Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 23


Not again. I saw it happen in a vision and I warned Grayson. The man with the black mask over his face and the bright, shiny metallic gun pointed right at him. I don't know what to do now. I tried to prevent this man from getting this far into the hospital, but no one believed me and here he is. I don't know what he wants, the vision didn't allow me to see that. This man easily overpowers the three of us in the room, Meghan is in his grasp.

“I want all your oxycontin and Vicodin now!” His voice booms. The arm that holds the weapon goes straight up, points directly at me. His grip on Meghan tightens, I can see the fear in her eyes as a tear falls down her cheek. What can I do to help? How can I stop the situation before the gun goes off? How can I change the outcome from what I saw in the vision?

“Boy, go get me what I asked for or I will kill both of these pretty ladies.” The gunman says directly to Grayson. I look over at him and his breaths are heavy, he is scared.

“Sir, I can’t do that.” Grayson says this in as calm a voice I bet he can gather. His arms move slowly on the desk, but I can’t see over the counter that sits above the desktop.

“Put your hands up! Both of you!” The gunman is so loud, it is hard to hear anything else. Both Grayson and I put our hands up slowly. The look on Grayson’s face tells me that whatever he had in mind, didn't work. We need a new plan.

“Look at me!” His voice booms again. My eyes shoot to him, or rather the gun he is holding. My mind is not settling on anything else, the man and the gun in his hold. I have never stared down the barrel of a gun and it is not something I ever thought I would be doing. In one movement, one second this gun can kill whatever it points towards, in this case that would be me. My life is in the hands of this madman. So is Meghan’s and Grayson’s. This can’t be the end, not for me and not for them.

“Get me the oxycontin and Vicodin! I won’t say it again!” His voice brings me back to reality.

“I can’t do that sir. The strong drugs are locked up and I don’t have the key.” Grayson tries to keep his voice calm.

“Where is the key?!”

“In the head of the hospital’s office.” Grayson responds. I don’t know how he is keeping his voice calm.

“I can get the keys and the drugs for you.” He takes one step to come out from behind the desk but never puts his hands down. Grayson has a plan.

“No! Don’t move!” The man with the gun shouts. His hand holding the weapon is shaking violently. I didn’t notice it before.

“We all go. Follow him.” He uses the gun to gesture for me to move behind Grayson. Grayson moves slowly out from behind the desk and over to me, his back to the gunman. His eyes show concern and that this wasn’t his plan. I turn after him and hear the shuffle of steps from Meghan and the gunman behind me.

“Keep your hands up!” I look back at him and see his pupils are so large, I can’t see the color of his irises. I turn my line of sight back to what’s in front of me. It all makes sense; he is going through withdrawal. This drug addict is actually going after the drugs held at the hospital in a desperate act to get a fix.

“The president’s office is on the top floor.” Grayson says as he stops in front of the elevator.

“Fine, but if any of you do anything, I will kill the girls.” He rams the gun into my back so sharply that I stumble forward. Grayson goes to catch me but the gunman ushers him to stay back. I catch myself and Grayson hits the button for the elevator as the gun is placed back in my back. I look over my shoulder to see Meghan’s face, I don’t know how his grip on her could get any tighter. Her eyes stare strongly at Grayson; she is desperate to get free from this crazy man.

The bell of the elevator dings and the doors open, the gun is pushed into my back and I step forward into the small space. Meghan and the man follow me in, the gun still on the small of my back. Grayson follows in last and hits the button for the top floor. The hum of the machine comes to life as the four of us rise into the shaft.

The smallness of the elevator never seemed as noticeable as in those few seconds as we rose up the building. Every second felt like a lifetime. Grayson seems to feel the claustrophobia worse than myself, and the gun is in my back. It is easy to read on his face that he wants to do something but is weighing the outcomes. We need to get out of this situation, and he knows it.

The bell dings that we are at the top floor. The doors open to a small reception area, the assistant must be gone for the day. The gun pushes me forward, out of the elevator. Grayson leads the way to the big office in front of us. The walls and doors are solid glass and the furniture is extraordinarily expensive, I can never see myself in any office like this. Yet, here the four of us are walking through the floor to ceiling glass doors. Grayson leads the way for me, followed by Meghan and the man holding the knife to my back.

“Where is the key?!” The gunman booms and his voice are shaky.

“In the desk drawer.” Grayson says as he takes a step towards the large wooden desk that stands out amongst the glass walls.

“Stop!” He shouts in my ear. Grayson turns towards us; I can read that his face has concern all over it. The gun is jabbed in my back and forces me forward.

“Go! Tell her where the key is. Get it.” Grayson looks at me, I can see his chest raise as he takes a deep breath. He gives a nod of re-assurement to me and I step towards the desk. I walk away from the silver weapon and pass Grayson. Our eyes lock on each other even for a moment before I pass by him.

“Bottom left-hand drawer.” Grayson tells me. I go behind the desk and look down at the desk. I bend down and open the drawer. I know Grayson has something up his sleeve but when I open the drawer, I never expected to see what was laying so harmlessly in the wooden drawer.

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