Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 16


I spend most of what time is left of my shift at the desk. I can’t get my mind off of what Whisper said before the man showed up.

When the police finished talking with the woman, they spoke to Meghan, then myself and the man with Whisper. I didn’t have much to tell them as I was not there for most of the action. I decide not to say anything about Whisper’s warning, I don’t understand what happened - how would they?

“Grayson?” Meghan came up behind me and startles me. I know I tend to overthink things, but I didn’t realize she was there. Also, beside her stood Dr. Carlisle, the surgeon who operated on Whisper and was in charge of Adam.

“Meghan, here, is going to go home early after what happened while I was off the clock. It is just going to be you and me for the next couple hours, Grayson.” Dr. Carlisle address me. I nod, Meghan needs to go home, she shakes from the ordeal. We wave to Meghan as she walks out the doors towards the exit. Dr. Carlisle sits in the chair next to me.

“What is on your mind, Grayson? I have never seen you not aware of your surroundings.” I shake my head. Dr. Carlisle has always been a mentor for me, I have looked up to him and respected his opinions in work and in my own personal life. I don’t want to disappoint him because I knew I was not being professional at all.

“Grayson, I can tell something has you distracted and that is not the right place to be in a hospital. Talk to me.” He sounds so encouragingly to me that my guard goes down. It never takes him long to get my guard down.

He’s been a big supporter in my life since I met him years ago. I knew I could trust him because he always was honest with me and I expect nothing less of him. Dr. Carlisle presents his wisdom on his face. He knows everything about my life, except my attraction to Whisper and what she told me before the altercation. When I was seventeen, I watched Dr. Carlisle do all he could to save my mother from herself.


It has been my mom and me for years, my dad went to jail when I was a toddler and even though I know he has been out for years there was no point reaching out to him since he never reached out to us. He didn’t want anything to do with us and we wanted nothing to do with him. I suspect there was difficulties for my mother, but she wouldn’t show any weakness. She was always the ray of sunshine behind the storm. We could survive anything the world threw at us and we have for many years. I do everything I can to help her, I mowed my neighbor’s yards in the summer and plowed their driveways and walkways in the winter, I did smaller odd jobs whenever asked of me just to bring money in for my mom. I knew as sixteen I can only do so

much, but I will do whatever I can. She has been my rock.

That was until I came home from school one afternoon I will forever remember.

Normally she will greet me at the front door to see what time I would be home for dinner; we always ate dinner together even if it was pitch dark out. I could always count on that. I was alerted that something was wrong when she wasn’t there, I had to find her. An unmistakable need drove me upstairs to her room. The door to her room was blocked from the inside. I knew I was in the right place and that she was in trouble. I slammed into the door as hard as I could, by the fourth time I knocked over the dresser that had been pushed behind the door. I rushed through her bedroom to the closed door to her private bathroom. The feeling inside me only grew stronger and I knew I had to get to her. Her bathroom door was only locked, nothing blocked it

and I smashed through to a sight that I will never forget.

The paramedics rushed in shortly behind me, Dr. Carlisle was a paramedic at the time. I stood still and heard nothing as they rushed to her side. It was too late, Dr. Carlisle turned around and must have seen my emotions written all over my face. His crew kept working on my beloved mom, but he stood up and walked over to me. He said something I couldn’t comprehend and lead me out of the room, down the stairs to the kitchen. We sat at the table and he said something that will forever stick with me.

“We try to save everyone but there are those we can’t save. She loved you and didn’t want you to see her suffer.”


Those words kept me with Dr. Carlisle for the rest of my life, he has helped me through all the troubles I have had since her departure. He took over the role model I needed at the most crucial time I could have needed a role model. My love for my mother will never die but Dr. Carlisle is something else, something I can’t put into words. I can trust him, rely on him and believe him. Sometimes I want to ask him why, why does he keep in touch with me, why has he taken on this role? It really doesn’t matter what his answer is because he is here, he is that role model.

“I keep finding my thoughts drifting towards the girl in room eighteen. I don't know what it is about her that has me acting so differently than normal.” I lean back in the chair and let out a large sigh of confusion. Dr. Carlisle smiles at me which only confuses me more.

“There is always one person in anyone’s life that will make that person completely lose control of themselves. You like this girl?”

“How could I like this girl? I don't know her; I am afraid that if I let myself know who she is then I wouldn’t be able to get her out of my mind.”

“She is a victim of drunk driving and watched her older brother die. I think you can let yourself get to know her. She needs someone to care for her at this time, someone other than Mr.

Wyatt.” Dr. Carlisle’s voice remains collected and I have never heard him sound so serious outside the operating room.

“Maybe you should get to know her when you are not on the clock?” He takes a deep breath before he gets out of the seat and grabs his files.

“I am going to make my rounds now; I am expecting a social worker to be here within the next hour. Will you lead him to my office and then come find me when he shows?” He doesn’t even look at me or wait for a response before he walks to Adam and his mom’s room. After the assault we insisted she stay here and wait for a doctor to look at her, it was encouraged by the officers because they wanted to get a social worker and Child Protective Services involved. I look back at the computer monitor and try to focus on what I need to get done. Meghan took some of Mrs. Stuart’s blood to do some testing for the officers and to see if she had any drugs or alcohol in her system, the results just came back. I had felt that she needed help just as much as Adam. I quickly print the results out and put them to the side for Dr. Carlisle when he returns. I look up and saw that he was now in the hall outside Miss Lorette’s room. He is in conversation with Whisper’s friend, Mr. Wyatt. Mr. Wyatt shakes his head and I can see his exhaustion on his face. He stops and sign the clipboard that Dr. Carlisle hands him. Consent forms for something Dr. Carlisle probably felt was necessary. After the clipboard is given back to Dr. Carlisle, they both walk into Miss Lorette’s room together.

My vision became blocked by an older looking lady. She’s dressed in a suit and her hair was pulled back in a tight bun. I stand up as she reaches her hand out for a handshake and she introduces herself.

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