Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 24


Everything happened so fast, it is hard to believe what just happened. I replay the events as I sit in the back of the ambulance with a lightweight blanket draped over my shoulders. Meghan sits inside the ambulance, the EMT are checking her over and focusing on where the gunman’s arm was wrapped tightly around her neck. There was some bruising there and the EMTs speculate worse damage than inflammation. My mind focuses on the gurney wheeling the body in the black bag from the hospital parking lot. The coroner had no questions about what happened, he died of a gunshot wound. A gunshot I inflicted. I killed him. The officer made me relive it so many times. I didn’t need to relive the whole event, I was there, and it will forever be burned into my mind. I killed someone. I jumped when arms wrapped around me from behind. I recognized the bands on her wrist, it was Meghan. She squeezed my shoulders tightly and laid her head on my shoulders.

“You did the right thing. You saved my life.” Her voice was raspy from the bruising and pain she surely had. I wrapped my hand around her wrist and laid my head on hers. Her and I have gone through one of the most traumatic events anyone can ever experience it. Somehow this has brought us closer together.

“Ladies.” An officer comes up to us with a look on his face that I have seen too many times this evening. A look that says, ‘I’m sorry for what you’ve been through, but I need to make you relive it again.’ I sigh.

“Miss Lorette, I need you to read over this statement and sign it.” He says handing me a document paper clipped together. Meghan let go of me but takes a seat at my side. She takes my hand in hers and give me a gentle squeeze. I took the papers and sigh as my eyes go over the document. The whole event in my mind again, for the millionth time.


I opened the drawer of the desk to see an antique pistol. No key, Grayson was planning this. I didn’t move but my eyes went up to Grayson, he has moved silently over. There was a twitch in the gunman’s eyes, his hands were sweaty and saw he had trouble keeping his finger on the trigger. Grayson’s arm lingered close to Meghan’s side. There was no need for us to communicate. My eyes went down, and my hand gently gripped the handgrip of the pistol. I took a deep breath and raised my arms quickly. I aimed directly at the gunman. Grayson grabbed Meghan and roughly pulled her out of harm’s way. When they were out of sight, I closed my eyes. I squeezed the trigger, hopefully it was loaded. The bang was so loud. I opened my eyes and lowered my arms; all I could hear was a sharp pitched ringing in my ears. My eyes saw the body on the ground, I shot the man in the chest. To the side of the man Meghan and Grayson laid on the floor. Grayson must have thrown themselves on the ground to be safe. Meghan moved off of Grayson as he rushed to his feet. He hurried over to me and took the gun out of my hands, he was saying something, but I couldn’t hear him. He put the gun on the desk and wrapped me in a tight hug. I couldn’t find the strength to move, let alone wrap my arms around him. My head rested on his chest as hot tears rolled down my cheeks.

I shot him.

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