Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 11


I wake up and the male nurse is in my room, he replaces the IV bag which is nearly empty with one that is new. I hear outside the room two familiar voices; one I place instantly and another that takes me longer. Maximus speaks with the doctor from before I hear the doctor’s voice most of the time, but I cannot make out what they say. The male nurse goes to the door that I stare at and says something to the two outside. All three enter the room and I can see Maximus has been crying. His eyes are red, and it appears that he is trying to hide it from me.

“Do you remember me, Miss Lorette? My name is Dr. Carlisle. How are you doing?” What does he expect me to say? ‘I feel perfectly fine’? I was in a car accident.

“Where is Dom?” I ask instead of an answer. I see a tear fall down Maximus’ cheek. The doctor looks at Maximus before he turns to me.

“His injuries from the accident were too severe. He had lost too much blood and had too much trauma. He was unable to make it through the necessary surgery.” Dr. Carlisle says everything so quickly I found myself staring at him trying to comprehend what he was saying.

Dominic is dead. He died because of the accident. An accident I saw coming. Maximus takes my hand in his hands; reality must have been on my face. This wasn’t supposed to happen, he was supposed to go on to work with cars, help build them and fix them. It was his passion. He wasn’t supposed to be dead at twenty-four. This is not fair. I close my eyes as the tears take control before I can stop them, they are falling down my cheeks like rivers. The salty tears burn my face. My big brother is gone. I look up at Maximus who has tears too now, he is not trying to hide it anymore. The doctor leaves as he writes stuff on the clipboard. The nurse pulls a chair over and puts it beside Maximus before he walks towards the door. He stops short of the door and turns to us.

“My condolences.” He says this and stands there for longer than he should then turns and walks out of the door. Maximus sits in the chair the nurse brought over for him; he never let’s go of my hand.

“Whisper I am so glad you are okay.” He sniffles and I can feel his hands squeeze mine tighter.

“That accident was so horrible; it is a miracle that you were able to survive.” He says this through his tears, he tries to turn his lips into a smile, but it doesn’t last long. I can’t help but feel guilty after that. Why did I survive, and Dominic died? If the accident was that bad, why didn’t I die too? Why take him, he was going to do good things for others, he had his life planned out? Why not take me?

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