Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 18


I can’t help myself but wonder what is next? Now my brother is gone, my broken body and these weird visions that I can’t completely wrap my head around. None of this seemed possible maybe a month ago but here I am, in a hospital bed waiting to be released to start my recovery. Maximus wants me to move back in with him, at this point I can’t think of a reason not to. I will need the help not only with my movements but with these visions. He knows what to do, he has them too. Wait, if he has them to why was I the only one who saw the man attack the mother to the boy next door? Is there something else he is keeping from me?

Dr. Carlisle and Maximus is talking outside the curtain door. I can guess it is about me, probably the plan after I’m released. Dr. Carlisle has expressed hopes of my dismissal soon but there are still some concerns that need to be addressed, yet he won’t tell me anything. He is being very secretive with Maximus.

“Miss Lorette?” I’m lost in my thoughts looking at the ceiling when the male nurse comes in. He stands by my bedside but there is something different about him. He looks uncomfortable, nervous and he is not wearing his nursing scrubs.

“Miss Lorette I was wondering if you wanted to talk. You haven’t said much since you got her.” I can’t look at him, why should I talk to him, that’s what the psychiatrist is for and I have been talking to her, I want her to give me her approval for release. The guy beside me sighs.

“You don’t have to talk to me but the best part about talking with me that I am a stranger and I am off the clock. So, this is not between a patient and her nurse but between two strangers.” There was something in his voice, it was something I have not heard before, I can’t put a name to it. I look at his face and I can tell there is something he is not telling me, but I didn’t care. I felt myself relax but I’m not yet ready to talk to him.

“You can sit down if you would like.” I say before I realize it. He takes the seat Maximus has been sitting in when he visits. I watch the nurse put a bag beside the chair on the floor, my guess is his uniform is in there.

“I guess I will start, my name is Grayson Blake. My father was in prison when I was born, and he never came to find my mother and me when he got out. My mother was the only person I could count on while growing up.” He says to me. He stops when emotion starts seeping through his words. He doesn’t want to tell me the next part and I don’t ask him to.

“My name is Whisper Lorette. My parents never really wanted anything to do with me, my brother was the perfect angel, the first born. He looked out for me, was the closest friend I could have, there was a connection so strong, he knew what I was thinking before I did. Then we went out to drink for my birthday. He got me my first drink and all the drinks I have had yet in my life. Then I betrayed my only brother, I let him get behind the wheel of the car after drinking.” I hear the emotions that I can’t keep down. It was my fault, he died because I didn’t stop him from driving under the influence. I feel a tear burn down my cheek as I turn to look away from him.

I feel a hand take mine. I look down and saw his hand holds my own, it’s strong and supportive. My eyes follow his arm up to his eyes. There’s something about his eyes that I can’t explain. I feel my guard collapse and myself get stronger.

“You don’t have to talk about anything that you are not ready to talk about. It just happened and you have been in here unable to properly grieve. I remember how it felt to lose my mother and I wouldn’t have gotten through it without someone by my side that I could talk to and not be judged by. There was this paramedic who took me away from her body and sat me down. He became a rock for me, a role model to. I wouldn’t be sitting here without him; I know because I wouldn’t be a nurse today.” His lip curls at the corner, he smirks.

“Believe it or not, that was Dr. Carlisle. He got me through the hardest part of life and has kept me going.” He takes me hand in both of his and give a gentle squeeze.

“You will get pass this sometime, it will always hurt when you think about him and the love you had for him. He will always be your older brother and will always care for you. He is watching you right now, he was watching you the night he died, that is why you are alive now. Your brother saved you so you can do good with your life. Make him proud, Whisper.” He takes a deep breath before letting go with one hand and picking his bag up off the ground.

“It has been nice to talk to you, but you should get some rest, I didn’t mean to upset you. Dr. Carlisle wants to talk to you.” He stands up as Maximus walks in. I see Dr. Carlisle standing in the doorway looking at Grayson, there is a small grin on his face. Grayson gives me a small smile and walks away while slinging his bag over his shoulder. Maximus stands beside me, where Grayson had been. He puts his hand on my arm and there is a smile across his face. Dr. Carlisle comes to my other side.

“Miss Lorette, tomorrow will be your first day of physical therapy, you will be taught how to use crutches and then released.” Dr. Carlisle says as he writes something down on the clipboard. I look over at Maximus, his smile shrinks as our eyes meet. Dr. Carlisle walks out.

“This is your last night sleeping in this horrible bed. You will still be coming back every couple day for physical therapy and then there are your checkups. But at least tomorrow night you will be back in your own bed.” His face relaxes and I think I see weights lift off his shoulders. I can tell Maximus is so happy about this and has been so worried the past couple days, his face has aged exponentially.

“I will let you get some rest tonight, Wisp. I want to go make sure the apartment is cleaned up and there will be room for you to crutch through without hitting or slipping on anything.” He leans in and gives me a gentle kiss on my forehead. He hasn’t done that since I was sixteen, when I told him I was too old for him to kiss me goodnight. His smile is back when he straightens up. He heads for the curtain door. He pulls the curtain close behind him. That evening seems to go in seconds till nightfall. As soon as it was dark time froze. I have trouble sleeping, it has become increasingly more difficult as my stay here lengthens, they give me less and less pain meds, this bed was uncomfortable, I didn’t notice before how the medicine was the only thing keeping the pain away and keeping me asleep.

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