Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 6


The EMT tells me that the two kids were found in a car that was smashed into the side of the old church. The building had been so old that part of the building crumbled down on the car while the two were still in it. The boy was definitely in worse shape than the girl and was not expected to make it. The girl may have some horrible injuries but none of her organs are failing as of right now. She has been given a blood transfusion and is responding well. The doctor and the nurses stopped the bleeding from her artery, that is what I saw near her heart, the formation of the black and blue. The doctor sent out for an x-ray on her left arm as he sits her left leg in a splint There was no need for an x-ray to tell that the leg was broken. Multiple fractures from what I hear. I work the front desk as the doctors and nurses come out from operating room one. They all have their heads down and the doctor throws her gloves in the nearest trash can in frustration. She comes over and grabs a clipboard from behind me. The papers on it say ‘John Doe’. I read as she writes ‘Blunt force trauma. Time of Death 5:45 am’. She worked on the victim for nearly two hours, he came in not able to breath on his own. I sigh, this is the worst thing that can happen in the emergency room and I hope that the girl makes it.

“Grayson, any news on Jane Doe in room two.” The doctor asks me.

“She is responding well to the transfusion, but Dr. Carlisle is worried they will need more blood. He has me looking for the right blood type from a nearby hospital as we have used the last type O on her already.”

“Aren’t you type O Grayson?” One of the nurses, Meghan, interrupts me. The doctor looks at me.

“Would you mind donating?” she asked me.

“Of course not, Dr. Askens,” I answer her.

“Meghan clean up and take over here for Grayson. Grayson meet me in room sixteen.”

They both walk away.

Meghan is a good nurse and wastes no time, she gets back to the desk to relieve me quickly, I go straight for room sixteen where Dr. Askens waits to take my blood. I try not to focus on what Dr. Askens does to my arm. I drink the juice and eat the cookies provided. My thoughts wonder back to that girl’s face. I can’t get her out of my mind.

When Dr. Askens finishes up she tells me to take off early as Meghan got another nurse to come in, so I can recover from the blood loss. Minor in comparison to what Jane Doe lost but any blood loss can result in drowsiness and even fainting if people don’t rest up. I take my time to prepare to leave as I want to hear about Jane Doe, I leave but no word comes when I walk out the door at five thirty in the morning. I go to my car and sit in silence as I think about her.

Minutes later I take a deep breath and start the car before pulling out, I know that I will never see Jane Doe again.

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