Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 22


The unmistakable pain of the vision was unbearable, the worst pain I have had by far yet. I didn't know if the level of pain actually meant something but if it did then what I was about to see would be bad. My vision went white before it cleared up on the interior of the hospital, I recognized the nurses’ station that was outside the room I was in during my stay. Grayson stood at the nurses’ station; his eyes were intently focused on something to the side. I followed his gazes to see a tall, rather large man in a black ski mask. He stood strong and held Meghan against himself. He held her against her will and his other hand held a gun pointed straight for Grayson. Grayson stood with his hands up, he didn't want to cause any problems and certainly didn't want Meghan to get hurt. I saw his mouth move but as usual I could not hear what he said. It seemed that the man with the gun and Grayson were talking about something. The man with the gun was visibly more agitated.

It happened so fast, he threw Meghan to the side and a loud bang rang through my ears. Before I could see what had happened, where the bullet landed, my vision went white again. My vision settles back on reality and I’m visibly shaken. My breath comes heavy and my heart beats rapidly. I see the near future; this is going to happen soon. I run out the door of Maximus’ apartment and down the stairs to the shop, I bolt out the front doors of the shop and I keep going. I didn't think about the consequences of my actions. All I think about is that man has to be stopped before something irreversible happens. Nothing can be done to prevent this event if I don’t warn Grayson about what I saw. It isn’t too late, it can't be. I have not been able to run since the accident and the physical therapist said it would be a while before I can run again but here, I am, on adrenaline. I pick up my phone out of the pocket of my jeans and dial Grayson’s number. I don't know what I was expecting, he’s at work and is not going to answer his phone, but I have to try something. My pace quickens as I get no answer from him. I have to get to the hospital before the man in the mask does. It will not be a quick journey, especially on a leg that is healing from a break. I know I’m not at one hundred percent and this is probably not a good idea for my injured leg, but I can’t think about it at this time. I have to get to the hospital and quick. I don't know how long I have been running before I see the building in the distance. I’m close but I still have to run. I’m not sure how long it has been since I had the vision, but I am certain I have been quick, defiantly as quick as I can be. Will I make it on time? What will I see when I get there? I don’t know what to expect. This is the most dangerous thing I can do after a vision like that. I still need to do it; I need to do everything I can to save everyone’s lives. Perhaps I’m not thinking clearly, perhaps my feelings for Grayson is clouding my judgement. Anything can be the reason I decided to respond to my vision in this manner. I just know I don’t want to let anyone else get hurt if I can prevent it. I lost my brother because I didn’t do anything about the vision I saw before the accident, I’m not going to let this happen again. It can't happen again. Maximus has been right all along; I can see this terrible future and it is my responsibility to try to prevent the worst from these visions. That is what I’m going to do, I’m going to do my best to stop this man with a gun.

I come charging in through the doors the visitors to the emergency room normally take. It is the most direct route to the nurses’ station, other than the ambulance entrance. Grayson looks at me from behind the desk and smiles. Meghan is nowhere to be seen. I don’t see the gunman either, I must have made it here before him. I have time to stop him, not much time. I hurry over to the desk, I’m no longer in a sprint, but I find it hard to breath. I’m out of breath.

“Slow down, Whisper. Did you run here? You are not supposed to be able to run yet. Your leg must be killing you.” Grayson’s smile disappears and he becomes his nursing, caring self. I adore that about him but now is not the time.

“Grayson, there is trouble coming. You need to put the hospital on lockdown right away.” I say quickly. His look at me as if questioning how to respond to that.

“I am serious Grayson. Put the hospital on lockdown, where is Meghan?”

“What are you talking about, Whisper? I can’t put the hospital on lockdown. Meghan is talking with an EMT outside, she will be coming back any-.”

There is a loud crash as the front doors are thrown open.

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