Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 17


“I need to take an image of your left leg again before we can discharge you. I want to make sure the bones are sitting right. Your leg was shattered from the impact, I splinted it but that may not have been enough. It would be better to perform surgery before the bones start healing in the wrong place.” Dr. Carlisle comes into the room. The female nurse from before walks in with another girl in black scrubs.

“Hi Miss Lorette, my name is Meghan, and this is Alice from radiology. We are going to take an x-ray of that leg of yours so you can get on your way.” She smiles and starts to mess with the IV. She closes the drip off and detaches the part that is in my arm from the bag.

“Alice, can you take a quick scan of her head before you return her? I want to make sure everything is still okay. She has been under so much stress lately.” Dr. Carlisle asks. The girl in black nods and comes around to the other side of the bed as the doctor walks out. The two of them disengages the break and start wheeling me out the door. The lights and walls we pass are bare and boring, sterile like a hospital. We take a couple turns before going up to two big doors that say ‘radiology’ on them. The girl in black puts her badge to a reader on the wall and the doors open up. The three of us go in. The area is overwhelming with so many machines.

“Let’s start with the CT scan first. She won’t have to get up for it.” Alice says, it’s the first time I have heard her speak. The nurse Meghan nods as they wheel me into what looks like a large tunnel.

“Okay, try not to move. If you have any problems just yell or push this panic button” Alice says. She presses a remote with only one red button on it in my right hand. Meghan and she disappears behind a wall with a one-way window. The machine begins a loud whir and makes a lot of noise. There is a red light that keeps

flashing right above me. My heart starts to race and my ears ring. I close my eyes and try to

focus on my breathing.

Next, I know Meghan is pulling the bed out and saying something to me. My ears are still ringing, and I can’t hear her. She pulls me to the other side of that one wall they stood behind. On this side there is bench or bed in the middle and a large camera, like you see at a dentist’s office, from the ceiling. She positions the bed I’m in in front of this bed and moves the camera in front of my leg.

“Miss Lorette, I need you to tell me if I hurt you. I am going to move your leg for Alice to get the angles she needs.” She starts to put on one of those x-rays covers and lays one over top of me. I wince slightly when she first grabs my leg. I can’t describe the pain. Meghan looks up at me with a worried expression.

“I barely touched it, does it hurt that much?” I manage to give a small nod. She apologizes and goes behind the wall with Alice. I can hear them talking. I look down at my leg and can see the mix of purple and blue. The colors cover most of my leg.

“Miss Lorette, I need you to make a decision. We can continue with a sedative; it could knock you out but at least you won’t hurt while we get the images. Or we can continue without the tranquilizer.” Alice and Meghan are standing to the side of the bed. The pain is so excruciating that the decision is a no-brainer. Meghan puts the sedative in the IV tube in my arm, she then walks out of the room. Alice goes behind the wall again and the world is blurring. My breaths relax and I can tell the meds are taking effect. I wake up to see Meghan replacing the IV bag hooked to my arm. Meghan pushes a button on the remote hooked to my bed and turns to me.

“Miss Lorette? Can you hear me?” Meghan asks me. Dr. Carlisle walks in untying one of those head covers doctors wear during surgery.

“Miss Lorette, the x-rays showed that the fragments had moved. We had to operate to set

the fragments correctly.” Dr. Carlisle tells me as Meghan walks out.

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