Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 15


I look at the nurse as he talks to me. I don’t know what to say. How would anyone believe I saw it happen before it actually happened? That is what I thought when Maximus told me. What am I supposed to say? If he asks what is going to stop others from asking me the same question? I need some go-to answer.

“She could tell something was not right in the room beside her. Someone she was really close to have had the same experience of that little boy. She suspected the abuser would show up for the kid.” Maximus tells the nurse. I look at him, his story is hard to believe. I glance at the face of the nurse and he looks skeptical of what Maximus has told him. Yet the nurse turns and walks out without a word. My face turns back to Maximus and he doesn’t look at me.

“People have trouble understanding what you are capable of. Lying is the only way to get people to stop asking, the sadder the better because they don't want to ask you about it again. You had trouble accepting the truth when I first told you why you saw that woman get robbed before she was really robbed.” Maximus says to me. He’s right, everything he said is natural responses for people. It is like how the nurse didn't say anything after Maximus’ excuse, he just walked away. Maximus’ didn’t come up with a good lie and yet the nurse didn’t try to get more from him.

Something didn’t feel right about lying to him though. This nurse seems extra concerned with me, more than other nurses like the girl who checked on me when we heard the woman’s scream from next door. Maximus and she ran out of the room so quickly when they heard her. I remember I heard a loud bang against our shared wall shortly after they ran to the rescue. That poor woman looked so horrible in the vision I saw but Maximus and the girl nurse were not in my vision.

I can only think that if that other nurse had believed me the woman wouldn’t have been a victim. I did what I could to warn him, it is his fault she got hurt. Strangely enough, I was not mad at him.

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