Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 10


The lights blind me, even with my eyes close, they hurt. Am I hungover? Is this what that feels like? No. There is something else going on. My whole-body hurts, I can’t feel my left arm, my head pounds. I need to open my eyes. Why can’t I open my eyes? Come on Whisper. I force my eyes open to the light. Slowly figures and shapes come into view. I don’t recognize anyone, but I recognize the walls, I’m in the hospital. A man leans closer and shines a light in each of my eyes. His mouth moves but I can’t hear what he says.

“Can you hear me, Miss? Do you know where you are?” He repeats himself. I try to respond but nothing comes out. I move my head slightly, it hurts.

“You were in a car accident. You are going to be okay, but you need to relax and not move yet. My name is Dr. Carlisle and you are at the Eisenhower Medical Center.” The doctor says then turns to a male nurse and tells him something I can’t catch. The nurse goes out of the room and the doctor puts the light away.

“Can you tell me your name?” I still can't find my words but now there is an ache in my throat. How long has it been? My mouth is so dry it hurts. The nurse comes back not a moment too soon with a plastic cup. He hands the cup over to the doctor.

“Small sips, take your time.” He holds the edge of the cup to my lips. I do as he says and take small sips with his help. The nurse reaches over me and takes a clipboard that sat on the bed next to me. After I rehydrate my desert of a mouth and take a few breaths I feel like I can speak again. The doctor has gone to that machine that is always next to patients in the hospital that they say monitor them. He says off different numbers and the nurse is frantically scribbling it all down on the clipboard.

“Whisper.” I manage to get out. The nurse and doctor both stop what they are doing and look at me.

“My name is Whisper Lorette.” I take a deep breath and go for it again.

“Where is Dominic?” The two men look at one another from opposite sides of my hospital bed.

“Where is my brother?”

“Miss Lorette who can we contact to come to get you?” The doctor looks down at me. Why did he avoid my question? Something has to be wrong, why else would a doctor not tell me where my brother is?

“Maximus. Maximus Wyatt.” I have to take another breath; I’m worn out from the conversation.

“He owns the Wyatt Pawn Shop.” The doctor nods at the nurse who responds by walking out of the room once again. The doctor turns back to me.

“Miss Lorette, you were in a car accident. I had to perform emergency surgery when the paramedics brought you in. Your left arm is fractured, and your wrist is sprained, and your left tibia has been shattered. You have a concussion. I would like to have an MRI of your head to eliminate to possibility of any brain hemorrhages if you are feeling up to it.” I nod, I understand what he says.

“I had to suture some vessels in your chest due to massive internal bleeding. If I may I would like to look at that.” He says as he motions towards the gauze tapped on my upper right chest. I understood that he wants to look under the bandages. He does just this, it hurts like hell when he places his cold fingers lightly on my skin.

“Everything is looking good, there is no infection and minor bleeding at this point.” He reapplies the bandage and goes to the sink on the wall. As he washes his hands, he speaks over his shoulder to me.

“My nurse is contacting Mr. Wyatt for you as we speak.” He turns the water off and gets a paper towel from the automatic dispenser beside the sink.

“I am going to get someone to take you for that MRI. Before I leave, are you feeling any pain?” He walks back over to my side and looks at the IV bag that leads to the needle in my arm.

“Looks like you could use some more medication, I will get the nurse to bring some after the MRI.” He walks to the end of my bed and looks at me.

“If you need anything hit the big red button on the pager beside you. If you feel like sleeping that is fine, the drugs we have you on can do that to some people.” He nods. My head spins and there is so much pain all over my body. The pain is so bad I can’t deal with it. I just want everything to be over right now. I close my eyes and try to drift off into sleep. That is when everything floods back to me, my vision. I saw the accident happen; it was devastating. Maximus was right, I can see the future. My mind goes dark as I lose consciousness once again.

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