Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 7


I barely sleep at all in the past twenty-four hours. All I can think about is Jane Doe. She was so beautiful even though she had been through a horrible ordeal. I know she has probably been transferred to another hospital, somewhere closer to her family. Tonight, I go back to work for another shift but at least it is not in the emergency room. I don’t know if I ever want to work there again. I am a nurse and I have seen a lot in the short time I have been at Eisenhower Medical Center. I have seen the miracle of birth, an old man after he fell down the stairs, cancer patients and more. This girl, this Jane Doe will stay with me though. I shake the thought out of my head, I need to move on. I’m not going to waste my day. I throw on some workout gear and grab my gym bag. I know I can forget her if I go to the gym and work through my feelings. I will also burn some energy and time before my shift starts. I put my bag in the passenger seat of my car and start the engine. I pull out onto the road and take the short drive to the gym about ten miles from my apartment building.

I pull into the parking lot and get out of my car with my bag. The parking lot is full today,

I had to park far from the door. Why would it be so busy today? It is not the beginning of the year so there shouldn’t be anyone trying to make weight loss their new year’s resolution. I start the walk in, and my mind goes back to Jane Doe. Why is my mind stuck on her? I cannot figure it out, she must have some kind of pull on me, like she haunts my every thought.

I open the front doors and walk to the sign in sheet. As I sign the sheet there is a couple signing up for a membership. I shake my head as I put the pen down and walk to the lockers. I go to the one that I rent out with my membership. Something is not right. My lock is not on the locker anymore. What happened? I open the door and my extra clothes, extra twenty dollars and deodorant are gone. This is not what I need right now. I slam the door and it bounces back off the metal. I walk out to the front desk and watch the couple walk off hands together.

“Where is my stuff?” I ask the worker at the front desk.

“Excuse me?” She asks me and gives me a look that shows she has no idea what I am talking about.

“My lock is missing from my locker and my belongings are gone.” My patience wears thin, I pay for them to take care of my belongings by renting this locker while I use their equipment.

“I am so sorry sir, let me get the manager for you. Hang on.” She says in a rehearsed manner. Do they even care that my stuff has been stolen? I watch her walk away from the counter and I can feel my anger increase as I wait longer and longer for someone to come help me. It is probably close to ten minutes before the girl comes back.

“The manager will be out shortly to help you.” She looks at me and smiles. She gives me no time to respond before she turns back to the computer at the desk. I smack the counter with the palm of my hand, maybe too hard as I turn and go over to the seating area. Usually, people fill out paperwork or nearly hyperventilating because they pushed themselves too hard during the workout. I sit there beside an older man who is filling out a membership application. This old man takes his time filling the application out and I’m still waiting for the manager to come out when he stands up and takes the papers over to the receptionist. I check my phone and it has been thirty minutes since I have sat down. I look over at the man talking to the receptionist. He seems to have missed a page of the application and she reads every question to him from that page. I feel sorry for the man, but I can’t help but get more furious about not being helped. My stuff is gone.

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