraid you would never wake.'

She looked to find windows and saw to her surprise there were. Alucard took noticed and opened both the curtain and the window--he knew how much she enjoyed the sunlight. He knows much about Eona, watching her grow these past four hundred years was no easy task, given her mother kept him far. If the king had it his way he would have taken Eona when she was still a child and raised her himself, it would have saved him a great deal of trouble. In hindsight this outcome was most favorable however, Kira would never have become what she was if Eona had not saved her back then--rather if not for him...Catherine would not have become a vampire and thrown Kira aside in the first place.

Alucard sighed, 'Maybe it would have been best if you did not.'

Alucard mumbled under his breath. He knew the heartache of losing loved ones, but perhaps not of how Eona felt for losing Kira. It was an effect one-eyed had on people, she was a magnate of warmth and kindness, at least when she was human. She was different than his vampire subjects, would not obey and always sought a way to make everyone happy. Now Eona was almost entirely alone. Of their family now only three remain, therefore it is imperative that the line continues--Alucard is running out of time now that his brother’s flame has been extinguished; another must be born quickly. Elisabeth has a gift, but it could not be used this way--she is too young and inexperienced. Alucard returned to his seat and thought about what to say next. Nothing came to mind.

“Was it by your order?” Eona would not look at him, “All those humans, did Kira kill them because you told her to?”

'Everything she did was on her own, if I had known--'

“You’d what? Its no secret you’ve wanted to Association gone, its was just convenient that Kira happen to go mad and kill them?”

She was not wrong. Nonetheless she was also not there, not to see the destruction, the chaos, instilled by the monster known as the One-Eyed Reaper. That was not the Kira Eona knew; the human who she raised, who she fell in love with, that girl had been cast aside for the sake of strength. Alucard sensed her pain, her despair; rage; glee; the only thing that remained was the vampire. What could he say to persuade? She would not accept it, the one she knew did not exist, that was not the real ‘Kira’.

'A lot happened when the cameras stopped rolling--'

The quicker she accepted reality the quicker he could move his plans forward. She would have to morn later.

'Kira did not just killed every member of the Association she butchered their families.'

Eona’s eyes grew wide, 'Kira what?'

'Her campaign against the Hunters was her own vendetta, rather we were there trying to ensure she did not blindly attack un-involved humans.'

He would not forget the sight of Kira on the mountain of corpses--smiling. As the dust of the first building settled, stone and glass and metal were drenched with the blood of humans. Even with his eyes, the clouds thick with flame, could only make out the hellish wing just before it flapped--casting aside all that clouded. She sat on the pile of fallen humans, her entire body emitted hateful flames as though she was cloaked by them. A smile was on her face as she stared at the blood on her hands, one even Alucard could not curl. The king called out, Is this the future you hoped for--Fernir?

This is the one you wanted... Her crimson eye overwhelmed the blue one, canceling out anything ‘human’. Alucard had called the name again, but it was not acknowledged. She had stood at that moment continuing to bare the cruel smile, All I have done is be the monster you all saw me as. Those eyes held no waver, no fear of his or anyone’s power, the people before her were strangers and so long as they stood out of her way they would continue to live. Only one was able to stand against her, someone he had long thought dead by means of age and yet she had not changed since the last they crossed paths...three thousand years ago.

'That Reaper wasn’t Kira...she was the monster we created.' The King admitted.

Yes it was their fault, the members of the First Reign created this outcome, they created the monster that was to be their savior. Eona was left alone, she needed her short moment to understand the reality and that she had awoken from the dream she created. The queen could no longer run from reality and truth: the human known as ‘Kira’ is dead and she is not coming back.

Alucard left the room, returning the tattered scarf; leaving a guard by her door now he would crush this rebellion and unite the divided vampire world under a single rule, before its too late. Eona was allowed outside into the gardens by Elisabeth’s grace. The two would chat about numerous topics, have tea and stroll around the grounds of Alucard’s home. The queen was under constant guard and given no chance to escape, not that she wanted to--what was there to escape to? As far as she knew her Nation had fallen, her family’s legacy had been destroyed, and Kira was dead.

Eona often thought about ways to claim her life, but each time she thought to raise her hand she had a dark, sinking feeling that suffocated until she ceased the mindset. There was more for her to do--she would not make the same mistake as her forerunners and give up living. Her father would not want that, no one at the house would; Kira of all would sooner rise from Hell than want Eona to kill herself. She would bid her time wisely--surly there must be someone trying to keep the Nation together. Her loved ones maybe gone, but their will and presence are still with her, she keeps them close to her heart, just as she continues to hold onto Kira’s. For once Eona would believe in reincarnation, not that it wasn’t impossible she simply choose to ignore it in the past, and that one day she would see everyone again. The dream was over, Eona had awoken from it and would not be caught in its webs again; that was a promise to the Kira.

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