Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 13


I look over at Maximus, his mouth is closed tightly. I know that if I tell him I saw the accident before it actually happened, he would be the only one to understand and he would tell me he told me so. Maybe he did, maybe I can see the horrible near future and there is something I should do. He might also blame me for Dominic’s death, and he would be right to do so. It was my fault. I could have stopped Dominic from driving, he was too drunk. I should have stopped him. I saw what would happen if he drove drunk. I sigh. I have to tell Maximus, no matter the consequences. I take my hand out of his, I wince. This small move hurts.

“What's wrong, Wisp?” Maximus asks in a tone that tells me he is worried.

“I saw it.” I didn't want to say anymore, hopefully, he understood what I meant.

“What are you talking about? You saw it? You lived it.” I saw the confusion on his face.

“Like the lady who was robbed outside the shop.” I pause hoping this helped but his face didn't change.

“You said I could see the future and I had to prevent the bad stuff from happening,” My voice breaks and a tear falls down my cheek. His face registers what I am saying. He understands.

“I didn't stop him. I didn't stop Dominic from driving. I knew we were going to have a terrible accident and I didn’t do anything to about it.” I feel the heat of the tears as they fall down my cheeks. It hurts to cry. I watch Maximus so intently to see if he blames me as much as I blame myself.

“Whisper, it’s okay. It is not your fault. Dom knew how dangerous alcohol is. You can’t hold yourself accountable.” Maximus stands from his chair and gingerly wraps his arms around me. I don’t return the hug. My head and my whole body are still sore, but my head begins to pound more now. I go to raise my hand to hold my head but the IV in my arm restricts me. I start hearing a blaring ring as Maximus says my name. My vision goes all white before clearing up in a different hospital room.

There is a little boy in the room on the hospital bed, he has a cast around his leg and bruises on his arms. Behind me, a woman rushes in and straight to the side of his bed. She wraps her arms around the boy and starts to talk to the boy, but I am unable to hear anything. The boy hugs her back and tears come down both of their faces. The woman smiles before a shadow is cast where I stand. The two jump and look at me right before a scrawny man walks through me. They seem to fear this man. I watch as he raises his hand and smacks the woman so hard, she hits the wall beside her. He begins to kick her. I shout for him to stop, leave her alone. The little boy shouts too but I can't hear him. The woman doesn't look good. The pain in my head leaves and the sound of the kicks as they land on the woman is there. I can hear the little boy scream for the man to leave his mother alone. My vision goes white as the hospital room I’m in comes into focus.

Maximus is looking at me intently.

“You just saw something else, didn't you?”

I can’t get my voice, but I nod. The scene was so disgustingly horrible.

“It is okay Whisper, take a deep breath. Can you tell me what you saw?”

I shake my head as I try to catch my breath. These ‘visions’ take a lot out of me. I look out the doorway of my hospital room to see the woman from my vision talk to the nurse from before. He points her to the room next to me before he walks into my room.

“Is everything okay in here? Your heart rate has spiked? Are you in pain?” The nurse asks me. Maximus looks at him while he talks, then back to me. He nods at me; we don't need to say anything for each other to understand.

“You should check on the boy with a broken leg and bruises over his arms.” My look is locked on Maximus, I never look at the nurse. We stare at each other for nothing more than a minute before Maximus speaks.

“What did you see?” He asks me.

“A woman goes into the boy's room; they are crying as a man steps through the door behind me. The man goes over and starts beating the woman. There is nothing the boy can do but scream, there is nothing I can do.”

“The only thing you can do is try to stop it now that you know what to expect. You did the right thing by telling the nurse.” Maximus tries to reassure me, but I can’t get the look of the woman in a pile on the floor out of my eyes. He holds my hand in his hands and gives a gentle tap of reassurance. I don’t know what to expect from sharing what I saw. I take a deep breath and lay my head back against the pillow, I’m just so tired I could fall asleep now.

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