Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 5


Work in the emergency room can be a thrill, the rush of adrenaline when people are rushed in. The joy knowing that you are there to make a difference, save lives. But then there are also some that you can’t save, some scenes that haunt you and stick with you. I knew when I watched the two twenty-some-year-olds rush in at four in the morning, this would be one of those very scenes. The boy comes in first, there is dry blood from his nose and his left eye is swollen shut. Bruises on nearly every visible hint of skin. He is unconscious as he is wheeled past with EMTs trying to perform CPR, they work hard to get him to breath. Nurses and a doctor rush him from two sides.

“Code red! Get him to the operating room right away!” His gurney is pushed through two operating room doors by the time I get there. I hear a commotion behind me as another gurney is brought in. I decide to go help them.

This is a young girl, even though she is visibly damaged from whatever ordeal they had just been through, I am astonished by her beauty. Her silver blonde hair speckled with her blood. There is an EMT that holds gauze down on a wound on the back on her head. A doctor rushes to this EMT’s side, he gives the doctor information about the girl. I take over for the EMT and apply pressure on the girl’s head where the gauze is. I look down at her and see that she is still breathing, shallow, but alive. I don’t even listen to what the EMT is telling the doctor. I look over the rest of her body. Her arm has a horrible bruise that goes down to her wrist and up to her shoulder, her leg is bent in a bad position.

“Grayson! Surgery room two now!” I look up to see the doctor yell as the EMT stays behind I nod and rush the girl through the large doors with two other nurses alongside. There was something bad that happened here and I can’t help but I want to know what. That will have to wait for some other time as this girl’s life is in the hands of me and my teammates. There is no time to think about anything else. I keep the pressure on her head as another nurse begins to hook the girl up to the heart monitor and the anesthesia. A second nurse and the doctor rush into the room, scrubbed, prepped and dressed for surgery. The nurse takes over for me as the doctor orders me to clean up and get back in here.

Before I can get out, my eyes catch her skin, black and blue spread right above her left breast, I look up to the doctor and see he follows my eyes to the spot on her chest.

“Move! Quickly!” He orders me.

“Nurse remove the blouse!” I rush out as the third nurse takes the scissors and begins cutting the girl’s shirt. I go to scrub up when I see another nurse rush into the surgery room, she is ready to help. I don’t want to put too many people in the room. I watch the doctors head as he gets to work. I can see his mouth move through the mask on his face, but I cannot hear what he says. The three girls perform everything they can as the EMT opens the door to the hallway behind me.

“Can I talk to you?” He asks me. I nod my head and walk out of the room with him.

“Of course,” I answer the EMT.

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