Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 12


It’s so hard to see her upset. Jane Doe, who I now know is Whisper Lorette, lost her brother in the accident she survived. I sit at the nurses' station; I want to know more about this mysterious girl. I look at the computer screen to fill out some paperwork, but I can’t get my mind off this girl.

“Ok, what is up with you?” Meghan startles me as she comes up to the other side of the desk. I know what she is talking about, but I don’t want her to know. I shrug to make it look like nothing has me bothered.

“No. I can tell there is something on your mind other than work, what is it?” She pushes on but I keep silent. I put my hand on the mouse and start to move it around. We sit there for a while as Meghan stares at me. She doesn’t need to know anything about my personal life. Eventually, she sighs and walks away. I look over at the entrance to Miss Lorette's room. I don’t know why I expected to see her walk out the doorway after all she has been through. I look at the computer screen in front of me determined to get some work done. Dr. Carlisle walks up to the desk.

“Grayson call Mrs. Miller’s family. She won’t make it through the day, so they need to get down here to be with her.” I nod my head in understanding. I hate this part of the job but honestly, how bad can it be. Mrs. Miller has been going down for a few months now and her family knew this. I go to her file on the computer to get their number before I pick up the hospital's phone and dial her daughter’s number. The phone connects to a disconnected tone which doesn't seem right. I hang up the phone and dial the next number on file, her sister.

“Hello?” a frail woman’s voice answers, I can hear children screaming in the background.

“Is this Miss Baker?” I ask to make sure I am talking to the right person.

“This is she, who am I talking to?” The voice responds to me.

“I am with the Eisenhower Medical Center. I’m sorry to inform you that your sister, Nancy Miller, has taken a turn for the worse and Dr. Carlisle is asking for her family to come in.”

“It is very sad to hear this, but I will not be coming in. I have five kids here that are driving me nuts and I would rather not see my sister like this.” The voice responds. I cannot help but not hear the emotion in her voice.

“I understand Miss Baker and I am very sorry to hear that; I will pass this on to Dr. Carlisle. While I have you on the phone, I tried to call Mrs. Miller’s daughter but the number on file has been disconnected.”

“She left the state. She never wanted to see her mother when she was healthy.” Miss Baker explains to me then hangs up. This strikes me as strange, there is nothing I can do but pass on the information to Dr. Carlisle. I hang the phone up and send Dr. Carlisle an email to update him on the information. I look back over to Miss Lorette’s room door. I sigh, I know I have to get back to work and get my mind focused on what I have to do. I still have two more hours on the clock.

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