Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 14


That girl doesn’t make any sense. I step out of her room shortly after she suggests that I check on the boy in the room next to her. I go into the boy’s room and he is awake, cartoons on the TV.

“How are you doing, Adam?” I ask him as I peer at his cast and bruises. Other than the fact that he is so beat up and not giving us an answer that makes sense, everything seems normal.

“I’m fine, can I get a cookie or something?” The boy says back really quietly. He seems so shy.

“I will see what I can do.” I chuckle at him. All the pain he must be in and all he wants is a cookie. I’m going to find him a cookie. I walk out of the room and stop at the nurse’s station; Meghan is there on the computer checking her emails.

“Meghan, I am going on a mission for the boy in room 17, he wants a cookie. Will you be okay on your own for a few minutes?” I ask, I don’t want to leave another nurse with too much to handle.

“I will be fine Grayson. Bring me back a cookie, will you?” She giggles at me. I nod and walk off towards the cafeteria. Down the hall, through the two large doors that keep guests out of the emergency room and then to my left. I knew the way all too well even though this was a large hospital. I stop in front of the vending machine, among all the snacks there are packs of two cookies-which one would the kid like? Should I get Oreos or regular chocolate chip, everyone likes chocolate chip, right? I’m going to get two of each, Adam can have which one he wants, and Whisper can have what she wants; when she is allowed to eat them, I don’t know what kind of food restrictions she might be on. Meghan and I can have whatever are left over.

As I go through the doors that separate the emergency room, I hear all the chaos. I am not sure what is going on. I look at the nurses’ station and Meghan has left her post, actually, no one is there and that is not supposed to happen unless there is an emergency. Just then Meghan runs back and picks the phone up, she hits a number on speed dials and looks up to lock eyes with me. She points to Adam’s room and I conclude the problem is in the boy’s room. I run to the room to see the man with Whisper trying to hold back a man I don’t recognize. This man easily overpowers Whisper’s friend, so I go to help him hold the man back. I notice on the side of the hospital bed from where Adam screams is a woman on the floor. She is pretty badly beaten, and it doesn’t take long for me to figure out what happened.

It doesn't take long for two security guards to show up and restrain the man. One takes him towards the elevator to hold him. The other guard talks to Whisper’s friend. Meghan and I address the wounds the woman obtained while the guard waits to talk to her, Meghan and me. Adam and the woman look a lot alike and they hold each other the entire time. I figure out that she is his mother and that man the guards took away was her boyfriend. He has beat the two of them for years and the mother has finally decided to leave with Adam. I feel for the two of them, now something should be done to help the two of them. Meghan and I finish with her wounds, Meghan goes off to let the supervising doctor know what went on, by now the police has shown up to take the man away and one stays back to take statements from everyone, they start with Adam and his mother.

I can’t help but go to Whisper’s room beside Adam’s. I see Whisper and her friend sit together like they were before. I close the privacy curtain and make sure I keep my voice low.

“You said to check on the boy the last time I was in this room. What were you talking about?” I say to Whisper.

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