Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 21


For two and a half months I have been going through vigorous physical therapy and seeing a psychologist. I hate every second of it. There are times I would think Dominic had the right idea from the accident, that’s when Maximus reminds me that Dom wouldn’t want me to think like that. He would want me to make the most of my life and live every day like it is my last because you never know when it really is your last day. I cry a lot and find myself not being very social. The day of the funeral, Meghan exchanged numbers with me, and we have been in communication since. She really has been a great friend and has helped me through all these difficult emotions. I don’t think I could get through these weeks without her. Grayson remains close but gives me time when it comes to opening up to him and telling him how I feel. He never judges me; he just listens and consoles me when necessary. There is something about him that makes me trust him and want to talk to him but not burden him with my problems. Sometimes he will come over to check on me, I’m always happy to see him. I don’t really get out much because it is uncomfortable on crutches. Meghan wants to do something soon; she isn’t going into too much detail by calling it girls’ night. When I tell her I’m not ready, yet she says I will be soon, and she will wait. It is irritating how bubbly she is, but I find that I appreciate it. She’s a good source of positivity and after everything, I need to see the good that is yet to come.

It has been a long time coming but I think I should take Meghan up on her offer to go out for the night. If it is just the two of us, she should understand if I start to hurt. When I call her up, she is so excited. She tells me we are going to take it easy tonight, just the two of us out for coffee and a bite to eat and talk. That sounds like it shouldn’t be too much for my recovering muscles to handle. I just don’t know what it is we are going to talk about, we have been texting each other since the funeral.

Meghan informs me that she has a date tomorrow and is ‘in desperate need of something to wear’, she wants me to go shopping with her. I’m not the kind of girl who enjoys shopping. When I try to back out of it, she won’t hear any of it, so I get dragged along with her. The first store we enter is so bright and colorful, every article of clothing and accessory is separated by color, it looks like a rainbow threw up. I watch Meghan as she goes from color to color looking at different pieces. I go over to the black section and peruse through the different items. How hard is it to mess up black, there is no need for other colors and patterns. I’m in the black section and yet there is nothing solid black. I sigh and Meghan comes up behind me.

“I know I said this was for a date I have tomorrow, but it is for you too. You need to add more to your style other than black.” She says as she starts looking through the rack I’m at. She pulls out a black and white damask dress with sleeves that flow below the elbow and a skirt that is loose and moves in the wind.

“Come on, I want to see you try this on. Will you? For me?” She gives me that cartoon pouted lip look, and I roll my eyes as I take the hanger from her hold. She has a small pile of different items laying over her arm. We both head for the dressing rooms and take shelter in two beside each other. I can hear her going hanger after hanger of clothing as I gingerly undress. I carefully and slowly slip the dress on over my head; I hadn’t noticed the cut before. The skirt is higher in the front, about to my knees and then angles back to be longer in the back. I guess it is really a beautiful dress, but I wouldn’t have picked it out for myself. I step out of the dressing room and look in the mirror across the hall. I can’t look away from the ugly scar running up my left leg. I have not been able to wear anything that shows off my legs since the accident. The scar haunts me. Whenever I look at, I can see the accident. I am standing behind the car, it is smashed into the building, part of the building is on top of the car.

Lights are flashing around me, there is no source.

“Oh! My! God! You look amazing!” Meghan steps out of her room. I can see her in the mirror. She looks stunning in the vibrant red dress with a slit up to her thigh. I follow her gaze come up my body from my legs to my face. When her eyes land on my face her expression changes.

“Whisper what’s wrong?” She steps closer to me and my eyes go back to the purple mark on my leg. Her arms wrap around my shoulders.

“It is okay. It doesn’t mean anything. You are stronger than that scar. You are beautiful,never forget it.” Meghan places her head on my shoulder and gives me a gentle squeeze.

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